Obviously, I must have hurt someone’s feelings or someone is afraid of some of the things I post on Facebook because now I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get my FB page back. It is true I am not Carrol O’Connor but gosh he passed in 2001 so you would think FB would realize his photo was a parody on my Curmudgeonist ideology, and I sure as heck do not look like Donald Trump as my passport and driver’s license clearly demonstrate, so I wonder how long it will take to get my FB page back, or if I ever will.

I don’t think the Feds would shut me down even though I know they have been aware of problems with SPD PACT for several years and I can’t help it if SPD Lt. Dave Staben thinks DEA Agent Mark Haige is not an honest fellow, or that AUSA Stephanie Van Marter apparently has known about issues with SPD PACT for several years, it ain’t my fault folks I just report the facts. Maybe someone should contact me before the big meeting next week and see what I know?

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Or just another case of a former TV Anchor reading from a script she was provided.

OPO Logue explains the necessity for transparency by SPD in this video, however the video was made prior to Mayor Woodward and the City Council’s approval of the Guild Contract which completely muzzles the OPO.

With the new Guild Contract negotiations going on now it might be predictable that Mayor Woodward and the City Council will agree to muzzle the OPO even further so when the Brooks/Lesser/Wallette investigation is complete he will not be able to tell “The whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

One thing the OPO can do is not “Certify” an IA Case until they believe all the facts have been gathered and investigated including for example the SPD PACT and Officer Brooks and Scott Lesser’s use of the  Push-To-Talk (PTT)  communications application “ZELLO.”

I have received information that as a matter of routine the former SPD PACT deleted ZELLO communications quickly to avoid having to produce them so if SPD tells the OPO they have been deleted the OPO might consider requiring them to have a forensic analysis conducted.

Having done my share of Internal Criminal and Administrative Investigations I found this these email exchanges between myself and Julie Humphreys the Public Safety Communication Manager I really have to question the City and SPD’s rhetoric about transparency and concerns for allegations of untruthfulness against SPD Officers.

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It is difficult to keep up with all the calls and messages asking questions, so I’ll do it this way and provide supporting documents.

1) How long has Chief Meidl known there was a problem with SPD PACT?

    Answer: Several years.

2) How long has the US Attorney’s Office known there was a problem?

    Answer: Several years.

3) Will Chief Meidl or the US Attorney do anything?

   Answer: At this point it doesn’t look like they will do much with Winston Brooks and Scott Lesser based upon emails it appears Meidl is just going to review the “investigative process” and the US Attorney’s Office is just going to put on another class.

4) Can any agency do something about what is going on?

   Answer: Sure Meidl could farm out a Criminal Investigation to another agency and then conduct an “Administrative Investigation”, or he could do his own Criminal Investigation with a parallel “Administrative Investigation” but that choice is fraught with problems from the Public’s perspective.

The local US Attorney could ask the FBI to investigate but because of their involvement in the cases it might be a conflict so it is unlikely unless Main Justice steps in.

Yes, the Spokane County Prosecutor has a number of options other than just putting someone on his Brady List but he would have to put a quick stop to any SPD Administrative Investigation where Officers are compelled to testify under Garrity.

Yes, Mayor Woodward could direct Meidl to have an outside agency conduct an investigation, however that is very unlikely.

No, there isn’t much the OPO can do and even if he could the Guild Contract prevents him from saying anything.

Yes, the City Council could do the same thing they did at my suggestion regarding the Cotton/Straub Affair, but they have other things on their minds.

Yes, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission via the State AG could conduct an investigation if they received a complaint.

I have no idea where this is headed, but a long history shows likely nowhere.

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With Officers Winston Brooks and Scott Lesser.

Most of the predictions down at SPD are that history will repeat itself and Winston Brooks (A former GU basketball player) and Scott Lesser since they are both considered “Golden Boys” won’t get much of anything in the way of discipline, maybe just a “Bad Boy Letter” in their files despite a long history of questions regarding their veracity and having reviewed many SPD IA Cases where an Officer’s honesty has come into question the prediction could be right on.

One of the very important things any law enforcement agency must decide before initiating an internal investigation is whether or not the possibility of criminal charges exist. Chief Craig Meidl has pointed out several times that proper protocol is to not get into an internal investigation until the criminal investigation is completed.

As Chief Meidl well knows the reason the criminal case should be concluded first is if there is the slightest bit of evidence a crime may have been committed doing an IA Investigation first could easily ruin a subsequent criminal case and especially if Officers are compelled to provide statements in the IA Case (Garrity) because there is a real good chance even inculpatory statements made by Officers in an IA Case can’t be used in a criminal case and the “Fruits of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine” comes into play.

The question with respect to the issues involving Brooks and Lesser is whether or not their conduct could possibly be criminal in nature and if so should a criminal case precede or run parallel to an IA case. State and Federal Law dealing with the possible issues are pretty clear in my view.

As a general rule when there is a possibility of criminal conduct on the part of an SPD Officer they are placed on “Administrative Leave” which only Chief Meidl can make a decision regarding.

According to SPD’s Communications Manager Julie Humphreys neither Brooks nor Scott Lesser are on Administrative Leave which may provide some insight as far as predictions go.

There are people wondering whether or not some of the previous allegations regarding the veracity of Officers Brooks and Scott Lesser will be considered as a part of any investigation including a few regarding their testimony in Federal Court that resulted in cases be dismissed including the Tvar Jackson case which former SPD PACT Commander David Staben mentions in his affidavit.

I’m not doing to get into all of the information I have but here is a smidgen of just some that might help folks with their predictions and it is important to note that documents indicate some Federal Agents weren’t too happy with the work of Brooks and Scott Lesser.

As far as my prediction is concerned as to whether SPD or The Feds do anything about the “Shady Shit”, I’m waiting until the Vegas Odds are set.

I should add when all this mess comes to some kind of an end if OPO Logue does make a “Closing Report” it might be interesting despite how muzzled he is.

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