Since quite a few readers have read the Pendell IA Case I provided in the earlier story and I’ve been receiving quite a few questions about how in the world the case could possibly be unfounded, I’ll give you this story.

The answer is simple and can be found in the report conclusion.

Ozzie unfounded


Pretty simple, right? Because “Ethical Ozzie” said it was unfounded!!!


There is quite a bit more interesting things contained in this Pendell IA Case, which you would-be investigators out there should take a look at.

IA Checklist


According to the IA Report someone in the SCSO on “6-8-16” notified/ consulted with Deputy Prosecutor Steve Kinn, and although the date isn’t given the “P.I.D. prosecutor notified”, P.I.D. stands for “Potential Impeachment Disclosure List”, commonly referred to as “Brady List”.

What is interesting about that is that Pendell, Travis O, wasn’t placed on the “Brady List” until January 31st, 2017 approximately seven months later.

Pendell Brady List Jan. 31 2017


The question remains as to exactly why Pendell is a “Brady Cop” and according to a letter in my mailbox today regarding my PRR, and signed by Ozzie, I won’t be getting any more responsive records until “November 30, 2017”.


Here is one for you… does the ATF Special Agent Pendell had the tremendous memory loss with have the same last name as a convicted murder?


***NOTE TO OZZIE… check the PRA law that went into effect in July regarding making PRRs via email, might save you some time and money.