Come on Mayor Woodward the buck stops with you and you must know I know so cough up the records!

Jacqui MacConnell as the civilian Director of Internal Affairs with the responsibility of providing the Citizens perspective on IA cases where are you?

It doesn’t take one year and three months to do redactions on the McCabe IA Case the file isn’t that large!

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As is often the case with me when it comes the possibility of misconduct in City Government “on or about” June 13, 2019, months before the COVID-19 pandemic I received information from sources that former Spokane Police Department Lieutenant Dave McCabe who played a prominent role in many Spokane Police Department issues in his role as President of the SPD Lieutenants and Captains Association, including the Cotton/Straub Affair, had been terminated from his employment with the Spokane Police Department and the City of Spokane wanted the termination kept super-secret so the public wouldn’t find out. Subsequently I learned that Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl had placed McCabe on Administrative Leave “on or about” March 5, 2018 to initiate an IA Investigation into McCabe altering a Physicians’ Disability Statement so he didn’t have to return to work. It gets somewhat complicated but since the City of Spokane is self-insured when it comes to their own workers compensation exposures, in other words the Citizens end up paying even for false claims if they are identified. In McCabe’s case his time loss benefits exceeded $100,000 so the City had to dig into reserves.

As I do in most cases on June 13, 2019 to corroborate the information I have I submitted a Public Records Request to the City of Spokane.

When I received the required five-day response from the City of Spokane on June 20, 2019 and was told it would only take “approximately 60 days on or about August 19” to respond to my PRR my first thought was… gosh maybe this won’t end up being as hard as I anticipated it would be. How wrong I was!

My last interaction with the City of Spokane regarding PRR C000679-061319 was on November 18, 2020 when they informed me that a response to my PRR “may be available in approximately 30 days, or on or about December 18, 2020. I have to be honest I didn’t get really excited about the possibility of getting a response to my PRR yesterday…for rather obvious reasons.

The question I have for my readers is do you think this is really a “MYSTERIOUS CASE? If you really think it is maybe this link to all my interaction with the City of Spokane regarding PRR C000679-061319 will help you to come to a conclusion.