The heat, no pun intended, on Mayor Condon and Chief Meidl gets a little hotter.


Keep in mind that there will always be BAD COPS, but there will forever be far more GOOD COPS, and no matter how much the Brass want to try and intimidate the GOOD COPS, they will find some way to get the truth out.

Chief Meidl and Mayor Condon have received this warm letter from the OPOC regarding playing the hide and seek game SPD and the Condon Administration have become infamous for.

To top it off Craig Meidl received this heartwarming letter from the Center of Justice.

Conspicuously absent from this entire issue are Phil Tyler from the NAACP, and John Lemus from the Human Rights Commission… What say you two?

For those of us who knew Condon’s choice of Meidl would do nothing to change the CULTURE at SPD regardless of all the Dog and Pony Shows… the only thing left for us to say is… “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

By now in almost any other City the Chief of Police would be on his way out, but not in good ole Spokane where admitting a big mistake almost never happens, because it takes some Chazaq, which there isn’t a lot of around here. The Street Director is one thing but the Chief of Police? The option, which is right there and has been discussed in some circles, is open to the Mayor, and he knows it. An easy move with someone not ingrained in the Culture…  but no Chazaq… no doing the right thing!!!



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