When I came home from a visit with some of my out of town family I found this email from in my inbox from Our Guy Ozzie Knezovich.


I am responding here and as you can see sent The Oz a link to this story.



You can read what lead up to Ozzie’s email here:


You should make note of the fact that I did not erase this email address Ozzie obviously uses to conduct County Business; “Ozzie Knezovich” ozzieknezovichjk@gmail.com and is therefore subject to a PRR, whether it is a Junk file or not.

Last thing notice the email address. JK stands for junk I created the so I don’t have to bog my email down with junk 

Sheriff Knezovich,

I certainly understand your frustration, angst, and fear when a Citizen Journalist and member of the Media pulls back the curtain and exposes the truth. Your attacks on detractors and members of the media who write stories contrary to what you would like the Public to believe have become somewhat legendary around here. Certainly, your most recent expression of frustration with Pia Hallenberg of the Spokesman Review for not reporting everything you wanted reported is consistent with exactly how you approach publicity you feel is averse to you personally, and only adds credence to the feeling many individuals have that your interest isn’t in leading a law enforcement organization, rather a grandiose self-serving interest in trying to pursue a political career beyond that of a small county elected Sheriff. You did of course seriously give yourself away when you quickly jumped in the race when you thought the Cathy McMorris-Rodgers position in Congress was going to open.

I realize that me pointing out that the “Molon Labe” Pistol Grips you wore on the covered weapon you were armed with during your big Arena Media Production may have lost you some votes from the anti-gun crowd and some folks in the middle, but the facts are there you were showing them off for all to see right on camera.



Of course, more of those anti-gun folks and those in the middle, I’m sure are questioning as I type why in the world members of Oath Keepers, and the 63rd Lightfoot Militia were acting as security for the “Spirit of America” rally you spoke at.

The mood was festive, but Wright said that armed members of the Oath Keepers and the 63rd Lightfoot Militia were there to provide security. “We believe in the Second Amendment,” she said. “Probably half the audience is packing.”


I also can’t help but wonder just what the folks in the 63rd Lightfoot Militia think about your claim that one of their founders Ed LaStage was your Confidential Informant. Boy if I were in that group I would be a little paranoid about whom else might be one of your Confidential Informants.


Another interesting factoid regarding the Oath Keepers group providing security at the “Spirit of America” rally is the comment made by the individual doing video of you at the Federal Building during your Bosworth fiasco stated “I am an Oath Keeper just so you know.” They also must be wondering if you have also infiltrated them along with the 63rd Lightfoot Militia.

Published on Feb 25, 2015

Anthony Bosworth (liberty for all) was arrested while opening carrying prior to our 10th Amendment Rally. Anthony had done nothing wrong and was later released. Sheriff Ozzie helped get free him.


I don’t know if you have realized it yet but your effort to prove me a liar might have really backfired for you as far as all your admitted backing of the Pendell v Matt Shea etal claim, instead of helping him like you admitted you were doing you easily could have hurt his lawsuit by reading Hine’s letter unfounding the IA Complainant Maclay made against you. The letter itself specifically shows that you folks don’t know to whom or when Pendell gave some guns back to Murray or for that matter apparently exactly what guns Pendell had in his possession other than the ones Hines reported, were there more that Pendell might have forgotten about, he did forget who he gave them to remember? Another thing the public doesn’t know is who the Licensed Firearms Dealer that received the weapons in Spokane was, could that dealer have been someone close to Pendell, Murray, or the SCSO? As we talked about the “When” might be important since the Murder took place on May 26th, 2015, and of course during the on-camera discussion of I-594 we had brings up the question; Could it be that a transfer was in fact required? You might take note of my comments when you were reading the letter for the people that were going to view your Dog and Pony Show. Gee whiz Ozzie I was just trying to give you some leads, I wasn’t trying to trap you with my interview skills like you accused me of, with the lawsuit claim filed, as I suggested it might be a good time to revisit that IA Investigation you said took place.


Which one was it Oz? “Unknown” or “Five years before the Murders”?







According to this, your friendship with Matt Shea ended over some kind of a lie he perpetrated about some training you offered.


I believe what you were referring to was this other big fiasco of yours, but you can correct my if I’m wrong.




In essence I guess, what I am saying here, among other things, is that a lot of voters are somewhat unclear on what your real position are and as you noted you have come out with videos claiming how dangerous these various groups are, yet for some reason you seem to somehow end up being “linked” to these groups. Of course, maybe you are “linked to them just like I’m “linked” to Scott Maclay… Who really knows?





  1. Ouch, nice legitimate hit piece Brian… I haven’t even been served yet… some 6 days tomorrow from the alleged filing of the defamation lawsuit, and I already have a counter-claim against Pendell and the Sheriff! Damn, someday, I’d actually like to meet you! Oh, by the way, and not to make you jealous, but I apparently have Ozzie’s Press Core Credentials and even attended his News Conference, behind three sets of locked doors, on Ryan Holyk, the day before he attempted his deflection with the Pendell Defamatory Lawsuit, and concerning the One Million Dollar lawsuit settlement against him. More mumbo jumbo about how he was, again, denied and mistreated in going to trail… but, never an apology.

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    1. I don’t do hit pieces… just the truth and the facts much to the consternation of some who try like heck to prove I’m a liar. For some reason the truth gets in the way for some political folks, even those with extensive media management training! 🙂

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