First a few remarks about Episode Nine.

As it turns out even though Ozzie had a laugh about Jeff Humphrey from KXLY being present, and was confident he had caught me in yet another lie he reads the text message from Humphrey …. Oooops!

Ozzie continues to read his unfounded IA letter, and is a bit perturbed that I’m asking questions again. We have some discussion regarding about I-594 a law requiring background checks even on the private transfer of guns in Washington.


Ozzie was opposed to Initiative I-594 as were many of the gun folks, as for me the whole gun issue isn’t on my priority list although I do believe in the second amendment. What is kind of interesting about the footage is that Ozzie makes a point that the transfer of firearms between his Deputy Travis Pendell and the “unknown” friend of Roy Murray was prior to I-594 becoming law. However, Ozzie may have inadvertently made a case for enactment of I-594 when I asked “But nobody talked to this guy?” referring to the still unknown individual Pendell gave Murry’s guns to and Ozzie responded; “We don’t know who he is.” I then throw in “Pendell forgot who he was?” and Ozzie responds “Never got the guy’s name, he really didn’t care.”  As you will see I respond; “Oooh …okay!” wondering why a cop wouldn’t care who he gave the guns to.


To clarify for some folks who were curious regarding a question I asked Ozzie about not doing a search warrant on a property close to the murder scene:

The property I was referring to was Ken Barker’s property in Stevens County where Murray at one time frequented when Murray was a member of the 63rd Battalion Light Foot Militia who trained on Barker’s property. Ozzie wasn’t knowledgeable enough to comment on the case if you remember.



Ozzie’s good guy Confidential Informant Ed LaStage was a founder of the group.



Realistically, you would have to read the Murray Murder Case file to get the full reason behind the question.


Ozzie spends a lot of time trying to prove I lied about ever having a previous meeting with him. For the life of me I can’t figure out what he was trying to prove, however he does admit that he liked the proposal we did a lot of work on regarding a system that would attach some accountability throughout “Smart Justice.”

Ozzie for some reason draws a comparison between his administration and Mark Sterk’s administration, pointing out how much better Ozzie’s has been …at least from Ozzie’s perspective. Needless to say, …. HSS!

I will provide remarks tomorrow regarding Episode Ten the finale ASAP. I will point out now that THE REAL TRUTH comes out at the very end of the footage.





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