Or at least Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says I will be!



For the folks that aren’t aware of the comical Ozzie v Buff “Twitter Battle” that has gone on for a few days you might enjoy reading Ozzie and my Twitter Pages, where the Battle is well documented.




The Battle started when our Sheriff made this Twitter statement on Dec. 23, 2016 in response to my last story and the back and forth continued through the Holidays.


Of course, I tried to get Ozzie to answer a few questions without his typical spin but for some reason he just didn’t have it in him so I’m going to be anxiously awaiting contact from his “staff assistant” to set up a meeting between the two of us and some witnesses along with Audio/Video documentation so neither one of us can “spin” what transpired.

Of course, having previous contact with Ozzie’s “staff assistant” is nothing new to me since, as public records demonstrate back in 2013, and as I reported regarding the meeting, she set up the only face to face meeting I’ve ever had with our man Ozzie.



I don’t know why I would deny a face to face meeting with Ozzie, especially since Jim and I spent considerable time and effort putting together a program that we felt attached some accountability to various aspects of the “Smart Justice” study that was going on at the time, including Drug rehab accountability. We asked Ozzie to pass along the documents to the “Smart Justice Commission” which he agreed to do. Because Ozzie was running for re-election at the time, I personally wasn’t sure if the meeting we had was just some lip service to a couple of LEOs or if he really would pass it on. Since I knew two of the Commission members well from my past life in the Criminal Justice System I checked to see if Ozzie had passed our stuff along. When I sat down with one of them, he hadn’t seen the documents so I gave him a copy and we had a long discussion about “Smart Justice.”




Ozzie states when we meet in person he will show me when I first denied meeting in person, and he will even give me copies. I’m anxious to have him show me and get copies so I can report on this supposed denial. I assure you if I did I will Fess-up and Face-up, but I sure as hell can’t figure out a reason I would deny a meeting with the OZ?

Of course, some other interesting stuff came up during our Twitter Battle that Ozzie wanted to deflect from including such things as the “new stuff” that has been sent to the Prosecutor in the Holyk case from the “Re-investigation”


As it turns out there wasn’t much “new” but Office P Taylor did one heck of a lot of running around. I was glad to see Officer Taylor finally got Holyk’s hat from the family lawyers.



I would really like to get into the Holyk case with Ozzie during our upcoming meeting, but I suspect his answer will be “Can’t talk about it…Litigation” . I will try however and it will be nice to have it documented.


We can also get into the Lafrance case, Law Enforement Officer Certification, The ICMA Report, and lots of other stuff if Oz is willing.


You folks might wonder why I insist upon having the meeting documented Audio/Video…well as Daniel Walters point out Ozzie:


“ To put it mildly, Knezovich didn’t appreciate that suggestion. The sheriff may not be the sort of guy who throws the first punch, but if he feels attacked, he tends to come back swinging.


“I’m surprised that Mike is trying to sling mud like this, especially when he doesn’t know the facts,” Knezovich says. He points his finger back at Baumgartner’s record.”




So, Audio/Video documentation helps to protect everyone!


No “Chest Bumps” though Oz…I’m getting too old for that stuff!













13 thoughts on “I’M GOING TO EAT CROW???

          1. You look like a fool. Not a “journalist” with your taunts on Twitter. Does Addy or Mitch or Kip and many others start Twitter wars with whom they wish to interview? If you really cared bout the young man who was killed on Sprague you would show some respect instead of using his death to get attention. For shame.

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