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The link below is a SCSO Internal Affairs Investigation into whether or not Deputy Travis Pendell lied to an ATF Agent during ATF’s Investigation into the circumstances surrounding his involvement with his friend and convicted murder Roy Murry. It is somewhat lengthy, but if you are into this kind of stuff IMO worth the read, and you can draw your own conclusions. After reading this IA case it reminds me of many similar IA Cases I have read involving an allegation of dishonestly on the part of a law enforcement officer, many of which end up being unfounded as this one was by Sheriff Knezovich.

As I have mentioned time and time again from a Defense or Plaintiff perspective any investigator is always suspicious of internally unfounded allegations of a cops dishonestly simply because a sustained allegation of dishonesty makes any Cop a “Brady Cop” which puts a law enforcement leader in a position of having to either fire the Cop or putting them in a position where they are unlikely to testify in Court because their testimony is easily impeachable.

I can’t help but wonder if Ethical Ozzie’s handpicked CAB including Brandi Peetz (Ozzie’s candidate for a Council Position in the Valley), and her father Robert West who was the subject of complaints about using his position and with the City of Spokane to politic for his daughter.


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***Did you happen to notice that a .223 can be converted to a .22?


To be perfectly clear, at this point I do not know whether or not it was this IA case against Pendell was the one that put Pendell on Prosecutor Haskell’s “Brady List” or not, I have submitted a more targeted PRR to determine why Pendell is on the “Brady List”. Just so you folks are aware in cases similar to this in other jurisdictions, as well as here in Spokane even though the local law enforcement agency has unfounded a dishonesty complaint in many case if the Federal Government was involved in the case in some way and they believe the Cop lied to them the Feds will formally contact the local prosecutor and the cop will end up on the Prosecutor’s “Brady List”. We shall see if that was the case with Pendell, or if there is another IA case involving Pendell which made him a “Brady Cop”. Whatever the reason that Pendell is a “Brady Cop” it sure doesn’t help “Ethical Ozzie’s” lawsuit against Matt Shea and Scott Maclay.


If you remember the President Trump style Twitter War between myself and Ethical Ozzie which resulted in the Ozzie/Buff Episodes you might remember that I gave Ozzie a chance to take care of the Lead Investigator’s inappropriate Facebook battle with Maclay, whether he did or not I don’t know although haven’t heard much from “Kirk Nonyabizness” (Detective Kirk Keyser SCSO). I’m pretty sure in retrospect Keyser knows what he did wasn’t a good Idea.

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I will pass this story along to “Ethical Ozzie” as I always do for requesting comment but the fact is Ozzie is hiding from me and won’t respond for some reason… maybe when he gets back from Philly…right Ozzie?