T-man was able, give a heads-up that he and his Crew would be attending “The Liberty State Gala” which of course would bring out a sympathetic Reporter to watch the goings on. In this case it was Chad Sokol from the SR who attended along with SR Photographer Colin Mulvany and of course got some great Tanner Rowe stuff.

The perfect way to extend T-man’s 15 minutes of fame while at the same time obliquely giving some exposure to his and Jay Pounder’s business “Exceptional Gent”.


The thing that is confusing to me however is that apparently a critical part of being an “Exceptional Gent” is wearing the right fashions.

Perhaps it is just my old age, and lack of knowledge of what is fashionable these days, but would someone clue me in on when it became fashionable to attend a Gala in an wrinkled old shirt with the sleeves cut off to show off your big tattoos? I hope it was at least washed!

There is no question I’m way too old to be an “Exceptional Gent”.

Future – Helping groom the next generation of men become the best they can be and how to pass that down to our children

But I would like my Grandsons to be “Exceptional Gents”, so I guess from now on I’ll have my wife cut off the sleeves of the shirts we buy them for gifts.

Aside from the SR exposure it also provides T-man with the opportunity to do yet another great video extolling his and his Crew’s virtues on his Facebook Page.

Now this part of Sokol’s story is also a bit confusing:

Shortly before Shea’s re-election last fall, Rowe leaked a document authored by Shea titled “Biblical Basis for War,” which condemned abortion and same-sex marriage and called for the killing of those who flout “biblical law.” Shea has insisted the document was nothing more than sermon notes on the Old Testament.

Pounder followed suit in April, sharing copies of a 2017 private group chat involving Shea with several news outlets, including the Guardian and The Spokesman-Review. The chats showed that Shea proposed conducting background checks on political opponents, and that he didn’t object when others suggested violent attacks on leftist protesters.

My Best Bud T-man wouldn’t have lied to me would he?





And the email string below provides evidence not only did Chief Meidl want to try and hide the Lesser video from me but also OPO Logue.

“While Chief Meidl stated (perhaps not an exact quote, but certainly close)  to me and Luvimae that he wanted it to be handled more like a “Sergeant mentoring in the field when they see something they don’t like,”

“I have several questions in regards to that, as well as the initial write-up by Lt Staben which, if taken at face value, was far less than a thorough and objective review.”

OPO Logue never would have even known about the Lesser incident and it would have been completely swept under the rug by Meidl and Crew had I not informed him, and I wouldn’t have known had not good, honest, hard working sources who want SPD to be great again had not informed me.

Some of the descriptions from people who have seen and are aware of the video go something like this; “Horrific”, “Criminal”, “A hell of a lot worse than atrocious”, “Terrible”, “Lord help us”, “Vile”. So, it is no wonder Mayor Condon, Teresa Sanders, Craig Meidl, and the SPD Director of Strategic Initiatives Jacqui MacConnell didn’t want people to know.

As far as DSI Jacqui MacConnell is concerned you might recall she is the one-time candidate for OPO Logue’s position, who after she didn’t get the OPO job was hired by Mayor Condon to replace the former DSI Tim Schwering who got his wish and was assisted in becoming an SPD Cop. Schwering is now the Vice President of the Spokane Police Guild…makes sense…right?

The original sales job for the highly paid and benefited SPD DSI job was it would provide a civilian to oversee the operations of SPD’s Internal Affairs operations…well that has certainly turned out to be a Condon exempt hire expensive joke. If a civilian in that position doesn’t have the fortitude to stand up and say; “This is wrong, we will not do this!” what the heck good are they? Obviously DSI Jacqui MacConnell saw the vile video long before OPO Logue but sure as heck didn’t tell him about it.

It is very highly unlikely that Condon, Sanders, Meidl, and MacConnell will do the right and ethical thing and have a press conference showing the videos of the horrific conduct of their Officers, even though they did it in the McMurtrey case. I’ve thrown out the suggestion to do just that to the right people even volunteering not to show up at the press conference and ask the hard questions of Meidl and crew just to help with the Public seeing the videos, and to help to put SPD on track to at least some transparency. You might remember even though I’m media I wasn’t invited to the McMurtrey press conference out of fear I would ask the right and embarrassing questions.

“Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl held a press conference Tuesday afternoon regarding the behavior of one of his officer’s caught on body camera during an arrest last year.”



In all likelihood you will see something like this:

“We can’t release the video because there is now an ongoing Criminal or IA Investigation.”

In this case that is pure bull poop. Releasing the video to the public now would not have any bearing on a Criminal or IA Investigation because the only material witnesses are Cops, all of whom, because Mayor Condon and the City Council not only signed a contract with the Police Unions which gives the OPO/OPOC almost no power to do much of anything, but also gives Cops complete control over Body Worn Camera Video including the right to review any and all video prior to being interviewed. Condon, Sanders, Meidl, and MacConnell all know that as does Prosecutor Larry Haskell.

The Spokane City Council has requested to see the video, the question is what excuse will the Condon Crew come up with to prevent the CC from viewing the “Vile” BWC Video?

The entire story here is developing as I type, and I’ll try and keep you as informed as possible. It looks like I better keep OPO Logue informed of all of the information I have on serious problems with SPD PACT, and the 2 Million Dollar Lawsuit against the taxpayers.










