“The city also paid $50,000 to a former Spokane Police detective who filed a lawsuit over the delayed release of records in the case.”

The City never paid me a penny! One of my demands in the settlement was that all monies go directly to the Center for Justice to be used for oversight, and the City cut the check to them not me as part of the settlement. My other demands, all of which were met, were a public acknowledgement of fault, and an addition to the City Municipal Code making it an ethics violation to withhold Public Records. You can find the entire settlement agreement in this story.

Although Mayor Condon promised to increase funding for the Clerk’s Office continued extensions on Public Records Requests because of a lack of funding remain a serious problem with the City of Spokane, and it isn’t the fault of the people who do the work.

Both the Spokesman Review and myself received information from sources about the Cotton/Straub Affair around the same time. At that time there was quite a bit of talk about the SR sitting on the story because of the owner’s relationship with Condon. After receiving considerable information, I submitted a comprehensive Public Records Request which resulted in me having to study Computer Disc after Disc of documents. The information in those public records IMO support Karen Stratton’s affidavit. Karen Stratton is one of the few Politicians that has never obfuscated or lied to me, so unless proven otherwise I tend to believe her statements made under oath, something I am not willing to do for other Politicians and I am currently investigating that issue concerning another Politician despite having to suffer through efforts to intimidate me. The Seabold Investigation came about as a direct result of my interaction with Council President Stuckart, all of which is very well documented. Originally Stuckart told me that the CC had no interest in having the Cotton/Straub Affair investigated, but as more information became public the CC changed their position.

I must assume that Mr. Shogan will call new Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer and former Fire Chief Bobby Williams as witnesses, since the Public Records are quite clear that Mayor Condon first tried to move Cotton to the Fire Department which IMO supports Stratton’s affidavit.

Cotton Straub PRR

Letter 001



Envelope 001

Shaeffer Nissen 1

Shaeffer Nissen 2

Schaeffer to SR Deshais



Whether it is an Investigative Reporter, Cop, or other Investigative Agency (PDC) anonymous information should always be followed up on, as often the information is completely accurate.


West Image



“I’ve moved on, but that doesn’t mean that’s for everybody,” Stuckart added.

Moving on is exactly what gets Politicians in trouble not answering three emails with one very easy question will always peek the interest of an Investigative Reporter.


I spent several years investigating Organized Crime in Spokane and received a lot of training in that regard. My experience and my training taught that an ineffective press leads to corruption. Something one of the lead trainers in OC Investigation at the time, Ralph Salerno, stressed in every class, so here I am.




J Edgar Hoover


Who are privy to an ongoing email string between myself, Ozzie, and a few other people, the answer of course is NO!!!

Correct Story Ozzie

Not once but twice Knezovich stated “word” and not “were” as he would like some to believe!!!

At approximately 3:04 of the above linked recorded audio/video Ozzie/Buff Episode you will hear this:

“All I can tell you is that every word Travis Pendell speaks” …(me) huh?… “every word Travis Pendell speaks people think very highly of him… very highly of him”

Take heed, the above email from Ozzie is a typical tactic, and one of the many, many, reasons I require that any interaction between Ozzie and myself is very, very well documented.

NO!… NO! …NO!!! 😊

The reason for the J Edgar Hoover image will become apparent fairly soon! 😊




Ozzie uniform 1


According to a real weird email exchange between Deplorable me, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, and later Deplorable John Christina, Ozzie wants to hold a “press conference” with Deplorable Rob Chase and Deplorable John Christina. It all stems from a real interesting story I’m investigating after receiving information about it from a number of different sources, and at this point appears as if there might be another taxpayer funded litigation against Spokane County and Sheriff Knezovich resulting from “Radicalized Hatred”, that of course remains to be seen, but a press conference would be outstanding so that the Citizens of Spokane County might be able to see where this is all headed.

Press Conference 1


It appears Mr. Christina has lawyered-up, so who knows where this is headed.

Christina Lawyered up

My response to Christina


What may seem weird to some folks, really isn’t weird to me but is simply a continuation on Ozzie’s part, which some describe as being under the color of law, to defame and discredit the truth seekers in his big “Basket of Deplorables”, at this point I happen to be at the top of his basket and the more truth that comes out the more my position elevates in the basket.

The following images of the email interaction which started out as a simple question to Ozzie as to whether or not Bob West had resigned from his handpicked CAB lead to a somewhat cryptic effort on Ozzie’s part to paint me as an inept, corrupt, drunken, prostitute using, supervisor fighting, dirty cop, whose peers had absolutely no respect for. Ozzie also has described me as “arrogant”, something I most certainly admit, but the rest of course is pure unadulterated BS. As I have mentioned a number of times in the past I was only disciplined once during my 26 years as a cop for a bar beef where I had been drinking while off duty in Colorado. After going into Chief Mangan’s office and admitting my conduct was way out of line Mangan told me he was going to give me the very same punishment he gave himself when he acted inappropriately which was a two-day suspension without pay. That’s it folks… yes, I did get suspended for two days but that’s it. I’m quite surprised Ozzie during his dirt digging quest to defame, hasn’t mentioned my two-day suspension. What’s funny is Ozzie surely has all of my performance evaluations, letters of commendation, and reference letters, if he doesn’t have all those I’d be more than happy to provide them to him.

