Jimmy Marks City Hall

Even for those who take little stock in supernatural Gypsy (Tinker if you are Irish) Curses, when you look at what has transpired over the years with the City of Spokane one really has to wonder if there isn’t something there.

One of the more recent fiascos as far as City of Spokane governance is concerned is the chasm that has developed between Progressive Councilwoman Kate Burke and other members of the City Council, including like-minded Progressives.

Adding to the chasm were these Spokesman Review story, which appears to be the product of a leak by someone who has little or no love for Councilwoman Kate Burke.

What is interesting about Chad Sokol’s May 14th, 2018 story regarding the “tense” City Council meeting is that his story originally mentioned that the subject of the Cease and Desist Letters (Shawn Kingsbury), was Council Women Karen Stratton’s nephew. Stratton had to make a Facebook Post correcting the mistake before it was removed from the SR Story.

Stratton not my nephew

The facts are that Shawn Kingsbury is not Stratton’s nephew, but is a distant relative, and that distance in my opinion would have no bearing on the issue, but it is a clear indication that both sides are playing the media game.



The Contract:

The AGC Program sure seems to be something good but could run into problems if this issue gets in the way.

The C&D Letters:

The Cease and Desist Letters seem to open a Pandora’s box of problems for Councilwoman Burke, the City Council, and City Taxpayers.

Witherspoon 1


Campbell 1Witherspoon 2


Campbell 2

The letters appear to imply that both Mr. Kingsbury and Associated General Contractors are considering legal action against Councilwoman Burke as well as the deep pocket City of Spokane who would have to indemnify Ms. Burke.

Some of the things that strike me in the Witherspoon-Kelley letter are that it appears based upon this statement in the letter; “These statements are categorically untrue.  Any of Mr. Kingsbury’s sexual relationships have been I00% consensual.”, there were sexual relationships with women related to Kingsbury’s Washington State 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation “Pura Vida Recovery” which deals with individuals in the addiction recovery process who could possibly be considered vulnerable.

The Campbell-Bissell letter specifically states; “Out of an abundance of caution, and despite the fact your allegations do not implicate Mr. Kingsbury’s conduct as an apprenticeship instructor, the AGC will conduct an investigation, but obviously this will be limited to his scope of employment with the AGC.”

I understand limiting the scope of Inland Northwest Associated General Contractors (AGC) investigation to Kingsbury’s scope of employment with them but at this point the public and apparently the City Council doesn’t know the extent of the “investigation” and whether or not it was fair, complete, and without bias. Something the City Council has every right to look into.

So far, the only evidence of any investigation I have been able to come up with is this letter provided to the City Council from a group of women describing themselves as “The Magnificent Seven”, if that is all there is it is troubling.

The Magnificent Seven


 The Business:

Sec of State Pura Vida


The Individual:

Shawn Kingsbury Founder


The Alliance:

Associated General Contractors, a group well known for their support of Conservative Causes and Conservative Candidates, hired longtime Political Activist and Candidate Judith Gilmore, as their Grant Program Coordinator for their Apprenticeship Headstart to the Construction Trades Program.

Judith Gilmore was for a time involved with the Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic and it appears based upon this email she is using her dispute resolution prowess to try and resolve the Kingsbury issue.

Stuckart email


*** Stuckart Email Attachment


So, what’s next? Probably nothing given all the political intrigue involved and back stabbing going on. I have to wonder if anyone has actually ever interviewed Mr. Kingsbury’s alleged victims…I’ve tried via someone who says they have talked to them…but to no avail.










Tyler Adv Northtown Auto

My Memorial Day Weekends are generally spent thinking about many of my buddies and family who have passed on, but this Memorial Day Weekend turned out to be a little different because when I opened my email today I found something that quite frankly pissed me off.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t in the least bit object to Northtown Auto Liquidators, LLC donating a portion of their sales to the very worthy organization Veterans Community Response and offering a deal to Vets.

My objection is to using Ozzie Knezovich’s close friend Phil Tyler as the Pitchman given that although Tyler would like to try and take advantage of “Veteran Owned Business” status he was not Honorably Discharged from the United States Air Force, and in fact received a General Discharge resulting from an Article 15 Domestic Violence Issue.

Tyler Vet Owned Business

Tyler Testimonials

Admittedly, I’m no marketing expert but I’m at a lose as to how using Tyler as a Pitchman would benefit VCR or Northwest Auto Liquidators given his well-publicized history.

I seriously doubt that any of the women who have given statements during the Fossum Investigation about Knezovich and Tyler would be impressed with the Pitch, and even some Vets if they knew the history might feel the same way, to say nothing of the folks who have tried to distance themselves from Tyler since some of the truth stated to come out… but then again, I’m no marketing expert.

In most cases I would include this story in the Hilarious Spokane Stuff (HSS) category but on this Memorial Day Weekend I find nothing Hilarious about this!!!