Back Pedal Harder


If you have ever listened to any of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich’s weekly Podcasts you might find some as the most telling of Hilarious Spokane Stuff, but his most recent “Wake-up call to the Nation!” is deserving of an award.

Ozzie of course is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment as many of us are and carries the Second Amendment Battle Cry “Molon Labe” on his pistol grips. The “Molon Labe” battle cry of course became predominant during the Obama administration when some were in great fear that Obama was going to take everyone’s guns away.


Although Ozzie over and over expresses his understanding of the Second Amendment, given Ozzie’s podcast, it makes me wonder whether he really understands the First Amendment and how important it is that people do honestly speak out, especially when it comes to race relations. I am a firm believer that it is extremely important that OUR Elected County Sheriff does exactly that when it comes to race relations here in Spokane County, however since there are lots of other folks trying to deal with issues of race in our Nation, and even though Ozzie without question has the right to give a “Wake-up call to the Nation, I for one wish he would pay more attention to what is going on right here in Spokane County.

I think it is GREAT that Ozzie takes advantage of his First Amendment Rights so that we as Citizens of Spokane County can gain an understanding of where he is coming from.

Ozzie has made his personal beliefs very plain in his public comments:

1) Ozzie believes that Former President Obama is responsible for adverse racial relations between White Cops and the African American Community, further that Obama helped to “radicalize” African Americans in the “War on Cops.”

*** Okay, we got that Ozzie and now we know exactly where you are coming from. I thank you for that.

2) Ozzie likes to use the Dallas Texas Sniper Attack on Police Officers as his prime example of African American Radicalization, apparently by the “Black Lives Matter Movement.”

*** Okay, we got that too Ozzie, the only problem I see is that one of the Officers killed by the African American Sniper was Brown skinned not white. If we are talking ambushes by African Americans on Cops perhaps you might want to look at the skin color of the Cops in this case where Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley a Black American Muslim killed two NYPD Cops.


3) Ozzie believes that Black Radicalization is a new phenomenon caused not only by Obama but apparently also the Black Lives Matter Movement.

*** Nothing could be further from the truth of course, as all of us old-timers know there is nothing new about some radicalized African Americans hating Cops, and killing them no matter the skin color of the Cop… ah yes, the good old days of the BLA, SLA, BPP, etcetera.







4) Ozzie whole heartedly believes that men and women, don’t want to be Cops anymore because they are targeted for their White skin color and because they wear a Badge.


*** As for me, I really don’t want someone protecting us that isn’t willing to accept the risks and BS associated with wearing the Badge. If as Ozzie claims he had three Cops leave his Department because they didn’t want to be subjected to those risks, I think we are all better off. For some reason, SPD could fill all the new openings they had, one would have to wonder why Ozzie thinks he has a problem, or does he?

New Deputy


Gee, Ozzie you told me you didn’t hire Laterals?


I hope there isn’t a problem with SCSO Deputies wanting to lateral transfer out of Ozzie’s Department because of their skin color.


Lateral from SCSO


I think it is OUTSTANDING that Ozzie wants to express his heart felt beliefs because it gives everyone a pretty good picture of what is in his heart and mind.

However, I really don’t think it is necessary for him to give the Nation a wake-up call, unless of course he has plans to try and get elected to or appointed to some national office, in which case he has well made it plain what is in his heart and mind.

As far as Radicalized African Americans killing or trying to kill Cops here in Spokane County my own count is ZERO, so I’m not sure what Ozzie’s issue is, unless of course he is in fear that it might happen here and he feels his rhetoric pitting Blacks against White Cops will help to keep that from happening here… I don’t know… but it sure seems odd.

Ozzie’s Tweet today yet again emphasizes his belief that LEOs are targeted “not to further a crime but out of radicalized hate.”

Ozzie radicalized hate


So perhaps the important thing to do here in Spokane County for the Sheriff, if he hasn’t done so already, is to identify those Radicalized African American Haters in Spokane County, start some Intel Files, and lump them in with those Radicalized Constitutionalists? Ozzie often likes to use killings of LEOs not in Spokane County to try and prove whatever his most recent National Cause happens to be. As you can see in the links below Ozzie in the past used the killing of Cops in Las Vegas by two White people who had been radicalized to try and prove his point.






Bottom line for me is I hope Ozzie continues to use his First Amendment Rights often, so that us local folks can see exactly where his heart and mind is.


Anyone who has had dealings with Ozzie in the past, including some of his staff know full well the Wizard when caught will back pedal, obfuscate, and stoop to calling people liars, so it is no surprise that Ozzie would make another big production, as he is noted for, write a self-serving back pedal letter to the local Democrats and then make sure all the local media gets a copy in hopes he can again play them like a fiddle.




Getting Ozzie’s word out to the Media, except me of course:

Getting word out 1Getting word out 2


I’m not sure how you would have missed Ozzie’s letter to the “Ds” but in case you didn’t see it here it is, written on OUR very own stationary.



I would prefer that Ozzie use OUR stationary for letters like this rather than letters to his opposing political party.


No sex on duty


I want to be clear, this story of mine isn’t intended to be my own “Wakeup Call to America” or “Wakeup call to the Nation,” it is simply a little nudge to make sure Spokane County Folks aren’t napping when it comes to the truth.




  1. “…I hope Ozzie continues to use his First Amendment Rights often, so that us local folks can see exactly where his heart and mind is.’

    Unsure where his heart is (or if he has one). No doubt where his mind is, however.
    Poor Ozman!

    Liked by 1 person

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