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For some reason that isn’t always as easy for me as it is for Shawn Vestal when it comes to Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

Vestal clarity of the Sheriff

The documented friend/enemy relationship between former GOP State Committeeman Brian Standow and Sheriff Knezovich certainly brings up many questions with respect to “The Standow Video”.

Although the Standow Video was posted on YouTube sometime well after the Zillmer Officer Involved Shooting it was quickly taken own for some reason, and at this point we don’t know by whom.

The only other video made public shortly after the OIS was body camera footage from a Liberty Lake Police Officer, which doesn’t show much as is often the case with body camera footage.

The Zillmer OIS received National Attention because Jed Zillmer was a troubled and decorated Iraq War Veteran and although the Liberty Lake Officer’s body camera footage was widely disseminated the Standow Video was not.

Now that the Standow Video has resurfaced some four years later there are a number of questions that need answered and hopefully I will be able to do that however at this point there isn’t “clarity”, or “directness”. Any reporter looking into the issue would most certainly ask the question of Sheriff Knezovich “Did Brian Standow provide you with a copy of the video his daughter took of the Jed Zillmer Officer Involved Shooting as he claims he did?”

I did just that:

Me to Ozzie did Standow give you a copy of video 1


Here is where I see a lack of “clarity” and “directness”. You will notice that after I asked what I thought was a simple question Sheriff Knezovich sends an email to his staff Rob Sherar and Jack Rosenthal stating, “Be prepared to talk to me about this today.”.

That could be a good sign if Ozzie is going to diligently look into what happened with the “Standow Video”, even though my question is yet to be answered.

As far as clarity and directness goes things become even less clear and direct when I receive this response to my simple question from Spokane County Prosecutor and County Public Records Officer Steven Kinn.

Kinn Sheriff's have copy 2

I’m not sure exactly what “the Sheriff’s” means in relation to my question, nor do I understand why answers to this reporter’s questions have to be delivered by a Prosecutor, unless of course there is an ongoing investigation of me?

I did follow-up with another simple question to Prosecutor Kinn which I hope someone will answer at some point.

Me when did Sheriff's get video 3

A number of questions which remain unanswered:

  • Did Brian Standow give a copy of the video to his friend/enemy Sheriff Knezovich?

  • When did “the Sheriff’s” receive a copy of the video?

  • Was the video booked into evidence, if so by whom, and when?

  • Was the video provided to the SIRR Team for them to enhance and review?

  • Were efforts taken to enhance the video?

  • Did the Spokane County Prosecutor receive a copy of the video?

And many more!

In order to try and answer some of those questions I have submitted one of those dreaded PRRs to the Spokane Police Department who acted as the lead investigative agency for the OIS.

To be quite clear I am not in any way suggesting that the Zillmer OIS wasn’t Justified, based on the available evidence it sure as heck appears that it was. My primary concern is whether or not all of the evidence was collected and analyzed.

The only written document I have available to me at this point is Spokane County Prosecutor Jack Driscoll’s review of the OIS.

There are a few things that standout in Driscoll’s to someone who has investigated and reviewed OIS Cases, and again not from the standpoint of whether or not the OIS was justified.

Most experts would agree that the standard for Officers involved in OIS cases is to be able to justify each round they fire, and the Standow Video could possibly have aided in doing so, or on the other hand perhaps it wouldn’t.

Here are a few things that strike me:

Deputy Melville stated that he heard “a single gunshot, then multiple others.”.

Deputy Melville heard a single gunshot

If the Standow Video was enhanced and analyzed including the audio it might have provided some insight as to which Officer or which weapon was first to fire.

According to Driscoll’s review a total of 18 rounds were fired by Officers from rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Some might think that is a lot of rounds, but it is something that is not uncommon in Officer Involved Shootings and the question always comes up whether or not the number of rounds fired was the result of “Contagious Shooting”.

18 rounds

The “Contagious Shooting” phenomena although it might look bad to the public has nothing necessarily to do with whether or not an OIS was justified. It does however go directly to training and liability issues. There is a lot of data out there regarding “Contagious Shooting”, but this will give you some idea. Liability issues are always a problem for law enforcement, and if a stray round from “Contagious Shooting” accidentally strikes a bystander what happens from there should be pretty clear.

Prosecutor Driscoll’s review of the Zillmer OIS seems to suggest that Deputy Thurman was the first to fire however it is hard to tell. Thurman according to Driscoll’s review fired three rounds at Zillmer’s head with his AR-15.

Thurman fired 3 rounds

It is my hope that the meeting Ozzie had with Rob Sherar and Jack Rosenthal is the first step in getting some clear and direct answers to go along with “High Standards + Accountability = Professionalism.




Standow and Ozzie


Thanks to an overwhelming Community response I was able to obtain copies of the video taken by former GOP State Committeeman Brian Standow’s daughter. The video itself was originally posted on YouTube but was quickly removed for some reason. If you watch the video you may draw your own conclusions as to why it was removed, and some question whether or not it was removed because of Brian Standow’s relationship with Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich whatever that might be?

The real question for me is whether or not this video made it into the hands of law enforcement authorities, and if not why not? I have started the process of attempting to establish the who, what, where, why, and when and hopefully will be able to come up with an answer. As I go through that process I think it is important for the public to see the video even though the actual officer Involved Shooting took place in 2014.

