This is a follow-up story to my previous story linked below.


Well over two years ago I received information from sources that former SPD Lt. Dave McCabe received Special Treatment from the City of Spokane and the Spokane Police Department after he bilked taxpayers out of a considerable amount of money when he became addicted to opiates and forged documents associated with his addiction. The Special Treatment sources were referring to was that unlike the average Citizen McCabe was never charged with a crime, his conduct was never reported to the Spokane County Prosecutor for inclusion on the Prosecutors “Brady List” and SPD was making every effort to keep the facts associated with the case from the Public.

Ever since I was asked to get to the facts of the “Cotton/Straub Affair” and did so, I receive information from sources who want the Public to know the truth and expect me to look into their information something the local MSM don’t do for some reason and the McCabe case is but one example.

The City of Spokane will battle tooth and nail to keep embarrassing facts from the Public eye, and especially if those facts provide some insight into the Culture associated with Mayor Nadine Woodward’s Administration including her Police Department, something I have experience since I started this Gig.

Looking into the McCabe case has demonstrated just how far Woodward’s Administration is willing to go to hide the facts and includes a “Declaration” signed under the penalty of perjury by City Attorney Michael Ormsby.

Ormsby’s under oath declaration was made in response to my appeal to City Hearing Examiner Brian McGinn of this redaction in the McCabe IA report.

As you can clearly see Ormsby emphatically denies under oath that he as City Attorney makes criminal charging decisions (“I do not make criminal charging decisions.)

Certainly, the position of the Spokane Police Department is contrary to Ormsby’s statement under oath.

What is even more telling in my mind is Hearing Examiner Brian McGinn’s statement in his decision that the City of Spokane’s redactions were proper wherein he stated, “The e-mails in question are not subject to disclosure on the grounds that they constitute or are related to a prosecutorial decision.”

To me at least it seems clear that City Attorney Michael Ormsby did in fact make a decision not to prosecute McCabe although he denies doing so under oath. Another question that comes to mind is whether or not City Attorney Ormsby violated the Lawyers Rules of Professional Conduct, and or the City of Spokane Ethics Code something that I feel is very troubling.

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