“come and take them”



So, what is the big deal about Ozzie having the Battle Cry for all the Gun Rights Activists fearing Obama was going to take their guns away on his “On Duty” or “Off Duty” weapon?




No big deal I guess, Ozzie is the Sheriff and can do what he wants. I just thought it was interesting since the second I saw the grips which Ozzie so graciously displayed to KHQ it struck me as not in very good judgement even if the weapon is a Spartan 1911, you can always change the grips.

I kind of look at it this way. If Ozzie did get in a gun battle during the hockey game and his weapon was photographed, taken as evidence I wonder how having Molon Labe on his grips would look in a close call OIS for the defense, civil litigation plaintiff, or even folks on the other side of the Second Amendment Issue. My guess is not all that great, so why bother unless those are the best shooting grips you can come up with.

I don’t see on duty Uniformed Deputies sporting those grips, and Ozzie wasn’t sporting them when we met. I suppose the Pro-Gun Activists would disagree with me…but seriously…is it necessary?

How about a Tattoo instead?



Or maybe a T-shirt to wear under the dress shirt?




On Christmas, there is always just the right ornament for the tree.




It is easy to find some great posters.




Just NOT on a Cops pistol grips…. PLEASE!!!



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