Pants on fire


The answer is simple, because he lied in his official capacity as a Police Officer!

***“Brady Cops” remaining as law enforcement officers are very dangerous, not only for the public, but also the honest cops that have to work with them! 

But what appears to be the simple answer when you look at the FACTS, yes Ozzie, FACTS, makes the answer far from simple.

Here are the responsive PRR records I received from Spokane County, in a very prompt fashion I might add, which show exactly why Deputy Travis O. Pendell is a Brady Cop.

 Pendell Brady Document 1Pendell Brady Document 2Pendell Brady Document 3Pendell Brady Document 4Pendell Brady Document 5Pendell Brady Document 6Pendell Brady Document 7

If you studied the documents above, you should note that the reason Pendell made the infamous “Brady List” is because prior to being hired by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 while a cop on the Cheney PD he falsified a report. It is unclear from Pendell’s letter to the Prosecutor in an attempt to keep himself off the “Brady List” whether or not he actually lied on the witness stand and got caught by the Defense Lawyer, which happens but is rarely acted upon by Police Administrators. In Pendell’s case the Cheney Chief of Police did exactly the right thing and terminated Pendell. The big Problem for Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, as he well knows is what do I do with this guy especially since Knezovich was the primary mover in the lawsuit Pendell brought against Ozzie’s hated enemies Matt Shea and Scott Maclay. The other problem Ozzie has is now that the entire local Defense Bar knows that Pendell is a Brady Cop making his court testimony not worth a crap, how might that fact effect any earlier cases Pendell has been involved in, including the Roy Murry Murder Case.


This IA Case which was “Unfounded” by Ozzie and relates directly to the Roy Murry Murder case and deals with an allegation that Pendell lied to an ATF Agent, has to be called into question especially in light of the “FACT”, yes Ozzie, “FACT” that Pendell is a Brady Cop.


Beyond the Roy Murry Murder Case issue, one really has to wonder what will happen to the Ozzie/Pendell lawsuit against Matt Shea and Scott Maclay. I doubt we will ever see that lawsuit making it to the Deposition stage, but if it does boy would I like to be a fly on the wall when Ozzie, Pendell, and Hines are questioned under oath by the Shea/Maclay Lawyers.

If the lawsuit is withdrawn there could be a columnist at the Spokesman Review who’s disdain for Matt Shea is extremely well documented in his columns who once again will have egg on his face (Rachael Dolezal) for not doing any fact checking. Pendell was added to the readily available “Brady List” on January 31st, 2017, something the local media neglected to mention in their reporting and their columns.


In my opinion any reasonable person would have to have a few questions in their mind about the serious Deputy Pendell issues.

1) How in the hell was this guy hired by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office?

2) At exactly what point did Sheriff Ozzie know Pendell was a “Brady Cop” obviously it was prior to December 2, 2016, and the lawsuit Summons and Complaint was filed in Superior Court on March 1, 2017?

3) Was the lawsuit against the hated Shea and Maclay Pendell’s idea, or Ozzie’s idea, and where did Pendell come up with his lawyer?

4) Where is the missing .223 which can be converted to 22 caliber that Pendell admits was in his possession but has never been recovered?

5) Why did Sheriff Ozzie lie to this reporter when he stated, “EVERY WORD TRAVIS PENDELL SPEAKS, PEOPLE THINK VERY HIGHLY OF HIM…VERY HIGHLY OF HIM!” knowing full well Pendell was a “Brady Cop”?

6) When will Sheriff Ozzie try to pursue a lawsuit or criminal charges against me for reporting the FACTS, yes FACTS, like he has with others?

***It isn’t illegal for a Sheriff to lie to the media, it happens all the time, nor is there a specific policy violation covering lying to the media, unethical yes, illegal or a policy violation no…so have at it…right? Seldom do Sheriffs get caught lying, primarily because most media don’t bother to fact check.

