Tyler, Ozzie, Fagan Haskell

Since Spokane County has been real slow and for obvious reasons, to respond to my Public Records Requests it may be a while before we learn the scope of work the County Contract outlines, but at some point, we will, even if it means another PRA violation litigation.

Fussom Sayre PRR


Given Lawyer Michelle Fussom’s background in these matters it would appear that she understands the necessity to follow all leads in order to establish a pattern and culture of behavior, in other words everything in the “Closet” and especially at the top.

With a little more confidence that they will be protected since some MSM have finally covered the story witnesses are beginning to disclose things that were hidden in the past, much like the Phillip Tyler situation there are many things that have been hidden from the public, including but not limited to problem after problem with dispensing medications to prisoners and complaints from jail nurses about those issues many under the reign of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

As in any investigation, when unlike Ozzie’s investigation of his friend Phillip Tyler, actual interviews are conducted more truth comes out, and more leads need followed in order to truly understand the Culture, such is the case with the “Fossum Investigation”, and recently found report regarding Arlington Richards.

PRR Richards

At this point in the “Fussom Investigation” Sheriff Knezovich is doing everything he can to distance himself from the man he chose to run the jail when Ozzie was in charge. The same man, John McGrath, who he recommended to the County Commissioners when they took the jail away from him. McGrath of course has joined the ranks of the many, many, liars in Ozzie’s life, and I’m sure the Sheriff hopes that people will forget that John McGrath, was his guy. The victims of course haven’t forgotten, they remember everything about Ozzie’s handling of the jail, and more recently his treats of slander and libel suits.

Throw Under Bus





Inlander Story Image


Quite the interesting story, especially when you consider warning, after warning, after warning the Mayor, City Council, and Public were given about the hiring of Frank Straub, and subsequently the hire Jim McDevitt’s friend Selby Smith. It wasn’t until the very predictable Cotton/Straub Affair was finally made public because of sources and Public Records Requests that Condon fired Straub, an issue that will be dealt with on April 18th during an Ethics Commission Hearing on an ethics complaint against Condon. Needless to say, shortly after much of the Gately, and Ennis case became public Smith quickly left the Spokane Police Department, I would throw in a “I told you so!” here but I’m getting tired of that line.

This Shawn Vestal story will give you some idea of where the downhill slide began.

“Let’s give the guy a chance.”

The other guy, has had more than enough chances Shawn, and times up!

“I’d rather go out on strikes at this point and try to hit the home run versus sitting and trying to get, in the bottom of the ninth, a walk,” Stuckart said. “We need somebody to lead this police department and this is the guy to do it.”


The only reasons he did not fire Gately, Meidl writes, were because of the sergeant’s minimal policy violations throughout a long career and because “SPD administration bears some culpability.”

As the saying goes…” No shit Sherlock!”


There are three things I feel are important to understand as far as the Gately case is concerned:

First, the ARP made it very clear in their IA Review that they are held to the burden of proof standard “Clear and Convincing” evidence, which is a higher standard than most agencies in the Nation…they even underlined it to make a point.

Clear and Convincing


Secondly, I think it is very import to read Joe Walker’s addendum to the ARP finding at the end of the Gately IA case linked below.

Thirdly, Don’t forget Detective Jeff Harvey’s testimony in the Karl Thompson case that as Union Vice President he kept Karl Thompson informed about the investigation.

***Just how priceless this comment by Knezovich actually is will come to light later! 😊


“If Gately really wanted to honor his oath, he would have gone on the stand and told the truth,” Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says. “It’s his constitutional right to do so, but not taking the stand diminishes, in the eyes of the public, every badge out there because you didn’t stand up and tell the truth. You took the Fifth.”




Tyler, Ozzie, Fagan Haskell



Even though Journalists from the SR have been in contact with some of the players and victims of the Phil Tyler “Dilemma” over the last few weeks. But it took an Inlander Article to get them off their rear.

*** In a phone call, Knezovich said he was stunned by the scope and severity of the allegations against Tyler, who became a corrections officer in 1999, before Knezovich became sheriff. Knezovich said that under his hiring process, Tyler’s past would disqualify him from a job in law enforcement.

“And for the life of me, I can’t explain how this history got missed,” Knezovich said. “It’s all in records.”

The only way to address a Culture of Abuse is to face it head on, don’t cover it up, accept responsibility, denounce those who perpetrate it, don’t blame others or the system, and for crying out loud protect the victims.

So far, with respect to Phil Tyler, it’s the same old story, except for the National Organization of Women (NOW), not one denouncement from those who should be denouncing his well-documented conduct toward women.

Knezovich’s statements to the SR are a perfect example:

“And for the life of me, I can’t explain how this history got missed,” Knezovich said. “It’s all in records.”

Obviously, it was the Sheriff who hired Tyler that is at fault, not Ozzie, it is never his fault, even though the record clearly shows there was more than enough cause for Ozzie to get rid of Tyler during Ozzie’s tenure as Sheriff. Did Ozzie know about Tyler’s DV history, as well as his abusive behavior towards women when he shared the Stage and Microphone with Tyler during the various we support women and victims shows? HELL, YES, HE DID, and the record is clear he did, I even pointed it out to him during the Ozzie/Buff Episodes, but even before that he knew.

Did he say one word to anyone, did he object, or did he just use a user?

Or could it be all about Ozzie’s statements to me right here… “He’s the NAACP President.”?

Knezovich said he was stunned by the scope and severity of the allegations against Tyler,

Is it just me or is this statement absolutely ridicules, especially since he was told about the allegations, commented about them in the press in 2016, addressed them in his deposition in Tyler’s lawsuit against the County, and sure as hell talked about them in the 2017 Ozzie/Buff Episodes?

