Captain John McGrath A

Captain John McGrath B


About eleven months ago I published the story linked below and have linked it in more recent stories to help add some understanding to the McGrath letter from the women under attack by Ozzie. Today I felt it is important I point out a few obvious things contained in the letter and how they relate to Knezovich, Tyler, and McGrath.

Please pay special attention to this statement in the letter above:

“His behavior is inconsistent with the expectations you have given us and is not consistent with the instruction we have received from Libby Wagner.”

You can get some idea of exactly who Libby Wagner is from my “Just Old Dirt” story.

*** “On the other hand, since Ozzie has started his own business “Delta Training and Consulting LLC” maybe he doesn’t want me or other folks to know what kind of money one can make in that business… who knows?”

Keep in mind that despite all the documentation I provide according to Ozzie I just put out “Fake News”, which kind of puts me in the same category as all the other local media.

For folks that didn’t follow the Ozzie/Buff Episodes when you watch the one linked below things might come into perspective. After Ozzie, dismisses the other Cops that were there to try and intimidate me, (6 to 1 are always good odds for me, the more the merrier.) at approximately 11:48 I hit Ozzie with a little known secrete that he didn’t like in the least for folks to know, and has complained about endlessly. Keep in mind that the costly effort on Ozzie’s part to make me “eat crow” and prove me a liar has really demonstrated who the lair actually is.

Yes, Ozzie has a business on the side “Delta Training & Consulting, LLC”, and has been in the business since August of 2016.

Delta Ozzie and Paula


One seriously has to wonder since both Phil Tyler and John McGrath are employees of Libby Wagner, and Ozzie uses Libby Wagner to train County Employees, what Ozzie’s future plans are for Phil Tyler and McGrath. As we all know Phil Tyler and Ozzie never shy away from the press, a microphone, or a camera… you gotta ask…does practice make perfect?

Another question that must be asked, is… since that facts are beginning to surface all over Social Media… and Ozzie is a real Social Media type of guy…WHERE IS OZZIE????




Ozzie Tyler


If your best friend Phillip Tyler was such a great County Employee, and is being defamed and libeled by these terrible women who worked with him, why in the world did you and McGrath issue him an “unfounded and unwarranted disciplinary written warning” as well as an “unprecedented two-year corrective plan threatening him with summary termination”? You even ended up moving him out of Detention to Training… did you not?

Tyler Claim 2014 A

Tyler Claim 2014 B

What did happen to Tyler’s lawsuit Ozzie…please tell us all! Were you going to be a witness for your friend Tyler or a witness for the County?

Tyler Court Case 1

Tyler Court Case 2

Ozzie, how did your “formal complaint to the BoCC” go yesterday? Did they happen to mention to you that it might be a good idea to lay off the threats?

Ozzie Formal Complaint 1

Ozzie Formal Complaint 2


BTW, Ozzie do you happen to know if your friend, Phillip Waine Tyler, ever did register to vote in Spokane County? Heck you might need his vote come November?




Threat to Maksimov 1

Threat to Maksimov 2


For folks that aren’t aware, including some of the Media that are finally following the Knezovich/Tyler story, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has a well-documented history of trying to threaten and intimidate people, many times in my opinion “under the color of law”, using many different venues including Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Yesterday was no exception and the Sheriff primarily focused on one individual, Vitaliy Maksimov, and a group of women who are trying to get the truth out. As you can see from the screenshot above Knezovich’s FB Post is without question a threat, and because he threatens to take official reports to some GOP meeting a good case can be made the threats and intimidation were once again “under the color of law”.

Mr. Maksimov’s situation however, is quite different from the group of women the Sheriff threatened on FB yesterday, because as far as I know Mr. Maksimov, isn’t nor has he ever been, employed by Spokane County.

I think it is important you take a serious look at the Sheriff’s intent in getting his threats out to the group of women.

Ozzie Formal Complaint 1

Ozzie Formal Complaint 2

Think about how some of the women, especially those still employed, might feel about the Sheriff making a formal complaint to the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) since the BoCC are now in charge of the jail, having taken it over from the Sheriff, and employ some of these women. Considering that any legitimate investigation may very well demonstrate mismanagement on the part of the BoCC, don’t you think they might be worried about getting a fair shake?

Repeatedly the Sheriff threatens “defamation and liable [sp] suits”, something some of us have learned to expect, but something I would guess the victims here aren’t necessarily used to.

As I said here some women perceived this meeting as a threat:


*** (I guarantee you some folks at this meeting took it as a threat…read it carefully and decide for yourself. It would be nice to hear from some of them. When someone is digging their own hole, just let them keep digging!!!)

(Oz) “Are you aware that the jailers…since you want to bring it up…are you aware that the Sergeants filed a no confidence vote on Phil Tyler…and wanted me to remove Phil Tyler from being a Lieutenant…without just cause because they had none…they admitted there is no just cause here Sheriff… we want him removed…are you aware I met with the Sergeants and went…do you want me to start operating outside of the confines of the contract and contractual law and labor law…is that what you’re telling me…

(Me) They didn’t think he was very good then…right?

(Oz) “You want me to remove this Lieutenant…right…right…which you admit (pointing to me) …that there is no just cause…”

(Me) I never admitted there was no just cause…

(Oz) “The Sergeants…right…so we put that all up on the board…I says now Sergeants if I do that for them do I do that for you also…If one of your troops have a beef with you…do I remove you without just cause…and they went oh no…no that can’t happen…you can’t do that Sheriff…I says you want me to do this to the Lieutenant…sure this has some issues…”

(Me) What issues were those?

(Oz) “It’s very black and white…right and wrong…and they didn’t like that…they didn’t like that…so at the end of the day…they all went you know Sheriff we all appreciate the meeting…we all appreciate you listening to our concerns about Phil…no we don’t want you to remove him without just cause…and we sent Phil to some leadership training…that was the nuts and bolts of it Brian…so back to this…”

The threats and intimidation are well underway. Protection, as well as support are of paramount importance right now…it won’t be an easy road!