For a City Council that isn’t “unnerved” that Spokane might be declared a “Sanctuary City” I find it a bit odd that their City Council Website provides a link asking the question “Is Spokane A Sanctuary City?”





The link goes directly to the SPD IA Webpage, which of course links some of the Policy and Procedures I addressed here, as well as some data which might give some insight into just how big a problem SPD Cops confronting undocumented people might be…that is if you take a careful look.






What is missing, for some reason, from the City Council’s Webpage is this, which makes Cops, or anyone in City employment, asking people their immigration status against City Law, a fact which will make or break President Trump’s retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly’s decision to declare Spokane a “Sanctuary City,” and the possible loss of a pot full of Federal Bucks for Spokane. Which of course begs the question… “If everything was hunky dory in the first place what the hell was the Ordinance for?”



I’m kind of wondering exactly who they are trying to fool, certainly not me, and even though I’m no expert I am somewhat familiar with what the Feds have in the way of resources to check on things especially public comments people have made and the background of issues. This one was BIG, with both sides battling it out.







Another thing I’m sure of is that calling the head honcho of any organization in public a “misogynist” and “rapist” isn’t going to get you a raise, and might not be a good thing to have done if a City is looking for some Federal Money.

Maybe it is a good time for some people to start taking care of stuff at home instead of trying to be a player on the National Stage… admit it was a mistake and dump the damn Ordinance.









Unfortunately for the GOOD ones, they/we must rely on HUMANS to decide if they are GOOD or BAD, and it isn’t like humans never make mistakes.

My parents and grandparents were good ones, Dad even fought in the Pacific during WWII because he loved this Country. I sure am glad they immigrated here and decided to bring another American into this world.

I’ve been lucky in my life experience because most my involvement with immigrants, undocumented people, illegals, or whatever you want to call them, except for a couple of murder cases and one client, has been darn positive.

If everyone had an opportunity to spend some time in war torn places like this, they might get at least some understanding of how badly both good and bad humans want to come here and live.


I can guarantee from personal experience that both the good and the bad will go to great lengths to get out and really you can’t blame either of them.

A volunteer stint with AmeriCorps brought me into contact with some great undocumented kids working hard at getting their degrees at a local University. She stands out because she really didn’t know what to do once she received her degree because she couldn’t work in the US. What was interesting about her was that the people paying for her education were the people who she and her mother and father had worked for many years which, at least for me, demonstrated that at least some of the folks that employ undocumented people aren’t always the heartless bastards they are sometimes made out to be. I couldn’t offer her much help other than to suggest a good immigration lawyer.

As is the case for many families here in the US, “The Buff Family” got bigger when my grandson Marine while stationed at Camp Pendleton fell in love with one of those beautiful Latino gals that came across as a fourteen-year-old by herself to get away from a bad situation and at least some opportunity to better herself. Making the right moves to make sure the Feds didn’t grab her before the marriage was not a treat. We absolutely love this gal who has since provided us with two beautiful great grandchildren, just recently got her GED, and thanks to help from the Marine Corps and others is on a path to US Citizenship. Aside from being a wonderful person she is also a great cook which certainly helps, and if you think you get real Mexican food in Mexican restaurants you should think again. I am having one major problem with my grandson’s wife though, I’m having one hell of a time convincing her that it was the Irish that discovered Mexico…for some reason she ain’t buying it.

So, what is my position regarding the most recent hot topic concerning President Trump’s efforts to keep the Bad out and let the Good in?

The simple answer is, because we have humans involved in every aspect, to coin a good old military acronym… SNAFU!!!



Since yesterday’s story regarding the “Sanctuary City” issue several people have asked my opinion regarding why the easily obtainable facts in the story were not brought out in the local Mainstream Media.


The truth is, I honestly don’t have an answer. I personally felt they were important facts that needed pointing out and chose to do so to help folks be more informed on the issue. Why other media didn’t feel the need to set the record straight is a question they would have to answer, and not me.

The primary theory expressed by my Liberal friends was that the local MSM is under financed and understaffed to the point that they don’t have the time to do much fact checking. I agree with that to a certain extent.

The primary theory expressed by my Conservative friends is that local reporters and editors are all Liberal and digging into the facts wouldn’t help their agenda. I don’t know that I necessarily agree with that, but certainly when you research their social media accounts it would be easy to draw the conclusion they do, for the most part, have a Liberal bent.

A relatively consistent theory from both sides of the equation was that presenting stories in a particular way helps the clicks which are of paramount importance for selling advertisements. I certainly think that has become true in today’s world especially since more and more print media organizations have seen a considerable downturn in actual newspaper sales and have opted for a strong internet presence as an alternative.

To be perfectly clear this blog is not dependent on clicks, advertising, or subject to editorial review. The only agenda present here is to get the facts and the truth out with absolutely NO CONSIDERATION of a political ideology.

To sum it up…DON’T ASK ME, ASK THEM!!!