Here is a little background regarding the issues James McDevitt and Michael Ormsby were responsible for when they ran the Local Office of the US Attorney. Hyslop will likely have his hands full this time around.

Just a small portion of the background:


The interesting thing about Condon’s hiring of Mike Ormsby as City Attorney is that most of the Progressives on the CC thought he would be great even though in the past he sure as heck hasn’t looked out for the interest of the Citizens of the City of Spokane.

But I think some of the shine is wearing off Ormsby with some of the Progressive City Council Members, especially because of his push to keep the “Horrific” Dan and Scott Lesser Body Warn Camera a big secret. As a matter of fact, Ormsby so wants the video out of the Public Eye when the City Council demanded to see the video he came up with a Confidentiality Agreement he is requiring the City Council Members to sign before he allows them to see the BWC video later this afternoon (05/30/2019), Ormsby is blaming the Spokane Police Guild of forcing the Confidentiality Agreement…go figure right?

You are just lucky Mike that I’m not a City Council Member, I would tell you to go pound sand I’m won’t sign any stinking agreement the Citizens need to know what there Police Department is doing, and I would sit in the viewing room until you had the Cops escort me out of the room. That would make for great press wouldn’t it Mike. 




Despite the fact that many people outside of the Spokane Police Department have seen the video documenting the Officer misconduct during the arrest of Lucas S. Ellerman and the Spokane City Council will likely see it soon efforts in the background to keep it out of the Public Eye and mitigate what really happen continue.

Spokane City Council Member Lori Kinnear the Chair of the Councils Public Safety Committee and who championed the hiring of Craig Meidl by David Condon and Teresa Sanders as Police Chief has been working in the background trying to mitigate the Officer conduct as just a bad choice of language used without paying the least bit of attention to the actual cover-up involved. The very close relationship between Kinnear and Meidl makes any oversight or accountability on the part of the PSC a complete farce.

One of the most laughable behind the scenes attempts at damage control is to try and portray OPO Bart Logue as someone who knows nothing about Police Work or Law Enforcement Use of Force. Chief Meidl and his Senior Staff obviously haven’t bothered to read Logue’s Resume, so I’ll provide it here.

Yes, indeed folks OPO Logue was a Cop, and his background even includes being a Chief of Police, at P. I. (Parris Island) no less, Former Marines will know exactly how difficult that job is. Beyond that he like most Chiefs of Police is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, he trained in Anti-Terrorism, he graduated from SPD’s own Reserve Academy and all kinds of other things including a Forensic background that make him an outstanding resource for the Citizens of Spokane in identifying Police Misconduct, and of course cover-ups.

I wouldn’t worry to much about it Mr. Logue someone who doesn’t have credibility, ethics, leadership ability, and is worried about losing their job will always try and kill the messenger with lie after lie, especially those of us that know the Culture at SPD hasn’t changed at SPD since the Otto Zehm case and Cover-up, as the Public will clearly see when they have the opportunity to view the Lesser video firsthand.

OPO Logue and myself have exchanged emails over time but the emails regarding the information I provided about the Lesser video really stand out because there is no question whatsoever that Logue after watching the video himself identified just how bad it is, and SPD’s efforts to cover it up.

Let me point out few statements Logue made that prove my point from the very Non-Attaché type email to the Head of IA DSI Jacqui MacConnell and Chief Meidl in which he passed my information on as a formal complaint.

“So I watched this video today, I’m curious as to exactly why there isn’t an IA potential misconduct case on this.  In no way, shape, or form, would I recommend to you to do anything but thoroughly investigate and document the steps that you are taking.”

***It is clear to me that Logue is putting MacConnell and Meidl on notice that he is very mad that SPD tried to hide the Lesser video from him by not doing an IA Investigation even though the video clearly shows Officer misconduct with a Citizen.

“While Chief Meidl stated (perhaps not an exact quote, but certainly close)  to me and Luvimae that he wanted it to be handled more like a “Sergeant mentoring in the field when they see something they don’t like,” I foresee some potential serious implications if you do anything but treat this as you would any other alleged misconduct.”

***Logue identifies in this statement that Meidl in the presence of a witness (something that is always needed with Meidl if the conversation isn’t recorded) just how Meidl tried to cover-up and mitigate the Lesser video.

“At this point, I can see validity in Mr. Breen’s question below that I should have been apprised of this issue much earlier than I was, and certainly should have been apprised by SPD, and not Mr. Breen.  In fact, it is my assessment that once this was brought to my attention by Mr. Breen and I asked if there was anything to this allegation, each person I talked to seemed to downplay the potential significance of this event (that includes you all the way through Chief Meidl).”

