“As a proponent of restorative justice, Robinson hopes to bring accountability to the commission and law enforcement.”

I always thought Mr. Robinson was a pretty reasonable person and offered quite a bit in the way of police oversight at the local Spokane level, of course what he offered really didn’t get things fixed but he gave it his best shot.

I think he could find his new battleground is perhaps even more frustrating than his most recent one, as he realizes just how powerful the Law Enforcement Lobby is in Washington State, but the important thing is that he maintains a very open dialog with the media and the public in his new position and points out what he perceives as problems at the State level with law enforcement oversight.

If Mr. Robinson wants to help “bring accountability” to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission he might want to take a close look at their Revocation/De-Certification Process, a flawed process which is almost never covered by local Spokane MSM, but often is in other media markets.

Examples of the flawed Revocation Process are almost endless. Most won’t even remember how long it took to revoke Karl Thompson’s license to be a Cop in Washington State.

More recently take a look at the case of former SPD Officer and convicted rapist Gordon Ennis, who has yet to have his license to be a Cop revoked.

Then there is the question of whether or not law enforcement agencies actually submit the proper documents to the WSCJTC and whether the reason for terminations is properly reported.

The case I’m investigating, and Mayor Woodward along her Chief Craig Meidl does not want the public to know about will be interesting from the standpoint of if and when former SPD Lieutenant Dave McCabe’s termination for dishonesty and falsifying medical records was reported to the WSCJTC even though he was terminated in 2018. It seems pretty clear that at least as of January 27, 2021 Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell wasn’t aware of McCabe’s dishonesty, or for some reason McCabe was never placed on Haskell’s list of Brady Cops.

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Well Good Luck Mr. Robinson you will need it!!!