I’m glad to see Spokesman Review Columnist Shawn Vestal is keeping track of just how bad Mayor Condon and Chief Meidl’s newly established Lesser Use of Force Policy and the need for legitimate oversight of SPD actually is.


When you are very aware that the “Culture” at SPD is worse than it was after the cover-up of the Otto Zehm case and the subsequent conviction of  SPD Officer Karl Thompson and you review and bring to light all of the continuing problems with SPD one can easily conclude the reason those problems continue is that SPD leadership hasn’t changed the attitude they expressed during the Otto Zehm era. When Mayor David Condon bypassed everything and everyone to hire the very pliable Craig Meidl to lead SPD the handwriting was on the wall even though he was able to convince some people that he had seen the light and had changed since his very public and inexplicable admiration for his beloved mentor and friend Karl Thompson. The same is true for Major Kevin King who people should remember was not only the founder of the infamous “505” Facebook Page but also the lead on sales of those wristbands all the Cops wore in support of Karl Thompson. King of course was also instrumental in the exoneration of Dan Lesser and the establishment of the new Lesser Use of Force Policy.

Needless to say, I will be doing more stories on the new SPD Lesser Use of Force Policy and the extreme problems with the SPD Patrol Anti-Crime Team, but for now I just want to add a little more information to Shawn Vestal’s column.

To be perfectly clear even though I have received many of the Lesser case documents I requested way back on April 22, 2019 SPD has not fulfilled my request and now tell be that they won’t until sometime  “on or about December 2”, of course there will likely be yet another 30 delay beyond December 2, 2019 once we have a new Mayor.

Was there  cover-up of the Lesser case like there was in the Otto Zehm case? Well of course there was, SPD did not under any circumstances want the public to see the Body Worn Camera Video, and the only thing that got in their way of covering it up was the good Cops on SPD.

Shawn Vestal in his column documents the fact that Lt. Rob Boothe the SPD Use of Force Expert found the deployment of Lesser’s K9 out of policy as did Sgt. Wheeler, but here is the kicker Boothe went above and beyond his own assessment by asking IA Investigator Sgt. Everly to review the BWC Video and the Use of Force on 2/19/2019 because of Boothe’s concerns about a bias he might have due to his previous experience with Dan Lesser’s Use of Force issues. So, who caught on to the fact that IA was aware of the case on 2/19/2019 and didn’t inform him…none other than OPO Logue.

Yes, indeed IA knew on 2/19/2019, and yes IA knew on April 22, 2019 when I submitted my first Public Records Request…yet SPD said no such case existed.

Imaged below are the documents every member of the Public, and every Candidate for office should read, Mayor Condon, Chief Meidl, and Major King surely were hoping I would simply overlook these facts…it is a good thing OPO Logue didn’t.

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Interesting and perhaps accurate but that remains to be seen. I just wish Jess Walter would have come forward as he did in the Inlander piece when Mayor Condon orchestrated the political hiring of Frank Straub who significantly aided in the downward spiral of the Spokane Police Department a spiral which continues to this day. Straub of course was a very close friend of Rudy Giuliani and even worked for Giuliani at NYPD and in Giuliani’s private consulting firm. Aside from his very close relationship with Giuliani. Straub was also very close to, and worked for disgraced and convicted felon for taking bribes from the Mafia former NYPD Cop and later NYC Police Commissioner under Giuliani, Bernie Kerik. All of these facts were well known prior to Straub’s hiring and were provided to the local MSM but were completely downplayed and resulted in the very predictable outcome for the Citizens of Spokane.

Jess Walter ghost wrote Kerik’s memoir “The Lost Son”: A Life in Pursuit of Justice. There is no question in my mind that Walter was hoodwinked into believing Kerik was a great guy like many others were, until the truth came out about what Kerik really was and is something that is important to keep in mind about Politicians when you vote.



When Spokane went to the Strong Mayor form of government (Sometimes referred to as “Eugster’s Folly”) it was inevitable that cronyism and nepotism would play a big part in how Spokane is run, and there is no question Mayor David Condon has taken every advantage of that open door.

Young Mr. Walter’s endorsement of the Progressive folks I would consider predictable and may well be helpful to them, I have no problem with anyone endorsing anyone I just wish people would quit picking on us Boomers directly or obliquely, we aren’t completely at fault! 😊

Mr. Walter opines;

“The stealth campaigns of former TV anchor and mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward and city council presidential candidate Cindy Wendle remind me of those weak-mayor days, when the city elected figureheads and outsourced the real decision-making to the dining room of the Manito Country Club.”

He is probably just too young to know that the “outsourced real decision-making” previously took place at “The University Club” dining room atop the Ridpath Roof where all the “King Makers” gathered including Bill Cowles to make the real decisions.

It seems that no one is asking perhaps the most important question of the Mayoral Candidates and it is a simple one…”Who is going to help you run the City?”.



I think KXLY Melissa Luck and Taylor Graham and others at KXLY are doing a real good job on trying to document the Jonathan Andersen “catch and release” via court records, but the court records don’t tell the whole story and they never do. Having been made aware of the problems with the case immediately after Andersen was arrested for Murder I simply did more digging.


