West PRR Letter


In a follow-up to this story I learned that yesterday the Caleb Collier Campaign has filed a formal complaint with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission against the Brandi Peetz Campaign based upon Peetz’s father Robert West’s solicitation of funds for his daughter while using City of Spokane time and resources.

Even “provocateur” Michael Scott Maclay got a piece of the action in this race.

“Peetz said that over the past few weeks she and her family members have been harassed online and by phone by Collier supporters, including local provocateur Scott Maclay”

Although the results of the PDC Investigation likely will not be public until after the election, it should be a pretty easy investigation for the PDC since the City of Spokane has all the discipline records of Robert West regarding the issue.

What is interesting about this case, aside from what should be of interest to Citizens of the City of Spokane, is the endorsements Peetz has received from Sheriff Knezovich, as well as the Spokesman Review.

“Spokane Valley City Council, Position No. 2: Brandi Peetz. Would provide a fresh voice and a solid law enforcement perspective.”

Where the Spokesman Review came up with “a solid law enforcement perspective” is completely beyond me Peetz is a 911 Operator and member along with her father on Ozzie’s handpicked charade of a Citizens Advisory Board where the perspective is anything but “solid”, as any experienced Law Enforcement Officer will tell you. The old adage “Garbage In Garbage Out!” comes to mind. A Criminal Justice Degree from GU certainly isn’t a selling point unless there is some actual law enforcement experience associated with the degree, and there isn’t in Ms. Peetz’s case for some reason.

Of course, if the SR Editorial folks want to champion a Candidate or Cause for some reason they seem to overlook things in certain cases.

The Kate Burke v Tim Benn endorsement by the SR, makes me wonder exactly how much vetting the SR did before they made the endorsement, it’s pretty easy stuff to do, but in some cases just isn’t done. Kate Burke does seem like a nice young lady, and she was of course an aide to Andy Billig which in all likelihood helped with her Spokane City Council endorsements.

Spokane City Council, District 1, Position 2: Kate Burke. Shows promise as an independent voice and strong advocate for the district.

Another interesting aspect of the Collier v Peetz race is that even though the Spokane City Council has been made aware of the issue with the City Employee Robert West, the Council with two exceptions has no interest in the matter.