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Since Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is at this point the only individual to ever refuse to provide what is known as a Nissen Affidavit/Declaration in all of the Public Records Requests I have made over the years, to many different government agencies, I was forced to file a lawsuit/complaint in Spokane County Superior Court. I had appealed to Spokane County Public Records Officer Mr. Steven Kinn, and even contacted the Washington State Attorney General Public Records Ombuds Mr. Morgan Damerow who gave it his best shot, but the County and Ozzie wouldn’t budge… so here we are.

One of the advantages government has over John Q Citizen is that they know full well that most folks won’t file a lawsuit because of the costs involved including hiring a lawyer. My CFO wasn’t really excited about having to pony up the money for the case yet gain but I was able to convince her I could do it myself (Pro se) and save some lawyer fees… whether I can handle it Pro se or not remains to be seen but we will give it a shot, and if need be I’ll bring in the big guns.

This PRA lawsuit deals with just one of Ozzie’s refusals to provide Nissen Affidavits other PRRs to the County so I anticipate this won’t be the last lawsuit I have to bring.

You can read the 19-page Summons and Complaint at the link below if you are interested it gives you a pretty good idea of what has transpired so far. I realize it will be a real tough read for Daniel Walters,  Larry Cebula, and Marguerite Gibson would have a tough time reading and understanding it, but I don’t think most folks will have a problem. I imaged the Summons and page 1 of the Complaint in case folks don’t want to read the whole thing.


A. Breen v County of Spokane, SCSO, Knezovich Summons 1 - Copy

B. Breen v County of Spokane, SCSO, Knezovich Summons (2)


C. Breen v County of Spokane, SCSO, Knezovich Summons (1)

You are probably interested in why Matt Shea and Mike Volz are pictured above with Ozzie and Jiminy Cricket? That’s an easy one to figure out… I hope both of them read this story! I’m pretty sure Mike Volz will because he was involved in this PRR and demonstrated his “HIGH STANDARDS + ACCOUNTABILITY = PROFESSIONALISM” by being the first one to provide me with a Nissen Affidavit.



Come on Mr. Shea and Mr. Volz we don’t need our Public Servants like Ozzie Knezovich trying to hide stuff from the Press and the Public!!!




Whoopers Standow Walters





Had Walters read my Stories he might have wanted to press Standow about all the inconsistencies and questions which arise from Standow’s statements like Walters did with CMR in this story of his.

Inlander Walters CMR



Just a few examples:

“By sheer chance, Standow is blockaded on the Sullivan Road exit of Interstate 90. He looks at the highway across from him and sees a suicidal veteran named Jedadiah Zillmer standing in front of an open car door, facing a line of Spokane County Sheriff’s cars.”

The above part of the story is completely at odds with Spokane County Prosecutor Jack Driscoll’s review of the Zillmer OIS which I made available in my previous stories.

Standow Ambulance Chasing




The question of course is… was the Standow family there “By sheer chance,” or did Standow have his family out “ambulance chasing”?

The “ambulance chasing” scenario would probably make more sense when one considers that according to Standow’s LinkedIn account he is working on his BA from Arizona State University in “Criminal Justice and Criminology, 3.8”.

Standow LinkedIn 1

Standow LinkedIn 2

Beyond Standow’s interest in a Criminal Justice and Criminology degree, certainly his new job with L.A.W. Publications would lead one to believe he has a real interest in Law Enforcement.

L. A. W Publications


One of the questions I would have asked Standow is; “Is it true that you expressed an interest in being on Ozzie’s Citizen Advisory Board to an Elected Official?”


This statement in the Walter’s story;

“Standow’s 14-year-old daughter starts recording it on her cell phone. “sure, as heck opens up a lot of questions!

We know that law enforcement knew about the video Standow’s daughter took simply by reading Driscoll’s OIS Review.

Filming with phone

What we don’t know is who and why it was taken down from YouTube? Which would have lead to some great questions of Standow.

