A few remarks regarding Episode Eight A & B before we get into Episode Nine tomorrow.


In Episode Eight A you might note that Ozzie states; “Travis has sued…a Mr. Maclay.” I thought at the time, gee there might be some good stuff in that lawsuit so I checked the court records to see what info I might be able to come up with regarding the lawsuit Ozzie apparently wanted the public to know about. I ran into a big problem though, there are NO RECORDS of a lawsuit between Pendell and Maclay.

Not being able to find any court records I reached out to my best buddy Scott Maclay, like any reporter would, and asked him if Ozzie was being truthful about the lawsuit. Maclay stated to me “BOLD FACE LIE!” Perhaps Ozzie was just confused again about the facts, or maybe Maclay was lying? Who knows, but the lack of court records support my best buddy Scott Maclay.


Each of these Episodes in my opinion are just plain WEIRD, but Episode Eight B is right up there in the weirdness category. Obviously, Ozzie makes a concerted effort to prove that I’m a liar and that I am “linked” to the select group of liars who have spoken out against him in one way or another. To do so he does everything he can to try and pump his own tires. I could care less if Ozzie wants to call me a liar and make a big public display of it, but other folks might not be so generous.

Regarding Episode Eight B, if you can give me credit for anything in this series I would think it would have to be for my ability to keep a straight face when Ozzie accuses me of “fishing” and using my “interview skills.”

I’m not sure if Ozzie is lumping Pia Hallenberg of the SR into his basket of deplorables or not when he states, “and quite frankly Pia had all this information … alright?” If so, welcome to the basket Pia, you must also be a good buddy of Scott Maclay.




As you can see Ozzie insists upon reading Hine’s letter Unfounding Maclay’s complaint against him into the camera, “I think it is important the folks hear this.,” even though I offered to post it. Ozzie mentioned several times his intent for the Public to see this video. Ozzie got his wish, and wanted to make sure I didn’t “cherry pick” the video. Whether all the un-cherry picked videos becomes problematic for Ozzie and Spokane County remains to be seen.

Since Ozzie, didn’t want to give me the Unfounding letter to post, I reached out to Scott Maclay and ask him to provide me a copy of the letter when he received it.

Here it is dated February 8, 2017 a week after the February first meeting:



I thought posting this might make it easier for folks to follow along rather than having to listen to Ozzie read the letter in the camera for everyone to hear.

As Ozzie points out because he is the Boss he can do some stuff ordinarily his troops might not be able to get away with. But gee Boss at least when you pointed out, and I reiterated it, you might have a least had Hines change “of” to “or”, don’t you think, even though it is just a minor detail.



I wonder who the local Federal Firearms Dealer in Spokane was who received the weapons from Las Vegas. I also wonder who the person was that Pendell forgot he ended up giving the weapons to.

Personally, I thought the footage regarding Jeff Humphrey of KXLY was priceless.

I will try and get into Episode Nine tomorrow, something has come up with SPD that requires my attention!


Episode Nine:





  1. Always found that transfer of firearms to a county deputy suspicious. Admittedly, I am unfamiliar with having to get rid of firearms due to losing one’s civil rights so I have zero idea how it is done. However, why would a deputy get involved in such a dealio? As a favor for a friend? As a duty to the community? Whatever?????

    I can understand being an intermediary in getting the firearms from Vegas to Spokane but beyond that???? it gets murky. Murry murky.

    The entire episode seems off, seems wrong, seems shady….

    Why didn’t Murry just sell them or pawn them? Why did he use a deputy to “get rid” of the weapons? Doesn’t make sense.

    Can you help me understand the process? What am I missing, Buff?

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    1. Well, some of us folks have found a lot of stuff “murky”, and although my story today might add to the murkiness, it might also provide a little bit of the murky picture. Please keep in mind that this whole production was to prove I’m a liar, and at my request Ozzie has provided Prosecutor Larry Haskell with all his stuff for Haskell to decide if I qualify as a PID (Impeachable Witness/Brady Cop) for an upcoming Murder Trial, so I would be a real fool not to have a bunch of holdbacks … if you get my drift. 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the re-direct; big picture overview. I’d forgotten about the upcoming trial.
        🙂 🙂 🙂

        I find Ozman’s claim (that you are a liar) unsubstantiated by the facts in evidence; despite his use of county resources to try and make you eat crow, he didn’t “prove” you to be a liar.

        Wonder how many folks in the office helped put together the Power Point slides? And how long it took them? IF you know what I mean?

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