Even though a number of people have seen the BWC videos who would be witnesses to the existence and content including most recently OPO Bart Logue who has passed the information I provided to SPD for an IA Investigation, I still have a fear the video might mysteriously disappear for a number of reasons and I’ll mention a few. There is a good chance that if and when the BWC footage is turned over to me and made public it could easily go viral at the national level giving Mayor Condon, Teresa Sanders, Craig Meidl, Justin Lundgren, Jacqui MacConnell, and SPD a huge BLACK EYE because the video from the BWCs of SPD PACT members depicts Officers among other things threatening to kill and put a bullet in the head of Lucas S. Ellerman during his February 2019 arrest. It also shows SPD Officers breaking out a window in the vehicle Ellerman was in and releasing a K9 on Ellerman even though it appears he may have been trying to surrender. Witnesses at the scene of the Ellerman arrest told Officers at the time that arresting Officers threatened to kill Ellerman however that information wasn’t mentioned in any of the original reports concerning the arrest and it wasn’t until the following day that information was somewhat documented in reports.

Even though a mysterious disappearance of the video would very likely be a violation of State Law, and the City of Spokane Ethics Code, which cost me a lot of time and money to have included in the City Ethics Code as a result of my lawsuit , I’m still concerned.

Another concern is that the BWC footage may demonstrate that Officer Scott Lesser or other Officers lied under the penalty of perjury in reports or affidavits regarding the arrest of  Lucas S. Ellerman so all of the BWC videos needs to be scrupulously analyzed as was done in this Motion to Suppress in a dismissed SPD PACT Federal Case Scott and Dan Lesser were involved in.


SPD as is the case with embarrassing information I come up with has made every effort to block and delay my access to the BWC videos using what I refer to as the “Fade and Forget Tactic” (memories will fade and the public will forget) most recently claiming the videos won’t be available for 85 days which is a real good indicator of how bad the videos are.


The truth is the BWC videos could be released today or tomorrow, all it would take is Mayor Condon, and his cohort Teresa Sanders to direct Chief Meidl to release them, however the likelihood of that happening is slim to none as the videos reflect directly on Condon’s tenure as Mayor and his supposed efforts to clean up SPD since the Otto Zehm case. Nothing has changed since Otto Zehm and things have actually gotten worse.

Yes, indeed Lucas S. Ellerman is a heroin addict and a bad guy, undoubtedly there will be some that say he got what he deserved, but the important thing to consider is did he deserve what the videos depict, did the SPD PACT stretch the limits of the law once again, and could the same thing happen to an innocent person, those are the issues not the character of Ellerman.

I get considerable reliable information from good, honest, hardworking cops and others who are appalled at what is going on at SPD some of whom believe that Scott and Dan Lesser should be fired based up their history including a number of Officer Involved Shootings they were involved in that were questioned by many, and Chief Meidl because of his attempts to cover up what really happened should receive serious discipline. SPD Brass know as well as I do that if and when the Ellerman videos are public questions regarding those OIS cases and other issues are likely to be regurgitated, as will their fitness for duty.


“So would it be unusual for an officer to have shot four people in the line of duty, as Spokane police Officer Dan Lesser has? Three of them fatally?”









Where is the City Council on this issue…well the answer is they are all apparently on board now, one member of the City Council Karen Stratton the only member of the Council to vote against the hiring of Craig Meidl by Mayor Condon has been on board all along. It will be interesting to see exactly what they do to address the issues with SPD PACT, they have a number of options open to them.





Like any lifelong Spokanite I don’t want my City infested with rats any more than it already is, but I also want efforts to remove any infestation done legally and within the standards that apply.

My statement above might sound odd to some however it is made from the perspective of one heck of a lot of experience in the Criminal Justice System and firsthand knowledge that bad arrests make for bad law.

Whether someone is Progressive and an advocate for Sanctuary Cities or a Conservative who is Anti-Sanctuary City you have to look at the big and long-term picture as well as think about what would happen if law enforcement decided they can without being accountable cheat to circumvent the law. Unless someone gets a handle on cheating regardless of what the issue is Conservatives should give thought to what might happen if all of a sudden law enforcement decided to enforce gun laws any way they pleased, it works both ways folks.

After my story yesterday I did receive contact from a Politician asking questions about what is going on at SPD, now that is a GOOD THING, but unless Politicians as whole start acting Progressives as well as Conservatives could very well end up very unhappy.


So how does all the above fit into the MYSTERIOUS CASE OF ADAM DOE?

There is no question Adam Doe the now deported Alien from the Ivory Coast was a rat, as Meghann Cuniff (Seems to always be you Cuniff 😊) the former Spokesman Review Reporter from back in the day when the SR did hard reporting pointed out a number of times.





There is also no question that Adam Doe continued to be a rat and drug dealer after all of his previous involvement with the Law and should have been gone long before his arrest on February 3, 2018 by the SPD Police Anti-Crime Team…so why wasn’t he?

I’ve been reporting for a long time on problems with the SPD PACT and in yesterday’s story threw in a teaser to see if I would get any kind of a response and I did. Keeping in mind that WE have a two million dollar claim against US and have already settled at least one involving SPD and the Border Patrol.


It is time someone besides me starts asking hard questions.

To be clear about Politicians asking questions, I am excluding Mayor David Condon and City Council Member Lori Kinnear. Condon obviously because he orchestrated the hiring of Craig Meidl to replace his embarrassing hire of Frank Straub and doesn’t want any questions asked or answered and Kinnear who aided Condon by championing Condon’s hire of Meidl.

With respect to just the Adam Doe arrest here are some questions the Politicians should be asking:

1. Did SPD PACT member Officer Winston Brooks tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in his police report and sworn affidavit concerning his arrest of Adam Doe?

2. Were CBP Agents waiting around the corner for the SPD PACT to make the arrest?

3. Was Detective Wendt telling the truth and nothing but the truth in his report when he basically contradicted Officer Brook’s report?

4. What was former former SPD Co-op/Explorer doing with SPD PACT during Doe’s arrest, and who invited her?


The questions seem pretty rudimentary to me and I’m sure some lawyers will be asking similar ones!