For example:

“Mr. Standow, did you decide to remove the video from YouTube after you had an at length discussion with Knezovich?”

“But Standow ends up talking to Knezovich at length, too. He says Knezovich argues that while what had happened to Zillmer was horrible and tragic, it wasn’t illegal. Standow begins to develop sympathy for the sheriff’s perspective, for the pressure he and his deputies are under.”

“Mr. Standow did you turn the video over to law enforcement, if so who did you give it to and how long were you “sitting on it”?”

Sit on it

As many of you know I’m trying to get to the bottom of the Standow Video issue, and the only way I can is via one of those dreaded Public Records Requests!



This is interesting:

“Is he a double agent?” Knezovich recalls thinking. “Is he trying to play both sides.”

It appears Walters reached out to Ozzie for some insight on his Standow Story! Good thinking Ozzie, and who the heck knows for sure, on May 3rd, 2018 Brian Standow says you are his enemy:

He is my enemy

Then on August 12th, 2018 Standow says you two are friends:



So, you got me Oz, but if Standow is your friend, and he must be if this is true because I don’t think John Q would get the same treatment from you:

“After Standow is arrested on a domestic violence charge in August of 2016, he meets with Knezovich, pleading with him to look into his case. Knezovich says he talked with the prosecutor, the prosecutor agreed the case against Standow was weak, and the case was later dropped.”

On the other hand, though Oz, if Standow is your friend why would he claim to me and others that you set up an enemy and were behind the whole Allsup fiasco?



I don’t know about you Ozzie, but I wouldn’t trust the guy and if I were to do another story on Standow I sure as heck would seek one heck of a lot of corroborative documents and information about anything he says…just like I do with the Dumpy!

After all:

“It’s like Spy vs. Spy. They’re always determined to get each other.”

But…but…you said it was all Ozzie’s fault Mr. Standow…so which is it?

“They crucified me for telling Ozzie,” Standow says. “They believe this is all Ozzie’s fault.”


I suppose now I’ll also get tagged with being a “frequent media critic” just like frequent conservative critic Shawn Vestal tagged me with being a “frequent police critic”, but I call it like I see it good or bad.
















Ozzie Sign Standow Vestal

For some reason that isn’t always as easy for me as it is for Shawn Vestal when it comes to Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

Vestal clarity of the Sheriff

The documented friend/enemy relationship between former GOP State Committeeman Brian Standow and Sheriff Knezovich certainly brings up many questions with respect to “The Standow Video”.


Although the Standow Video was posted on YouTube sometime well after the Zillmer Officer Involved Shooting it was quickly taken own for some reason, and at this point we don’t know by whom.

The only other video made public shortly after the OIS was body camera footage from a Liberty Lake Police Officer, which doesn’t show much as is often the case with body camera footage.


The Zillmer OIS received National Attention because Jed Zillmer was a troubled and decorated Iraq War Veteran and although the Liberty Lake Officer’s body camera footage was widely disseminated the Standow Video was not.

Now that the Standow Video has resurfaced some four years later there are a number of questions that need answered and hopefully I will be able to do that however at this point there isn’t “clarity”, or “directness”. Any reporter looking into the issue would most certainly ask the question of Sheriff Knezovich “Did Brian Standow provide you with a copy of the video his daughter took of the Jed Zillmer Officer Involved Shooting as he claims he did?”

I did just that:

Me to Ozzie did Standow give you a copy of video 1


Here is where I see a lack of “clarity” and “directness”. You will notice that after I asked what I thought was a simple question Sheriff Knezovich sends an email to his staff Rob Sherar and Jack Rosenthal stating, “Be prepared to talk to me about this today.”.

That could be a good sign if Ozzie is going to diligently look into what happened with the “Standow Video”, even though my question is yet to be answered.

As far as clarity and directness goes things become even less clear and direct when I receive this response to my simple question from Spokane County Prosecutor and County Public Records Officer Steven Kinn.