Zillmer PRR image - Copy

Brian Standow has had communications with several people regarding this video, some of those communications are odd at best.

Standow my entire family

Standow Spokane Cops Murder Veteran


Here is the video for you to draw your own conclusions from:


This link will take you to the Prosecutors charging decision regarding the case:


This is a developing story with more to come!




Standow Ozzie Wright Shea Chase

It sure appears that elected Spokane County Republican State Committeeman Brian Standow thinks it was.

After I published the story linked above I received this message from Brian Standow requesting I add the information he supplied to my previous story, so I will.

Standow setup by Ozzie

I’m not the only one to whom Standow has made the claim that Ozzie was behind it.

Standow Ozzie Behind it.

What is interesting about the Knezovich, Standow relationship is that it becomes hard to tell what it actually is. In one breath Standow states that Ozzie is his enemy whom he keeps close to him.

Standow he is my enemy

Yet in the next breath Standow says Ozzie is his friend.

Standow I became friends with Ozzie

In politics it is hard to tell which people friends and which people are actually are just using each other to accomplish some political end.

Standow running


Ozzie didn’t always hate the Northwest Grassroots folks there was a time he actually touted and thanked them.

Ozzie Thank you for the Forum NWGR

Ozzie thanks NWGR


The timelines suggest that Ozzie’s battle with the Northwest Grassroots organization and some of its members began near the time his battle with Matt Shea and Rob Chase started. I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that Ozzie has utter disdain for Shea and Chase, something he has publicly and privately expressed over and over again.

Ozzie NWGR Shea

Ozzie NWGR main leader citizen

Grassroots supported the D


Ozzie has even publicly accused some of the people he doesn’t like along with former President Obama of being responsible for assassinating Cops.

Sheriffs Report 1

Sheriffs Report 2

Ozzie re John Charleston and Cecily Wright


If Ozzie was behind all this drama he certainly is open for criticism for some of the relationships he himself has and had, including his close relationship with Mark Fuhrman, whom many believe to be a racist.

Ozzie Fuhrman Post

It seems inevitable with Ozzie Knezovich that when the truth is exposed there ends up being some kind of threat.

Ozzie Town Hall Meeting


Another questionable relationship Ozzie had was with somewhat infamous and since passed Militia Leader Ed LaStage.

Ozzie Ed Lastage

I know… kind of weird right given all of Ozzie’s recent rants about Constitutionalist and Militia Members? Ozzie’s explanation to me regarding his friendship with LaStage was that LaStage was Ozzie’s informant to the Joint Terrorism Task Force on the Militia movement, however he had no proof that was true, and it certainly doesn’t make sense he would post something that would draw attention to the relationship.

If as Standow alleges Ozzie was behind all this and it was a set up did Ozzie accomplish anything?

It would seem he did as a result of the large amount of press coverage, and that press coverage may have helped to draw even more people into the net, including another individual Ozzie has nothing but distain for. That individual is Rod Higgins the Mayor of the Spokane City of The Valley and a Progressive Group is in the process of organizing a Protest against Higgins asking for him to resign his position.


If this was all an Ozzie plot… it looks like it worked?













Glenda Nissen and Ozzie

I honestly haven’t been sitting idly by and not been working on stories. I’ve been in the typical public records battle with Ozzie, over his well-documented lack of high standards and accountability when it comes to transparency. Even though the battle is ongoing and has to be causing Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell heart-burn, but I felt it important to write this story to provide background which I can refer to as the story plays out because the next stories regarding this issue could get lengthy.

Glenda Nissen’s case against Pierce County was a landmark Washington State Supreme Court decision which allowed me to expose the various aspects of the infamous Cotton/Straub Affair because when I submitted my PRRs in that case I did so consistent with the Washington Supreme Court Decision in Nissen, other media did not.

Frank Straub

The Nissen vs Pierce County Case, actually is still ongoing, but only from standpoint of how much money Glenda Nissen is entitled to. As you can see from the media stories linked below Pierce County is still into it for a bunch of money.

Media throughout the State of Washington heralded the Washington Supreme Court’s decision in Nissen as a victory for open government and accountability. Even the Spokesman Review piped in.

Even the Washington State Attorney General who had filed a Friend of the Court Brief (Amicus Curiae) applaud the Court’s decision. So yes, Ozzie it would only make sense that I would contact the AG to get a PRA question answered.

With all of the PRRs, City, County, and State, that I have done since the Nissen case this is the first time I have had a government official refuse to provide a Nissen Affidavit. Ozzie Knezovich is refusing to provide one in response to my PRR to the County regarding his allegation that John Christina was cheating taxpayers out of money, and Ozzie’s allegation resulted in a heated confrontation between Christina and Knezovich which was witnessed by Mike Volz. The truth is each and every individual involved has provided me with a Nissen Affidavit EXCEPT OZZIE.

Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Haskell and the Board of County Commissioners, in the interest of transparency and open government provided me with one…but not Ozzie so go figure?

Haskell Christina PRR Nissen A

Haskell Christina PRR Nissen B

I of course have considerable evidence that Ozzie uses private electronic devices and email accounts to conduct public business and have only made just a very small portion of that evidence public, perhaps Ozzie’s problem.



And then again I did write these! 😊


I will continue to keep my readers informed how “HIGH STANDARDS + ACCOUNTABILITY = PROFESSIONALISM”