Speaking of being arrogant, I thought you might be interested in my last evaluation prior to my retirement and my retirement reference letter.

Last PAR 1

Last PAR 2

Retirement Letter Hersom


Not bad for an inept, corrupt, drunken, prostitute using, supervisor fighting, dirty cop, whose peers had absolutely no respect for him…right Ozzie?

Yes Mr. Volz, “This is Mr. Breen” and Mr. Haskell is welcome to “weigh in” at any time!

This is Mr. Breen

I wonder if now that I posted portions of my personnel file there will be cryptic inference that I somehow made up the documents and forged the signatures, as it appears Ozzie was trying to infer regarding the anonymous letter Caleb Collier received which documented a portion of Ozzie’s friend Bob West’s misdeeds and turned out to be true.

Ozzie has well documented problems with many people, including me, but the biggest problem for Ozzie when it comes specifically to me is that I haven’t the least bit of fear of him or his efforts to intimidate me it’s just a continuing supply of the necessary comedic stuff we have seen from Ozzie year after year. Beyond that another problem he might have is that perhaps I’m not the “inept” investigator he would like people to believe I am. 😊

So, will Ozzie hold a big “press conference”? He does love those you know! 😊

Here is the email string, you can draw your own conclusions regarding Ozzie’s intent in starting this string and whether there ever will be a “press conference”.

Press Conference 2

Press Conference 3

Press Conference 3

Press Conference 4

Press Conference 5


If you are wondering what the “<Ozzie Harassment Charges Haskell.jpg>” in that last email string image actually is…here you go!

Harassment to Haskell image

Boy did that one ever intimidate the crap out of me! 😊

Maybe not “weird”, “crazy” might be better descriptor?



Thomas Paine

“This is just dirty politics. It’s been a dirty race, and it continues to be a dirty race,” Knezovich said.

Knezovich said he would look further into the details surrounding West’s termination from City Hall and leave it up to members of the Citizen’s Advisory Board to weigh in on whether he should be removed from the panel.

“All of this does not make Mr. Collier or Matt Shea look very good,” Knezovich said. “As of right now, I don’t see anything nefarious like they want to claim. I think when you’re dealing with somebody’s credibility and their reputation, you have to do your due diligence.”

Must have a large network of conspirators including Teresa Sanders (The City Administrator who publicly called Ozzie Knezovich a liar), Mayor Condon, Human Resources Director Chris Cavanaugh, Court Commissioner Howard Delaney, City Attorney Mike Ormsby, and many moles inside City of Spokane Government who secretly act under the leadership of Caleb Collier and Matt Shea.

Both Collier and Shea, if you were to believe Ozzie’s version of why West was fired, were somehow able to recruit and utilize West’s coworkers in the conspiracy, something they would have had to of done to secure the firing of Bob West.

Yes, that’s right aside from the using taxpayers time and resources to aid his daughters campaign Collier and Shea needed someone to make false claims against West of “Harassment”, “Bullying”, and Retaliation to get him fired.

Harrasment Bullying Retaliation


Not surprisingly Ozzie doesn’t “see anything nefarious” about Harassment, Bullying, and Retaliation when one of his minions is accused, I wonder how his recent Workplace Harassment training went…I didn’t buy a ticket, maybe I should have. I can’t help but wonder what explanation Ozzie will come up with when he does his “due diligence” and he takes a “look further into the details surrounding West’s termination”. We will have to see if Ozzie does in fact preform his “due diligence” when he looks into West’s termination like I do. Don’t forget to get all the emails and text messages Ozzie, they always tell a story. When I get them, I’ll send you copies if the City doesn’t provide them to you right way, it should be easy for the City to provide you with the same thing I requested, and the gals in the City Clerks Office are currently diligently working on my PRR which includes everything.

I’ve got to give the SR credit for accepting the challenge and writing a story regarding Robert West’s suspensions, and subsequent termination from City Employment, indications are the Inlander will follow suit.

Unfortunately, even though Ozzie specifically requested that I contact him for comment on my stories for the most part Ozzie will not respond or answer any questions I might have, so perhaps another reporter can get some answers.

As an example, I would ask Ozzie exactly what his role was in preparing the failed Anti-Harassment TPO to which Robert West signed, under the penalty of perjury, that Ozzie along with West’s daughter were Petitioners.

3 Petitioners

Another question I would pose to Ozzie is what he knows about the FBI Investigation into the “Bounty” on the life of himself, Robert West, and Brandi Peetz.

FBI Bounty

Facebook Post West refers to as bounty


As for “due diligence”…

FBI FOIA Jan 4 2018 No 1

FBI FOIA Jan 4 2018 No 2

FBI FOIA Jan 4 2018 No 3

Beyond the questions above, I most certainly would have a number of other questions but I’m sure other reporters, if they so choose, can come up with many of their own.

Many, many moons ago I learned that the Devil is always in the details, something Ozzie is just beginning to learn.