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It looks like two members of Ozzie’s handpicked Citizen’s Advisory / Review Board (CAB) are in a bit of a pickle when it comes to the CAB Ethics Code, the Public Disclosure Commission, and maybe some of we Citizens of The City of Spokane for using OUR time and resources in a Political Campaign, whether Citizens of the City of Spokane Valley will give a rip or not is another question.

This story is developing, and it is something I received information on back in July but haven’t had a chance to work on.

The Players:

1) Robert West a friend of Sheriff Ozzie’s who works as a Clerk in the Spokane Municipal Probation Department along with one of his daughters Misty Griffith a Probation Officer in the same Department.


Robert West



*** For those that don’t know Robert West is well known in the Criminal Justice Community, as somewhat of a wannabe Cop.

2) Brandi Peetz, another daughter of Robert West’s, friend of Ozzie’s and a former 911 Operator who is a Candidate for a City of Spokane Valley Council Position. Ozzie of course endorses Peetz a Democrat in that race.

Brandi Peetz


3) Peetz’s election opponent Caleb Collier.

4) Howard F. Delaney Court Administrator for City of Spokane Municipal Court who would have to know about the complaints made against West.

5) Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, of course.

6) The City of Spokane Human Resources Department.

7) The Mayor and City Council.

Can we expect the Mayor and City Council to do much about this issue since it directly involves possible PDC, City Ethics Code Violations, and maybe more? With trying to figure out what to do about the purchase of Rifle Suppressors, a dysfunctional OPOC/OPO, and other things who really knows? Should they do something…hell yes!


Should I make a complaint to the PDC, as has been suggested and would take the Mayor and City Council off the hook for doing something? At this point someone else can take that lead.

Should Ethical Ozzie do something about his friends West and Peetz? Well sure… but since he has endorsed Brandi Peetz and it makes his handpicked CAB look bad… will he? Besides he is afraid of anyone who brings the truth forward and he likely has a lawsuit on his hands for his arrest of Scott Maclay one of his nemeses along with Matt Shea, at the services for Freeman Shooting victim and Hero Sam Strahan, the charges having been dismissed, and although the story hasn’t been reported in other media, it will be later here. So Ethical Ozzie probably has too much on his plate including all the concerns he has about evacuation of the entire City of Spokane.

Ozzie email


***Let’s clear some things up before we hear the good ole “There ain’t no evidence!” thingy. There is plenty above and beyond the anonymous letter set to Collier, here is just one example:

Hit Up


***Let’s also be clear about this as well! Caleb Collier DID NOT provide me with the anonymous letter until I specifically asked him for it on Oct 12, 2017 12:26 PM long after I had independently investigated the matter.