*** Logue reiterates the widespread SPD Cover-up.

“This gives me pause to consider whether or not SPD may have deliberately chose to circumvent the normal complaint process, and therefore, undermine oversight of this matter.”

*** This is basically Attaché speak for you jerks did your best to try and hide this from me.

“I would strongly recommend that SPD insure that there can be no question that this concern was taken seriously and that there is no perception of impropriety or special treatment.”

*** More Attaché speak for why in the hell would you give SPD PACT members Dan and Scott Lesser real “special treatment”.

Now lets take a look at the email Logue sent to me informing me he had passed my information forward as a Formal IA Complaint.

“So to answer your question, I do have access to all information in IAPro, although I do have restrictions now on  For instance, I can no longer download video for deeper review (using different programs) and I can no longer see the audit trail which would show who has seen what and when.  I also do not have those permissions in IAPro, but it is something I will insist upon when I begin to do independent investigations.”

*** Once again Attaché speak for SPD is so pissed at me for putting your information forward they have taken away my IAPro privileges.

“I can unequivocally state, though, that my office WILL be doing a deep dive into all Use of Force incidents.  I have yet to determine the scope of my review, but this case has fully informed me that trust, but verify, is an absolute must.  I have given credit to Chain of Command reviews for in policy findings, but I now believe that they could use scrutiny as well.”

*** Somewhat Attaché speak for since these jerks tried to cover this up I’m going to have to go back and see what else they covered up.

“Currently, (in my opinion) SPD has a VERY permissive use of force policy, so it is generally quite possible to find a use of force, even an eyebrow raising use of force, within policy.  So if you have a policy where questionable tactics are still in policy, the policy is simply broken.”

*** Attaché speak for SPD’s Use of Force Policy really sucks.

“I put significant effort into recommendations to the use of force policy last year, and I will make my suggestions and recommendations readily available when SPD goes forward with their proposed policy.”

*** Attaché speak for I have worked my ass off trying to get SPD’s Use of Force Policy consistent with other law enforcement agencies but Meidl and the Police Unions don’t want to get onboard.

It is pretty simple to understand what is going on here, its War folks the problem is the side that was hired to look out for the Citizens of Spokane has very, very limited weapons at his disposal and Mayor Condon, Teresa Sanders, the Police Unions and Meidl have weapons up the ying-yang. How are those contract negotiations going with the Union Mr. Mayor? We both know the Unions are trying to further curtail OPO power…don’t we?

To be clear this case involves what some people view as criminal conduct on the part of the involved Officers, something that has been discussed in the inner SPD circles. What normally happens when there is the slightest possibility of criminal conduct the Officers are put on Paid Administrative Leave pending the outcome of the Investigations… funny thing about this case is that step hasn’t been take… “special treatment”?




OPO Logue sent this email to me on the evening of 05/24/2019 to correct an email image I had included in my story above. The portion of the email which he had sent to DSI Jacqui MacConnell regarding Lt. Staben is also imaged below.




T-man was able, give a heads-up that he and his Crew would be attending “The Liberty State Gala” which of course would bring out a sympathetic Reporter to watch the goings on. In this case it was Chad Sokol from the SR who attended along with SR Photographer Colin Mulvany and of course got some great Tanner Rowe stuff.

The perfect way to extend T-man’s 15 minutes of fame while at the same time obliquely giving some exposure to his and Jay Pounder’s business “Exceptional Gent”.

The thing that is confusing to me however is that apparently a critical part of being an “Exceptional Gent” is wearing the right fashions.

Perhaps it is just my old age, and lack of knowledge of what is fashionable these days, but would someone clue me in on when it became fashionable to attend a Gala in an wrinkled old shirt with the sleeves cut off to show off your big tattoos? I hope it was at least washed!

There is no question I’m way too old to be an “Exceptional Gent”.

Future – Helping groom the next generation of men become the best they can be and how to pass that down to our children

But I would like my Grandsons to be “Exceptional Gents”, so I guess from now on I’ll have my wife cut off the sleeves of the shirts we buy them for gifts.

Aside from the SR exposure it also provides T-man with the opportunity to do yet another great video extolling his and his Crew’s virtues on his Facebook Page.

Now this part of Sokol’s story is also a bit confusing:

Shortly before Shea’s re-election last fall, Rowe leaked a document authored by Shea titled “Biblical Basis for War,” which condemned abortion and same-sex marriage and called for the killing of those who flout “biblical law.” Shea has insisted the document was nothing more than sermon notes on the Old Testament.

Pounder followed suit in April, sharing copies of a 2017 private group chat involving Shea with several news outlets, including the Guardian and The Spokesman-Review. The chats showed that Shea proposed conducting background checks on political opponents, and that he didn’t object when others suggested violent attacks on leftist protesters.

My Best Bud T-man wouldn’t have lied to me would he?