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His Dad, who was an outstanding Detective, Man, and Mentor. Bill Beeman was my first Robbery/Homicide Partner, who’s path I followed somewhat as Bill retired from SPD and went to work as an Investigator in the Public Defender’s Office.

Bill taught me tons and one of the most important things that he taught me is to always, always anticipate and figure out what the other side will say and what witnesses they might have as it might paint an entirely different picture and end up being the truth. I’ve followed that great advice to this day and offer up to you that there are always two sides to a story, Scott Maclay’s side hasn’t surfaced yet but will if there are criminal charges filed by Pend Oreille County.

I thought I would throw this in, just to get folks thinking. Since Maclay’s defense likely would be that he was completely innocent, and the Sheriff’s arrest was motivated by the Sheriff’s hatred of him, and his political views, it would only make sense that the defense team would try and bring in any past contacts with the Sheriff where the Sheriff tried to arrest him or have him removed.

A cursory check of Maclay’s Rattlesnakes Motorcycle Club FB Page reveals this interesting tidbit:

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 1

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 2

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 3

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 4

Maclay of course has lawyered up so he isn’t talking, but as you can see there are three witnesses who should probably be interviewed… I sure would… having learned from Bill!

  1. Prosecutor Larry Haskell

  2. Donald Morgan

  3. Gary Babcock

If you interview just one witness, it almost always leads to more so who knows how long this sucker will go?

I was supposed to focus on studying my Rife Suppressor PRR Discs today… but this is so interesting I got side tracked! 😊




I just started my review of the documents I received today from the Pend Oreille County Prosecutor, but right away the Hilarious Spokane Stuff (HSS) hits me right in the face when I open it up!

Now this voice message is funny…well kind of! 🙂

As of January 18, 2018 it doesn’t look like things are going too well with Ozzie’s arrest of Scott Maclay?


Ozzie to Clemmons Jan 18, 2018


It will take me a little while to get through all the records, but I’ll let you know what I find! 🙂





Sheriff's Report Image Aug 31, 2017


Much like many of the stories I have covered and reported that have resulted in the Main Stream Media entering the fray late, this looks like it will be another one that won’t be covered by the MSM until the “Stuff’ hits the fan, as was the case in my recent Bob West stories. I however will continue to do my job as an Investigative Reporter as many of you follow my stories regarding improprieties involving Government Agencies.

The big question at this point is whether Sheriff Knezovich’s “RADICALIZED HATRED” of certain individuals, including myself, will reach the point that it will end up being costly to the Taxpayers of Spokane County. The facts at this point seem to suggest that it could get costly. Some folks that have suffered from the Sheriff’s RH, as I have mentioned in earlier stories, have lawyered up and are in the process of collecting evidence.

As we know Sheriff Knezovich is a prolific user of Social Media to…well…get his points across. He also utilizes a radio show which is Podcast and is played on FCC controlled public airways.

Based upon my background and experience Civil Lawyers when evaluating a civil lawsuit from the standpoint of whether it is worth bringing always look beyond the individuals involved, unless they are real wealthy, and see whether a nexus can be established with the proverbial “Deep Pocket”.

The question with respect to a nexus between Spokane County, which is the taxpayer, and the “Sheriff’s Report” radio show is whether Ozzie displayed in full SCSO Uniform, referred to several times as Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, and no real disclaimer other than “as seen through his eyes” disassociating the radio show from Spokane County, it may well be a tough to defend against a nexus. Especially since, even though I have searched high and wide I have been unable to find any Public Pronouncement by the Board of County Commissioners disassociating the County from the radio show. Should a litigation ensue First Amendment Rights, including those of Public Employees which require that the speech content be of “Public Concern” would be argued back and forth. I’m not sure that Ozzie’s well documented attacks on “Deplorables” would be considered of “Public Concern”.

Other notable “Deep Pockets” could certainly be some private businesses, including for example; The American Christian Network, The Liberty Broadcasting System, Mutual Broadcasting System, and others.

KTW's legal call letters

ACN Liberty Broadcasting

Spokane Talks Online LLC



One of Ozzie’s more recent use of social media any lawyer could have screen shot and use to demonstrate some of the tactics Ozzie employs can be found at this link.

Unfortunately for Ozzie, the wife of Ozzie’s most recent target, Caleb Collier, handled Caleb’s light work and beat the pants off Ozzie.

Ozzie pants-on-fire

Although Mrs. Collier made many great posts and points in response to the Oz, this one kind of sums up what Ozzie has put the Collier Family through.

JC Sums it up

Now for a bit of an update on this story:

Press Conference Chase and Christina

I doubt there will ever be the press conference Ozzie challenged Mr. Chase and Mr. Christina to in this email, which I reported in the story linked above. But Ozzie challenges people to all kinds of things, like press conferences, debates, or meetings that don’t often come to fruition, likely because people have watched the Ozzie/Buff Episodes and don’t want to sit through a day long Power Point Presentation by Ozzie.

As promised, today I submitted a PRR to Spokane County for responsive records relating to the Knezovich vs Christina battle. Some folks are speculating that Ozzie received the information alleging Christina was cheating us out of time from his friend Bob West, so why not try and find out if that speculation is true… that is my job with this gig… right?

PRR Christina

It seems as if every time I try to get to the truth Ozzie takes great issue with my efforts to the point of continuing his intimidation and threat tactics, it was no different today, as these Public Records clearly demonstrate:

Ozzie Christina PRR 1

Ozzie Christina PRR 2

Such is the life of an Investigative Reporter!

Lady doth protest

What is real interesting about the Knezovich vs Christina case, is the Timeline. Sometime around August of 2017 Ozzie contacts John Christina’s supervisor with some kind of an allegation that Christina was cheating us Taxpayers out of money. The record, at least at this point, seems to show that nothing happened to Mr. Christina other than probably a lot of heartache and stress. Some Deplorables think there seems to be a pattern of Ozzie contacting employers with complaints, fortunately or me my CEO of almost 50 years, wouldn’t be the least bit concerned and would react much like Mrs. Collier has.

The Timeline is quite clear that after the August 2017 Surprise, Ozzie in two “Sheriff’s Report” radio shows vehemently attacks Mr. Christina, as well as his boss Rob Chase, among others. Below are links to those radio shows, along with transcripts of the shows which might be easier for you to read rather than having to listen to Ozzie go on and on. If you read the transcripts you might find that they offer more of a dynamic as to Ozzie’s own words. Don’t pay much attention to the conflicting dates because it simply depends on where the show was recorded or obtained, on the Spokane Talks Online Website, or over the public airwaves on one of the radio stations.