This is an update to some of my previous stories regarding all the problems in the Spokane County Jail.

For some reason the local MSM hasn’t paid much attention to all the problems associated with our Spokane County Jail even though those problems have a direct bearing on some of the stories regarding the Spokane Criminal Justice System MESS we have!

This whole battle got started when Sheriff Knezovich after threatening some former female detention staff who complained publicly about Ozzie, his close friend Phil Tyler, and Detention Director John McGrath.

When Ozzie requested an investigation into the matter Lawyer Michelle Fossum was hired to investigate the issue, and that investigation didn’t turn out too well for Ozzie, Phil, or John as she somewhat documented problems during the time Ozzie was in charge of the jail, John McGrath was Ozzie’s choice to run the jail for him, and of course we all know about City Council President Candidate Phil Tyler’s long history of problems.

You Can read the First Fossum Report at this link:


I have to admit when I see something like this in a Consultant’s recommendations, I get a smile on my face, but it worked for Ms. Fossum, she got the next job! 😊

Since I have real good sources regarding what is going on with the Jail problems I was able to obtain a copy of the most recent Fossum Report regarding the Sparber allegation against McGrath long before I would have gotten it from the County, and you can read it at this link:


This is still a developing story…actually it has been developing for a long time…and there will be lots more to come. The big question at this point is will the BoCC fire McGrath as Ozzie would like to see happen and then have to defend a lawsuit by McGrath’s very competent Lawyer Mary Schultz or will McGrath be able to hang in there.

As a side note, I hope Daniel Walters from the Inlander reads this in order to gain an understanding that sometimes even “cantankerous” former cops have real good sources! 😊


When I finally do get a response to my PRR regarding this matter, I sure as heck hope Michelle Fossum did a better job of documenting her interviews then she did last time.



This Daniel Walters Inlander story regarding the homeless problem here in Spokane got me to thinking…I know…that can be a bad thing…right?


But having lived in Spokane all my life and being a taxpayer I thought it would only be right to try and come up a solution especially since I as an individual taxpayer have contributed my fair share to such great projects as shortening the walk for College kids to get back and forth to school while at the same time assisting businesses and developers in the east Sprague corridor, the “re-development” of Riverfront Park, the “beautification”of the Downtown Gateway, and even the spiffy new Monroe Street Project, to say nothing of what could be the renewal of Albi Stadium if the School Board decision stays and no one files a lawsuit just to name a few.

Here is a great option…from my perspective anyway! 😊

Our Progressive City Council folks who have a 6-1 majority should instead of trying to make great theater by chaining themselves in front of City Hall could easily vote to re-instate the Business and Occupation Tax here in Spokane, like the City Council did back in 1971 which was used to fund EXPO 74 and would easily provide for financing of many homeless shelters. Certainly,reinstating a B&O tax would take some fortitude especially when you consider that some of our CC folks are running for election and re-election and doing so would cause them to suffer the wrath of the affluent Downtown Power Structure and because a B&O tax is always passed on to consumers a large number of voters wouldn’t be the least bit happy.

This link will give you some idea of what would happen if the CC actually wanted to find solutions for the homeless problem.


You’re right, the Downtown Power Structure who do a majority of the complaining about the problems associated with homelessness would complain like a son of a gun if they had to pay a B&O Tax, and of courseone would expect an editorial from the Cowles family dissing a B&O tax and which in turn would probably lead to a non-endorsement by the SR and undoubtedly a political quagmire the CC would not want to face.


Needless to say, some folks after reading this story will classify me as a heartless old Curmudgeon who has no sympathy whatsoever for the plight of the homeless, but we members of the Curmudgeonist Party are quite used to false accusations and will continue to try and find solutions for all the problems we face in Spokane.