Kinn Sheriff's have copy 2

I’m not sure exactly what “the Sheriff’s” means in relation to my question, nor do I understand why answers to this reporter’s questions have to be delivered by a Prosecutor, unless of course there is an ongoing investigation of me?

I did follow-up with another simple question to Prosecutor Kinn which I hope someone will answer at some point.

Me when did Sheriff's get video 3

A number of questions which remain unanswered:

  • Did Brian Standow give a copy of the video to his friend/enemy Sheriff Knezovich?

  • When did “the Sheriff’s” receive a copy of the video?

  • Was the video booked into evidence, if so by whom, and when?

  • Was the video provided to the SIRR Team for them to enhance and review?

  • Were efforts taken to enhance the video?

  • Did the Spokane County Prosecutor receive a copy of the video?

And many more!

In order to try and answer some of those questions I have submitted one of those dreaded PRRs to the Spokane Police Department who acted as the lead investigative agency for the OIS.

To be quite clear I am not in any way suggesting that the Zillmer OIS wasn’t Justified, based on the available evidence it sure as heck appears that it was. My primary concern is whether or not all of the evidence was collected and analyzed.

The only written document I have available to me at this point is Spokane County Prosecutor Jack Driscoll’s review of the OIS.


There are a few things that standout in Driscoll’s to someone who has investigated and reviewed OIS Cases, and again not from the standpoint of whether or not the OIS was justified.

Most experts would agree that the standard for Officers involved in OIS cases is to be able to justify each round they fire, and the Standow Video could possibly have aided in doing so, or on the other hand perhaps it wouldn’t.

Here are a few things that strike me:

Deputy Melville stated that he heard “a single gunshot, then multiple others.”.

Deputy Melville heard a single gunshot

If the Standow Video was enhanced and analyzed including the audio it might have provided some insight as to which Officer or which weapon was first to fire.

According to Driscoll’s review a total of 18 rounds were fired by Officers from rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Some might think that is a lot of rounds, but it is something that is not uncommon in Officer Involved Shootings and the question always comes up whether or not the number of rounds fired was the result of “Contagious Shooting”.

18 rounds

The “Contagious Shooting” phenomena although it might look bad to the public has nothing necessarily to do with whether or not an OIS was justified. It does however go directly to training and liability issues. There is a lot of data out there regarding “Contagious Shooting”, but this will give you some idea. Liability issues are always a problem for law enforcement, and if a stray round from “Contagious Shooting” accidentally strikes a bystander what happens from there should be pretty clear.


Prosecutor Driscoll’s review of the Zillmer OIS seems to suggest that Deputy Thurman was the first to fire however it is hard to tell. Thurman according to Driscoll’s review fired three rounds at Zillmer’s head with his AR-15.

Thurman fired 3 rounds

It is my hope that the meeting Ozzie had with Rob Sherar and Jack Rosenthal is the first step in getting some clear and direct answers to go along with “High Standards + Accountability = Professionalism.




Standow and Ozzie


Thanks to an overwhelming Community response I was able to obtain copies of the video taken by former GOP State Committeeman Brian Standow’s daughter. The video itself was originally posted on YouTube but was quickly removed for some reason. If you watch the video you may draw your own conclusions as to why it was removed, and some question whether or not it was removed because of Brian Standow’s relationship with Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich whatever that might be?


The real question for me is whether or not this video made it into the hands of law enforcement authorities, and if not why not? I have started the process of attempting to establish the who, what, where, why, and when and hopefully will be able to come up with an answer. As I go through that process I think it is important for the public to see the video even though the actual officer Involved Shooting took place in 2014.

Zillmer PRR image - Copy


Brian Standow has had communications with several people regarding this video, some of those communications are odd at best.

Standow my entire family

Standow Spokane Cops Murder Veteran


Here is the video for you to draw your own conclusions from:



This link will take you to the Prosecutors charging decision regarding the case:



This is a developing story with more to come!