Going through some of the stuff that will be in the Ozzie/Buff Video Feature I have difficulty not LOL at some of the things covered.




What is funny about this one is that not only is it well known that;

“There are many members of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office who claim that all of Knezovich’s promotions within his department are based upon like-minded religious belief rather than ability. I don’t know if that is true or not but IF it is, in my opinion an individual’s religion or political ideology should never ever influence any law enforcement decision so I hope it isn’t true.”

Even Doug Clark a Columnist for the Spokesman Review pointed out some concerns the Deputy Sherriff’s Union had regarding the role of Ozzie’s Religion.

“The ugly truth is found on page 3 of an unfair labor practice complaint that the Spokane County Deputy Sheriffs Association filed recently against Knezovich.

The action comes in response to the sheriff’s firing of Scott Kenoyer last summer for having sex on duty.

And I quote …

“Knezovich is an adherent to the Mormon religion.

“As established in his disciplinary decisions, Knezovich has reflected a belief that personal morality consistent with the tenets of the Mormon faith should be used as a guide to determine whether or not an appointed Spokane deputy sheriff should be subject to discipline.”

Keep going. It gets better.

“The Association, on the other hand, believes that both the sheriff and deputy sheriff position are secular offices and should be guided by secular legal norms alone and …”

Ohhh, I get it.

The sheriff didn’t fire Kenoyer because of some generally accepted morality that on-duty cops should have the self-restraint to keep their zippers zipped. That was just Ozzie’s Mormonism talking. Are you as offended by this as I am? I hope so.


As I pointed out in my story, I agree IF true it would be very bad!

“I don’t know if that is true or not but IF it is, in my opinion an individual’s religion or political ideology should never ever influence any law enforcement decision so I hope it isn’t true.”


Good Ole Ozzie for some reason thinks what I said in that story was another of my many Lies! 🙂


I’m throwing this one in the Teaser because another Investigative Reporter will be quite interested in Ozzie’s explanation for this Facebook Post.




Ozzie maintains the reason he posted what a “good person” Ed LaStage was is because LaStage was one of Ozzie’s Informants. According to Ozzie, LaStage would give him important information and he would pass the information on to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. When I pressed Ozzie, he admitted that he has no records of La Stage being an informant, and he just passed the info on, which I find strange at best given Ozzie’s own Confidential Informant Policy.





I guess if you are the elected Sheriff, your own policy and procedures don’t apply to you.

Another aspect I found funny was when Ozzie went through his list of liars besides just me, naming them, and going into some named people’s IA Cases. What you might find funny as well is when I asked Ozzie if the IA Cases were “Unfounded” or “Not Sustained” and he responds that they were just that, unfounded or not sustained. Then watch the dance when I told him he shouldn’t be telling me that stuff and naming the cops because it was against the law.

Based upon the number of requests I have received from some of the named individuals for copies of the video, it looks like that whole interaction isn’t over, and Jim Emacio the County Civil Attorney might have his hands full.


The Jeff Humphrey issue really tickled the funny bone, at least for me, it might for you as well, especially when Ozzie finally is embarrassed into reading Humphrey’s text message into the Video.


I also really grinned at the explanation Ozzie gave for him having Deputy Brian Hert write the guy that gave Ozzie and his wife the finger on I-90 a Negligent Driving ticket. Ozzie of course went on and on about how negligent the guy was driving, and went into an explanation of how one cop can pass his own Probable Cause on to another cop. I guess writing his own Negligent Driving ticket is beneath the Sheriff. The Neg. Driving ticket has been somewhat of a joke in certain circles. Some times being referred to as “The Mangan Wave”.

You are number 1 you know Oz! 🙂

There is much, much more…but this will give you some idea of what you are in for.














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