7) Did Ozzie’s Handpicked Citizens Advisory Board, which includes an individual running for a Spokane Valley Council position (Brandi Peetz) who Ozzie is politicking like crazy for ever review the cases involving Travis Pendell and if so what did they find?

These are just 7 of many, many more questions that come to mind about the Travis Pendell issue, I’m sure you probably have many of your own.


My Pending Story File is so full it is difficult to even keep up, but here is some story material I’ve had for some time which directly relates to the Case of Travis O. Pendell, and the hiring practices of the SCSO, which by the way if you followed the Ozzie/Buff Episodes you saw that Ozzie is quite proud of his hiring practices even though at least one recruit was booted from the State Academy for cheating, and at least one another just couldn’t cut it.

The IA Case linked below was an investigation into the hiring of, and possibility that Sheriff Ozzie’s one-time IA Investigator Deputy Richard Gere was a “Brady Cop”

The case was brought forward by two Private Investigators and residents of Sheriff Ozzie’s nearly full “Basket of Deplorables” Dave Wiyrick and Ron Wright, I know both. I’ve known Dave Wiyrick for years as he was on the SCSO the same time I was on SPD, and we did work cases together. Dave has never given me any reason to question his integrity, the same is true for Ron Wright who I know to a lesser extent and have actually met perhaps two or three times. Sheriff Ozzie of course would completely disagree with my assessment of the two, as I myself maintain a prominent position in his Basket of Deplorables.

Deputy Gere was of course “Exonerated” by Ozzie, but in reviewing the case some of the same questions that come to mind in the Pendell case come to mind in this case.

It is important to note, and something Ozzie wouldn’t want me not to mention, is that this IA Case was brought forward during Ozzie’s last election against Douglas Orr, and election I might add during which Orr received the endorsement of the Deputy Sheriff’s Union and Knezovich did not. So, all the Union references in the IA Report bring a smile to this reporters face and given what some folks at the SO tell me I can’t help but wonder where the Deputy’s Union will stand in Ozzie’s next run for Sheriff if he does ultimately end up running and is opposed.

Here are some of the documents obtained that resulted in the Gere IA Investigation, you might want to look at.

Gere 1Gere 2Gere 3

Gere 4Gere 5


Now here is a case that is pretty well-known throughout the Defense Bar, which was investigated by then IA Investigator Richard Gere, and begs answers to some of the same questions.

And Shawn Vestal Reports:


“Those criticisms were raised in a recent column. Now Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says his department will perform an internal investigation into Marske’s handling of it. Knezovich said Marske sought the internal affairs investigation, as a way of addressing public criticisms.”

“When it’s done, we’ll sit down with you and go through the entire investigation,” Knezovich told me this week.

I gotta wonder if the “sit down” between good friends Ozzie and Vestal ever did take place, and if it did what Ozzie actually did “go through”. It looks to me like it was Tim Note that brought it all forward, another Ozzie Basket of Deplorables resident I believe as anyone who dares question Ozzie, or his people usually is.

Complaintant Note 1Complaintant Note 2


There is another IA Case involving Marske’s veracity which was brought forward by Lying Deplorables Wiyrick and Wright, which resulted in Ozzie trying to pursue criminal charges against them, which were never brought by the Prosecutor because there was no case and no evidence they lied. I’m just waiting for a Federal FOIA on that one for the reports and photographs taken by a Federal Investigator who accompanied Wiyrick and Wright along with Attorney Mark Vovos to view a gate area. Funny thing about that case is that Ozzie continues to refer to both Wiyrick and Wright as liars because of that case and others, but I can’t quite figure out why Vovos and the Federal Investigator aren’t liars as well… that’s Ethical Ozzie for you!


So, what is Ozzie’s response when he his caught yet again lying? It is always the same no matter who catches him!

Always the same

I for one feel sorry for the honest hard-working Deputies who have to work under Ozzie, they know what’s going on, and has been going on for some time, word always gets out about the supposedly hidden secrets in any law enforcement agency and the secrets about their leaders. The SCSO is no different and hats off to those Deputies that just want to honestly do the job they love so very much.