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There is a long-held standard in the world of sports that for the team to succeed you have to get rid of individuals who aren’t team players, have a grandiose view of themselves, and could care less about any objective other than their own agenda. This type of individual is often referred to as a cancer, whether, in the locker room, on the field of play, or away from the team it’s always the same symptoms. The simple fact is, not removing or eliminating the cancer on a team is just like fighting the disease itself, cancer spreads, and once it has spread too far the fate is inevitable.

The Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, which theoretically is supposed to work as a team with the Office of Police Ombudsman haven’t been much of a team since their inception, the fact is as I have reported earlier, OPOC Chair Debra Conklin has caused so much dissension on the team, not only because of her disdain for OPO Bart Logue, but her involvement in other things as well including sticking her nose into the Civil Service process which prohibits her right hand gal, confidant, and operative Martha Huseman from continuing in Huseman’s role as OPOC Coordinator after Huseman failed the Civil Service typing test not once but twice that her actions and conduct can easily be compared with that of Rachel Dolezal. I honestly can’t figure out how anyone could conclude that because Huseman could not pass a civil service exam, and was therefore not qualified for the position, could possibly be make the Civil Service process “sexist”.

As I reported earlier, Conklin was not reappointed by the City Council when her term expired September, 15, 2017, one obvious sign that the City Council knows exactly what has been going on. Of course, when Conklin was asked to resign, she refused even though any reasonable, non-self-serving person who truly believed in good police oversight would have done so for the good of the oversight mission.


The usual blame game has gone on where no one wants to except responsibility for getting the cancer cut out and the likely next move of passing the Chair to someone else simply shows a grasping for straws mentality while trying to find a way keep on with an agenda driven self-serving plan. Is it the Mayor’s job, the City Council’s job, the rest of the OPOC members job, just whose job, is it? Is it the lack of a well-defined removal process in the OPOC Ordinance and the City Code of Ethics which would be the purview of the Mayor?

Perhaps it would be a good time to remind the Mayor of the demands I had for settlement of my PRR Lawsuit against the City and how adamant I was that this was included.

Failure to Produce Public Records

It isn’t like the majority of City Government, some local reporters, SPD, and a few community folks haven’t known about the dysfunction that has been going on for some time, as an example:

Smith StrattonMF Email Smith


How long you ask?

Richter 1Richter 2


These are just two of several emails regarding Conklin that have been circulating around City Hall, and the email interaction between Council Members Beggs, Kinnear, and Conklin dating back some time are in some cases laughable at best.

What say you Council Members Kinnear and Beggs?

Do the City Council fear political ramifications from Conklin’s followers to bring forth have a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE?

Does the Mayor simply want to distance himself, sit back, and watch the Liberal side of City Government fail to act in his “National Model of Police Oversight”?

Who’s bright idea was it to try and force Logue to become the scapegoat by trying to get him to complain about something others knew full well about? Does anyone down there at City Hall remember the Cotton/Straub Fiasco and what that costs the Citizens of Spokane?

Sanders to Logue




Once again, with the new US Attorney General’s new policy of staying out of Police Oversight the baton is passed to the Locals, and if local oversight is dysfunctional what bloody good is it.

The full court press is on to find a replacement for Conklin to try and save some embarrassment from her refusal to step down, the question is, will the next choice be ideology, bias, and agenda driven or just plain Citizen Jane or Joe with the ability to put any bias or agenda aside and do what is best for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY?

Coddingto Press release


The truth, no matter how hard to take or how embarrassing, is the only route to healing!







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Conklin ban men in suits - Copy


As an update to my earlier story today I just received this from Brian Coddington in my Media Email Folder.

Media Release OPOC Position


The backstory to all of this is typical HSS (Hilarious Spokane Stuff), needless to say and as expected the “Nasty Women Born in January” refused to quietly resign and fade into the sunset. So how long she stays on the OPOC is a question mark. As soon as someone else is appointed she legally has to be gone from the OPOC, or if no one steps up to the plate she can cause havoc until 90 days after September 15th, 2017 which is when her term ended.


In the meantime, I’ll just be sitting back waiting for my PRRs.




Nasty Women


Trust me, the Spokane Police Guild as well as the Lieutenants and Captains Association didn’t underestimate anything when they agreed to a contract clause that established the Office of Police Ombudsman Commission for Mayor Condon’s “National Model of Police Oversight”.

Yup, the Unions knew full well that any civilian review commission or board would end up exactly like they all have in the past, a political quagmire with an inability to accomplish anything, and yes folks that is exactly where the OPOC and the OPO are today, in a political quagmire where the Mayor, and City Council can’t figure out how to get rid of OPOC Chair Debra Conklin despite a number of complaints about her conduct and attempts to completely dominate an oversight panel in the interest of forwarding her own agenda and ideology.

In the case of Rachel Dolezal fear of alienating the African American Community prevented movement on the part of the politicians to do the right thing, and we all know what great national headlines that resulted in. In the case of her replacement Chair Debra Conklin some politicians are in great fear of alienating Debra Conklin’s very Liberal followers and a voting block they need to get re-elected.

Documents which include electronic interaction between Conklin and Councilpersons paint the ugly picture, as does other communications responsive to my Public Records Request which I submitted back in May 2017 and have yet to receive.

Conklin’s disdain for OPO Bart Logue is very well known throughout City Hall as well as among many of Conklin’s followers. Her disdain for Logue likely not only stems from his military background but also from the fact the Conklin was unable to get her guy Canadian Raheel Humayun the job.






“Commission chair Deb Conklin said offering interim ombudsman Bart Logue the permanent job would run counter to the city ordinance, but that he will be encouraged to apply.”



Conklin’s demeanor during the OPOC meetings when discussion turned to re-opening the search for an OPO when her guy couldn’t get a US Visa and her statement that only “Second Tier” candidates would apply pretty much says it all… she considered Logue who was interim OPO at the time “Second Tier”, despite the fact that both Mayor Condon and Council President Stuckart recommended the OPOC hire Logue.



In character when it comes to law and ordinances, including the Public Records Act, Conklin wanted to tweak the OPO Ordinance to get her guy Humayun the job.

“Commission Chairwoman Deb Conklin suggested tweaking Humayun’s visa application and having him apply again at the Canadian border, an action recommended by an immigration attorney who has consulted with the commission.”



Even though Logue was eventually appointed to the OPO job, when Conklin figured out his appointment was inevitable she of course still got her shot in at Logue by articulating her preference for MacConnell… no surprise there!


“Four commissioners voted unanimously to offer Logue the job, though before the vote, commission chair Deb Conklin said she thought the other candidate, former Phoenix police officer Jacquelyn MacConnell, was stronger.”

“She’s a person who comes with a lot of creativity and energy and a willingness to think outside the box,” Conklin said.



So, What’s the Latest?


As the email exchange below clearly demonstrates Logue has decided to take the high road in the interest of trying to not make Spokane Police Oversight a complete joke.

PRR and me to Logue 1PRR and me to Logue 2Logue response me ask for clarifyLogue Clarification my response


I have lots more coming on this issue including the requirements set forth in the Nissen v Pierce County case where the Washington State Supreme Court directed the Pierce County Prosecutor to obtain transcripts via his carrier Version and turn them over to Pierce County. What say you Mr. Ormsby?

Nissen image


About the only thing Debra Conklin and I have in common is we were both born in January, and admittedly although I can be “Nasty” at times, I think I’m more of a Curmudgeon than just outright “Nasty”. Having said that, I did try and find an image of a t-shirt that said “Never Underestimate A Nasty Man Who Was Born In January” to include with this story but I was unable to find one so if anyone has one please pass it along! 😊