The Jury is out on the answer to that question as we wait patiently for her to take office. However, while we wait the Condon administration continues to try and hide and cover-up facts the public should know about his administration.

Just prior to the arrest of Jonathan Andersen on charges of murdering Misty Hirsch I received information that Andersen was released from jail on charges of Felon In Possession of a Firearm prior to the murder and never should have been released but problems with SPD’s Patrol Anti-Crime Team (PACT) lead to Andersen’s release. Other media did do some stories regarding Anderson’s release prior to the murder however did not have all of the information surrounding his release.





On 7/12/2019 8:41:03 AM I submitted this Public Records Request to the City of Spokane in an effort to corroborate information I had previously received regarding Andersen’s release. Yes, you read that correctly July 12, 2019 five months ago.

Yesterday December 12, 2019 in partial response to my July PRR I received this heavily redacted email between SPD PACT Officer Shane Oien and Spokane County Deputy Prosecuting Thomas Treppiedi claiming the contents of the email were redacted based upon Attorney Client Privilege.

The effort on the part of Mayor Condon, City Attorney Mike Ormsby, Chief Craig Meidl, and others to try and cover-up the facts left me with no other choice but to file this appeal of the redactions.

Do I know exactly what the email conversation between Oien and Treppiedi was? Well of course I do but that isn’t the point, the point is the Condon Administration continues to try and cover-up the facts as it has throughout his administration and with the assistance of City Attorney Mike Ormsby who instead of representing the Citizens of Spokane is doing everything he possibly can to protect Condon’s backside.

As it stands right now, all Public Records Requests which demonstrate Condon’s mismanagement are being delayed and delayed until David Condon has a chance to escape and will fall directly on the plate of Nadine Woodward. Mayor Elect Woodward must know by now just how terrible the City of Spokane Human Resource Department has been under the leadership of Christine Cavanaugh and Meghann Steinolfson. Cavanaugh who has many, many complaints against her and the Public Records Release of those complaints has been delayed and delayed for months. One possible replacement for Cavanaugh is Thomas Bartridge who has a Human Resources Background and is assisting Woodward on her transition team, however if Steinolfson remains nothing will change.

As far as Chief Meidl remaining as Woodward’s Chief of Police, if she doesn’t know by now why he should go she soon will.

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