If I’m not mistaken that is only the second lawyer to have gained such notoriety.

The basket keeps getting filled more and more as time moves on. So far, a bunch of retired cops, a couple of lawyers one of whom is a State Legislator, at least one motorcycle club member, and of course a “Citizen Journalist” kind of a diverse group if you ask me.




“For the citizens of this county to understand this case, we can’t have an attorney cherry picking pieces of evidence trying to make everybody believe something that did not happen,” Knezovich said. “If he’s going to do that, let’s produce all the evidence, let’s go to trial and people can see what happened in this case.”

“If that bumper had made contact with Ryan’s head you would expect blood and or saliva on that bumper, and there was none,” Knezovich said.

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says the DNA information is not new. It’s in the Spokane Police Detectives report dated July 2014.


Yes, Ozzie we talked about Carr’s strange report remember?


Remember Oz, Carr tried to pass the DNA off as “transfer” from someone else at the scene. “Cellular DNA is of course skin. Maybe the DNA could have been explained away by the County at trial, if there had been one, as Ryan Holyk being a heavy “shedder”?


***I think Maurer probably made Ozzie’s Basket back in July of 2015, but the news of a settlement in the Holyk Case had to solidify his inclusion.


Inlander Story:


During a news conference announcing the settlement, Knezovich praised the law enforcement investigations into the accident.

“Every ounce of evidence that was used on either side of this issue came from those investigations,” he says, referring to those completed by the Spokane Police Department and the Washington State Patrol. “It was very thorough, very detailed. … I believe that is what ultimately led to this case being resolved rather than it going to trial. The evidence consistently showed that Joe Bodman was not the causal effect.”

Maurer does not agree.

“Sheriff Knezovich has attempted to distort the truth and mislead the public about Ryan’s death and the police investigations from the start, and it’s clear he will do so to the very end,” Maurer says. “There is absolutely no credibility for anybody to assert that the truth came out because of law enforcement’s investigations. The truth came out because my clients had the fortitude to litigate this case and shed light on the facts.”

Leading up to the settlement, police investigators either downplayed or missed crucial details, and ultimately concluded that Bodman’s SUV missed hitting Holyk by about a foot. Months later, a closer look from an independent forensic investigator revealed that conclusion was likely wrong. 

***The WSP investigation specifically stated that “No DNA or fabric was found.” (Strange That???) 

***Knezovich, for his part, says would have preferred to go to trial for the wrongful death suit.

(I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that same song and dance!!!)


Spokesman Review Story:


“We’re talking about the death of a young boy,” Maurer said. “What was important to them was an acknowledgment that Deputy Bodman’s vehicle struck Ryan. It took years of litigation to finally get the Sheriff and the county to capitulate that that in fact did happen.”

Maurer accused Knezovich of misleading the public about what happened that night, including the sheriff’s insistance for months that Bodman’s car never hit Holyk.

Welcome Aboard Mr. Mauer!!




  1. I appreciate your calling truth to power as there is so few that dare speak up against these good old boys have had free range for too long, and have the local press have been the lap dog who won’t bite their master provider of there “Due Diligence”.

    I was set up plain and simple. Whats worse is Rob Cossey contacted me and offered to defend me and then worked to my detriment. Forgetting to tell me he was representing Bodman, and running the “investigation” too.

    Matt Buckland didn’t do what he said he did, and that can be confirmed by the video of Charlie P’s side yard. Funny how that Video was cut short at 22:30 Hours, and wouldn’t show the arrival at 10:31 of R-52. That has to be Matt Buckland.

    I have been slandered and treated like shit, and tortured by the people who were suppose to protect me. I have enough round the clock surveillance now days by God only knows agencies to keep another bogus bust. They were willing to kill my mother off to further their agenda and lies, and must have thought they were going to get away with it.

    I figure that my only protection is keeping on trying to be loud enough to people who will listen, with the hope of breaking past the of of lies this conspiracy furthers.

    Deputy Momon took pictures of me that Monique in her powerpoint that show the crack of my ass. With the caption “No Wittiness Have Come Forward That Say They Actually Saw The Accident. They even kept the original Powerpoint File and its revisions data from the WSP.

    Monique Cotten had to be in the loop, and coordinated the release to be timed with my arrests. There has to be links. I would appreciate any PDR files you have concerning Texts and emails, from her.

    They promoted that SOB Carr to Sargent of IA, so WTF. I wish the Holyk’s would have taken it to trial, but oh well. I should have made a PDR a long time ago, but the one that I did caused anther charge being brought against me allegedly breaking another no contact order from six months earlier.

    I don’t lie, and am not delusional or paranoid. But you didn’t have to be paranoid to have people to be out to get you. I figure that there has to be good people out there that give a shit, and figure your one of them. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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