Confusion, reading retention problem, complete lack of understanding, or SITUATIONAL?

Having spent over four decades involved in the Criminal Justice System and at one time or another on the Prosecution side, Defense side, Plaintiff side, or the Respondent’s side so I have spent many hours listening to, for the most part, lawyers arguing their interpretations of the law which of course were almost always situational depending upon which side the lawyer was on, so in reviewing Ozzie’s deposition and reading the trap Mike Maurer set for Ozzie, I had to kind of laugh.

Ozzie didn’t recall that his IA Investigator Tim Hines was of the opinion, based upon Hine’s reading of RCW 46.61.035 and 46.37.190, that Bodman should have been running Code, of course Hine’s opinion was shared by many lawyers as well as non-lawyers once the fact that Bodman was not running Code was made public.

Ozzie of course to continue his own narrative of the Holyk case had to disagree with Hine’s and others. His silly justification for his disagreement with Hine’s is well documented in his deposition.

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It is important to keep in mind that Ozzie’s Holyk deposition was just his third. We know that one of the other two he refers to in this deposition was during the Creach Case, I’m not sure what the other one was. One might think that because Ozzie is a deposition neophyte that is why Maurer could make him look so bad. My experience has shown me that many people who have never been deposed before and tell the truth, don’t obfuscate, and answer the questions directly do well, especially when they hit the witness stand and the opposing lawyer has nothing to contradict them on with their deposition.

I can’t help but wonder what the lawyers representing the County and the Risk Pool thought of Ozzie’s deposition.

Since Ozzie clearly stated, not only in his deposition, but also in his Liar, Liar Pants on Fire Dog and Pony Show, that because he is the Big Kahuna he makes his own policy, interprets his own policy, and can do whatever the hell he wants I don’t see much sense in further pointing out the sad state of affairs Ozzie demonstrates throughout his deposition when it comes to the Holyk case, I again provide a link to the entire Deposition and the Exhibits, so you can draw your own conclusions.




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