The question is will it result in yet another leek investigation?

Zola Press Conference


As my followers and SPD know I received information long ago about some problems with the Zola shooting, including conversation in Body Camera Footage of Officers saying NOT TO USE Lethal force, so assuming during the Press Conference SPD plays all the BC Footage unredacted it will be interesting what it shows. Another issue is of course the deployment of rifles by SPD which was addressed by both the Use of Force Commission and COPS/DOJ in their reviews.


Keep in mind that this OIS took place well over one year ago and is only being made public now. I tried to get Ozzie to talk about it back in Feburary, but for a change he kept quite.

Why OIS Press Conferences?





After seven months and at great expense to the taxpayer SPD’s IA Case into who my sources are has been concluded and Administratively Suspended. If you recall SPD tried to hide what SPD Chief Craig Meidl described as “the most atrocious demeanor” he has seen since he has been a Police Officer. Because many Cops are genuinely and rightfully concerned about the direction SPD is going I found out about SPD’s efforts to hide the truth and reported on it.


Make no mistake about it opening this IA Leak Case was without question an attempt to intimidate any officer who would even consider wanting to get the truth out. Even worse, based upon public records I have received as a result of my Public Records Request of January 13, 2017 regarding the original McMurtrey case there was also a concerted effort to try and intimidate staff of the OPO and members of the OPOC who gave statements to IA Investigators regarding the “Leak”. The City has still not provided all of the Public Records from my January 13th request and as a matter of fact withheld important documents for a period of five months after the City Clerk received them.


Withholding 1

Withholding 2

The documents I have not received from my January 13th PRR are of course those that involve communications between Meidl, Lundgren, and others regarding the handling of the McMurtrey case C16-004, and there is of course a reason those are taking so damn long (FADE AND FORGET)!


You have to ask yourself this question; “Is Mayor Condon’s and Craig Meidl’s wonderful statements about SPD “Transparency” just pure unadulterated BS?” The answer of course is; “ABSOLUTELY”.


Another case I am still waiting for is IA Case C17-003 involving the conduct of Officer John O’Brien which will likely result in another full-scale Leak Investigation because SPD’s efforts to hide it were unsuccessful. The conduct is similar to McMurtrey’s and involves a handcuffed African American suspect. For those that haven’t noticed O’Brien has recently been doing a lot of PIO releases. Another question is will Meidl have yet another press conference releasing the Body Camera Video in the O’Brien case like he did with McMurtrey, and will O’Brien like McMurtrey with the help of the Guild make an IA Complaint regarding the leak to waist more taxpayer money.


Leak PRR


Where is the Mayor and City Council on the lack of SPD transparency? The truth is our lame duck Mayor only cares about any bad publicity getting out which reflects on his choice of a Police Chief or specifically contradicts his own transparency rhetoric. The City Council with only a couple of exceptions could care less, which is odd considering some are running for election with opponents who would be nuts not to throw their lack of doing anything right in their face. You might also wonder where the SPD Police Guild stands in this whole IA Transparency issue. You will see when some of the results of the current secret contract negotiations become public.