The headline is something I’ve said over and over, and not just concerning Ozzie and the SCSO. Every law enforcement agency has a policy prohibiting involvement in political issues including the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. The problem with the SCSO Policy and Procedure manual, even though it is used to discipline Ozzie’s Deputies, it doesn’t apply to Ozzie.

I don’t think there is any question that Ozzie’s most recent political foray is to prevent Rob Chase from becoming a County Commissioner, which in and of itself brings back memories of Ozzie, endorsing Amy Biviano, who was running against Matt Shea, someone Ozzie has an obvious hatred toward.



I don’t have any particular political ideology so on occasion I will vote based upon who I would prefer to look at during their tenure in office. One look at the image above (The person on the right), will give you an idea of who I voted for in that election! 😊

At least in the above image Ozzie wasn’t wearing his SCSO uniform.

Ozzie likes to associate himself with the Republican party, but in my opinion Ozzie isn’t a Republican, rather an Ozlican who will jump into any political issue he feels will help his own political ambitions.


Since Ozzie will try and dirt anyone who disagrees with him including making unsupported and false statements that they are “inept”, corrupt, cowardly, and a liar” even when given evidence to the contrary, I personally have to take anything he has to say about anyone with a big grain of salt.

One of my Liberal followers pretty well summed it up when he posted “Republicans eating their own.” The Democrats have to be loving this stuff

“I don’t think he’s qualified in any manner,” says Knezovich, who criticizes Chase and “his camp,” including Shea and Rep. Bob McCaslin Jr., for threatening French’s job.


“The Republican Party should be chastising Rob [Chase] and Matt Shea and McCaslin for this kind of heavy-handed bullying,” he says.


I just loved the “heavy-handed bullying” remark!


““Rob Chase is not qualified to be a commissioner. He’s just not. I’ve seen him at work. I’ve looked at his resume. He’s not the quality candidate for this position,” Knezovich said. “And more importantly, I really don’t want to see a county commissioner that is not willing to stand up against radicalized hate.”


As was demonstrated in a previous story I received an email (twice actually the second by mistake possibly) from Ozzie on Monday, September 11, 2017 11:21 PM and again Tuesday, September 12, 2017 6:51 AM, trying to use my media platform to dirt Rob Chase.

The email basically accuses “Christina and Rob Chase” along with Matt Shea of supporting “radicalized hate”, my first thought in reading the email was “Gosh… I wonder if they are also inept, corrupt, lying cowards?”. What was funny about the email is that it appears Ozzie who uses his iPhone connected to the County server and at least two email addresses to communicate used his Gmail address for those emails rather than his County email address, possibly not being aware of the Nissen vs Pierce County case.

I can’t help but wonder if the same email, or a similar one will end up in Governor Inslee’s email. Since this type of appointment always has some political component and Inslee is a Democrat some folks believe Inslee will pick the individual least likely to win a subsequent election. Ozzie could be in a world of hurt if Inslee decides of the three candidates Chase is the least electable even though he was the Party’s first choice, so one would have to wonder if piling the dirt on is really a good idea from a political standpoint.

Not that it matters particularly because Ozzie when asked about violation of his own policy and whether he could just do what he wanted responded “Well there you go.” (Ozzie/Buff Episodes). 

Trying to figure out exactly who suffers from “radicalized hate” gets to be kind of difficult when you consider all the players involved, but I think a case could be made that Ozzie’s hatred of a number of people including Matt Shea, Rob Chase and myself is “radical”.

Quite frankly it gets a little boring when Ozzie uses the “radicalized hate” card against both sides of the spectrum, whether it is the Liberal side (Black Lives Matter, etc.) or the Conservative side (Constitutionalists, etc.) it is always a card he tries to play.

Yes, words are powerful Ozzie?






If you are interested in the SCSO policy, here it is:


Policy 1Policy 2


One thing about Ozzie and his policy is that he can interpret them any way he wants to, just like he can interpret the RCW any way he so chooses, even if his interpretation conflicts with his own staff.





Ozzie is one of those people that has no qualms calling people cowards, but when the truth is exposed he himself quickly runs and hides.

Run Away


“Republicans eating their own.”