This afternoon I received a copy of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich’s deposition in the Ryan Holyk Case. It will take me some time to carefully go through it and once I’m done I will report on it, with comment.


Thus, far two things have become clear to me.

First and foremost, what I believed to be true from the beginning, and that is that Deputy Joe Bodman is a truthful honest cop, from an honest family who made a terrible mistake he will live with for the rest of his life is true, and his mistake won’t in any way prevent him from continuing to do the good job he loves as one of OUR Spokane County Deputy Sheriffs. As a retired Cop, I can’t help but think of the old proverb; “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” I’m sure other current and retired Cops would agree.

I became even more confident of what I would find when I read this Inlander Story.


Mike Mauer, the attorney for the Holyk family, says he decided to dismiss Bodman from the lawsuit after meeting privately with the deputy and his lawyer. Bodman “provided helpful information and confirmed important information,” Maurer says, but would not elaborate on the details.


Secondly, this statement is pure unadulterated BALONEY, for lack of a better term!

Knezovich said he would have preferred to go to trial rather than settle.

“I feel that this should have gone to trial because that is the only way the facts come out in totality,” he said. “I don’t make that call.” 


No Police Department Administrator in their right mind would want to go to Court, get on the witness stand in public, and testify again under oath to what Knezovich testified to in the deposition.

A sneak preview:

OK Dep 1OK Dep 2OK Dep 3OK Dep 4




  1. I found an error on my assumption that R52 was Matt Buckland. It’s not, and I still think that Matt Buckland was an undercover or reserve cop. He definitely didn’t do what he said he did. Oops,

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  2. Q. And who is that.
    A. Kim Beile (phonetic) [Tim Viall]
    Q. Are you aware that there are two individuals who are or were reserve deputies who were witnesses to this accident?
    A. No.
    Q. So, you are not aware of what they may or may not testify to as it relates to hearing the sound of the impact?
    A. No.

    Matt Buckland [22:31:53 ONSCNE R52] perjured himself when he claimed he attended to mortally wounded Ryan.

    The night of May 23rd, 2014, I was the first to rendered assistance to mortally wounded Ryan Holyk. I stayed with Ryan until I helped get him on a backboard and on a stretcher by the responding ambulance and fire department.

    Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Clay Hilton [B502] arrived on the scene at [22:3146 ONSCNE], his supplemental report said; “I then observed a male, later identified as Ryan Holyk laying in the crosswalk on top of a dark colored bicycle and two people attending to him.”….”

    Once AMR had removed Holyk from the scene. I contacted the two males that were attending to Holyk. AMR and Spokane Valley Fire were observed quickly placing Holyk on a back board. AMR then transported Holyk to SHMC as Deputy S. Walter responded there.”

    “Once AMR had removed Holyk from the scene, I contacted the two males that where attending to Holyk as I arrived on the scene. As I spoke with them, they identified themselves as Edward B. Reinfeld and Matthew R. Bucklin.”…..

    “While continuing to speak with Reinfeld, he told me once he realized Holyk was hit, he and Bucklin jumped the Charlie P’s patio fence and ran to Holyk, preventing him from moving, and waited AMR to arrive on scene.”

    I know that’s a lie. It was me that attended to Ryan Holyk. Mark Reilly briefly looked on, a few moments later Charlie Price joined me. The only other people that approached was Officer Bodman for about ten seconds. J. M. for a short time, who I told he needed to stand back as I thought Ryan was going to die.

    Matthew Bucklin didn’t approach Ryan till much later after I created an airway so Ryan wouldn’t drown in his own blood. At the time I thought Matthew Bucklin to have the look and take charge mannerism of an undercover cop.

    I saw Matthew Bucklin park his car on Vista Road, and then be joined by Edward Reinfeld a former SPD Officer who jumped the northern corner of the side fence yard.

    One photographs of me was taken from behind, and was used in a PowerPoint Presentation presented by SPD when they announced there was no collision with Joseph Bodman, and Ryan Holyk. Deputy D. Moman took that photo at about the time Bucklin came on the scene.

    Surveillance video of Charlie P’s side yard should be referenced to prove or disprove my assertions, but caution should be used not to confuse Michel Begley with Matthew Buckland. Michel Begley was the first individual who hopped the fence as he came to assist with the calamity that followed the accident.

    My witness was ignored and the major crime investigation concluded that there was no contact with Ryan Holyk what-so-ever.

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