As the truth begins to surface it is always a good idea to compare Ozzie’s public statements!


*** Knezovich said he wasn’t aware of Tyler’s domestic violence cases from the mid-1990s. But a department background check cleared him to carry a gun, Knezovich said, which means the cases never rose to disqualifying him from law enforcement.


*** Knezovich said that under his hiring process, Tyler’s past would disqualify him from a job in law enforcement.

“And for the life of me, I can’t explain how this history got missed,” Knezovich said. “It’s all in records.”

Give the Public a break Ozzie… either the cases “never rose to disqualifying him from law enforcement” … or under your hiring process, “Tyler’s past would disqualify him from law enforcement.” … which one is it Oz??? It’s always the other guys fault… right Oz?


In my Curmudgeonist opinion any reasonable person would have to ask whether Ozzie’s wonderful relationship with Phillip W. Tyler …just buddies … or was strictly business, especially when you consider Ozzie is a “Consultant”, Tyler is a “Consultant”, and Tyler’s new wife Meg Demand is a “Consultant”?

Ozzie of course has Delta Training & Consulting LLC:



Phillip Tyler’s new wife Meg Demand has Demand Results Small Business Consultants LLC:

Demand Results

Phil has the now infamous Veteran Owned Business Wisdom in Words:

Vet Owned


I gotta wonder what their rates are? 😊

Wait a second…maybe this is a clue?



I just wonder if Ozzie will ever publicly denounce Phillip Tyler…gosh he demanded that Caleb Collier publicly denounce Scott Maclay, which Collier did well before Ozzie’s demands, so would it be fair for Collier to demand that Ozzie publicly denounce Phillip Tyler???

So, just how is the County’s Independent Investigation going? Well…trust me it is cutthroat as I type! 😊






Daniel Walters of the Inlander did a good job exposing what many in this Community have known for years and have watched with disgust as Sheriff Knezovich uses Phillip Waine Tyler to make himself look good in the eyes of the African American Community in particular and the Local Community as a whole, and Tyler uses Knezovich to further his own self-serving agenda. To this day, Knezovich refuses to publicly admit what he knew and when he knew it, no longer to protect Tyler but simply to try and protect himself. Along with John McGrath, Tyler is under the bus as the County “Independent Investigation continues.

***In 2016, Sheriff Knezovich wrote a letter strongly endorsing Tyler for the City Council slot. But back then, he says, he didn’t know about the long list of domestic violence allegations.

After the Inlander met with Knezovich, the sheriff dug into police records. He was disturbed to find the 1992 domestic violence arrest — something he’d never been told about — on Tyler’s record. Knezovich has fired deputies for domestic violence before.

“Today, Phil doesn’t get hired [as a sheriff’s deputy] because of this background,” Knezovich says, motioning to the arrest records. “It’s sad. We have somebody who has great potential, but has this in his background.”

While Knezovich says Tyler could be controlling sometimes, he’s never known him to lose his temper.

“If this is true — this is not the guy I know,” Knezovich says.

It is important to understand that that Law Enforcement Administrators lie to the Media all the time, it is SOP/CYA. On the other hand, lying in statements to other law enforcement agencies, or in arrest reports is against the law.


The disgust I mentioned earlier finally reached the point that other people, mostly women, started to come forward when the Knezovich and Tyler “Dog and Pony Show” was presented by Lutheran Social Services.

The “Dog and Pony Show” resulted in this Social Media Post which has since resulted in people finally listening to what I have been saying to people, including Community Leaders, and writing about for years, and well prior to 2016.

Hammer 1

Hammer 2


True to his MO Sheriff Knezovich, three weeks ago in an effort to protect his buddy Phillip Tyler, launched this Social Media Threat which didn’t scare me, the victims, or the female detention staff off.

Threat 1

Threat 2

Ozzie is currently in damage control mode contacting anyone he thinks he can turn to his side by once again trying to defame, not only me but others, and all the people he has contacted have become witnesses. To quote the Wizard… “I would say defamation and libel suits are most likely in the works on this one.”

For some reason Council President Ben Stuckart, despite two voice messages, and this Facebook Post hasn’t bothered to contact me…. gotta wonder why, I’m not a Conservative… just a Curmudgeonist seeking the truth?

Stuckart FB Post

***”He has a violent history which I know about firsthand. I lived with domestic violence from him starting in 1986 as his 18-year-old wife,” Chloe Senger wrote in a 2016 email to Council President Ben Stuckart, recently obtained through a public-records request. “We divorced in 1990. I felt, at the time, it was useless to report the abuse because he was an Air Force police officer.”

For public officials, it’s tricky to know what to do about such allegations. In 2016, Chloe emailed her warning about Tyler to Council President Stuckart, while her mom warned her own city councilman, Mike Fagan. Both Chloe and her mom left an online comment alleging abuse on a 2016 Spokesman-Review story about Tyler.

Chloe says she never heard back from Stuckart — though Stuckart insists he called her and was upset by what he heard. Nevertheless, while Tyler wasn’t appointed to the council, neither Stuckart nor Fagan say the abuse allegations influenced their choice.

But contacted last week about the recently surfaced claims about Tyler, Stuckart wrestled with the tension between the seriousness of allegations from three different women and not letting a person’s past dictate his future.


So how long have I known, as you can see long before these Ozzie/Buff Episodes, and I gave fair warning to folks who refused to listen.

Exactly how much has the Knezovich, Tyler, McGrath show cost us taxpayers over the years and how much in the future? That will be a hard one to calculate, given all the time spent investigating Tyler, defending his lawsuit, and most recently the current investigation…but we might as well give it a shot…right Oz?

Fussom PRR

Wonder where the SR is on this one? 😊