The KXLY story states this;

“Prosecutors, however, missed a 72-hour deadline to file charges and Andersen was released from jail without having to post bond. Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Haskell told 4 News Now that’s because his office was waiting on information from Spokane Police. When they finally got that info, it was a day too late.”

However, Public Records show otherwise. The truth is that Andersen was arrested on for the firearms charge on Friday April 12, 2019 around 3PM, the 72-hour rule excludes weekends and holidays. On Monday April 15, 2019 sometime prior to 2:21 PM Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tom Treppiedi had in his possession a charging request and PC Affidavit from SPD Officer Shane Oien. Oien had forgotten to include in his original charging request Andersen’s convictions that would have counted for First Degree Illegal Possession of a Firearm (Oien had included the charges in his search warrant affidavit);

* 2nd Burglary (2 counts) and Residential Burglary- conviction date 06/14/13

* 2nd Burglary- conviction date 11/19/08

* Residential Burglary – conviction date 02/09/06

* 2nd Assault – conviction date 05/26/05

On Monday April 15, 2019 at 2:21 PM Treppiedi sent an email to Oien in which Treppiedi stated “ As it is written, I can only charge 2nd UPF”, making it very clear that Treppiedi could have filed Felony Second Degree Unlawful Possession of a Firearm within the 72-hour restriction which would have held Andersen and later amend the charges upward to First Degree UPF, which happens often in the criminal justice system. Oien immediately responded to Treppiedi.

On Tuesday April 16, 2019 within the 72-hour restriction Oien prepared and signed under the penalty of perjury a PC Affidavit for charges of First Degree UPF against Andersen, which included the counters for First Degree UFP. The question is when did Treppiedi receive the amended PC Affidavit and what did he do with it.

This isn’t the first time the Prosecutors Office has accused SPD of not getting arrest paperwork and affidavits to them on time where someone was released and committed a heinous crime, the same thing happened when I was on the job which resulted in me having to write policy that all arrest affidavits and reports were required to be submitted to the Prosecutor well within the 72-hours and officers were required to obtain a signed, dated, and timed receipt from the Prosecutors office which alleviated the blame game and allowed the then strong SPD leadership to investigate exactly what happened as I have done here, determine whether or not SPD Officers were to blame and if they weren’t publicly call BS on a Prosecutor who blamed SPD, that type of leadership doesn’t exist today.


The digital records regarding when Oien submitted the charging affidavit would show when Treppiedi received it, but because there is a lack of accountability in the system and because there was a huge mistake in letting this guy out, the local criminal justice system will just hope it goes away, be forgotten  and no one will be held accountable.

Shortly after the Murder Jonathan Andersen became a prime suspect and people were talking.


Notice from the KXLY story above that the Murder Andersen is charged with took place on Sunday July 7th, 2019 around 4:30 PM. Prior to the Murder on July 5th, 2019 Marcy Smith the County Criminal Court Coordinator whose job it is to try and keep track of cases sends Treppiedi this what the hell is going on with this case email.

In Ms. Smith’s email she states that the information (PC Affidavit etc.) was filed on “ 4/18” which is one day beyond the 72-hour requirement, which begs the question if Treppiedi had Oien’s amended PC Affidavit on April 16th or 17th why it wasn’t filed with the Court when it was received.

I have provided links below to the Public Records I have obtained and if you read them you will find that there are a lot of interesting aspects to this case which I won’t get into at this point but include issues with SPD PACT, US Marshal Service, ATF, and DEA. You might note ATF Agent Mario Piergallini’s interest in taking the case and Assistant US Attorney Patrick Cashman’s request to talk to Treppiedi about the case.




I did reach out to Cashman and got the good old “no comment” but I’m not a pretty face like the KXLY gals so maybe they would have better luck? 😊

There is no question Andersen is a bad guy and never should have been released, as long as the system is made up of Humans there will always be problems and when those problems occur they need to be scrutinized, corrected, and someone must be held accountable. 


“4 News Now reached out to Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich for comment, as he often weighs in when criminals are released on low bond or on their own recognizance. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said the sheriff won’t comment, as this is still an active investigation.”

This story should pretty well explain why Ozzie kept his mouth shut this time! 😊

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Trust me on this folks. People on the “Shea List”, or anyone concerned about being tracked, should consider buying one of these. I know from experience it is a pain in the rear to crawl underneath a vehicle to attach or remove a GPS Tracking Device especially in the winter so one of these would be very helpful if you want to check your vehicle for trackers.

If you do find one make sure you DM SR Reporter Chad Sokol, because I would love to read that story.

One thing to keep in mind is if you do locate a tracker on your vehicle and before you accuse the Shea Crew, you want photograph it in place, be very careful removing the tracker use gloves to preserve finger prints and so your own don’t show up on the device, prior to contacting Chad Sokol or Law Enforcement try and determine the brand to make sure it isn’t a law enforcement tracking device, or just an over the counter model. If you are able to determine it is a law enforcement device I would contact a lawyer first if I were you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes even the high-end law enforcement trackers fall off the vehicle, so it is also a good idea to check the cartilage around your home and driveway to make sure one hasn’t fallen off your vehicle as was the case here. As you can see you may be interrogated by law enforcement if they think you stole their tracker…so be careful.

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