You got me, I don’t know!

For those of you who aren’t aware I’ve been trying to find out exactly where all our Cops are assigned within the SPD. Because SPD has up until very recently maintained a partial Organizational Chart depicting where the Brass in the Department were assigned one would think there would be something for the entire Department with corresponding documentation regarding the officer’s rank, seniority, time in grade etcetera, like all other Law Enforcement Agencies, I didn’t think I would have any problem coming up with something so I asked members of the City Council to provide me one. Unfortunately, none of the City Council Members could come up with anything and one of them tried hard to come up with something. In the past I got some documents from former Council Member Steve Salvatore who after some work did come up with the partial Organization Chart linked below.


Hell, I even thought that since Craig Meidl even provided me with a partial Organization Chart back in March of 2016, before I became persona non grata with him, I wouldn’t have any problems getting the information that I needed to try and figure out where the heck all these new Cops of ours are assigned and what they do.





Well, I was wrong of course and even going through the always difficult Public Records Request process…I got zilch. I kind of hate to take up the time and expense of going through the PRR Process, but Craig Meidl leaves me with no other option.




It looks like this is all we will get and it is impossible to tell from what we have how OUR RESOURCES are being used.


These are the only documents Ms. Farnsworth could get from SPD and as she notes in her email to me they sure as heck aren’t current!

Department Seniority 2017


Detective Seniority 2017


My last email in the images below will give you some idea of how I have been going back and forth with Ms. Farnsworth and Ms. Pfister just trying to get what should be readily available to the Media, Public, and City Council. I just hope that Mayor Condon fulfills the promise he made to give these gals more money to deal with PRRs in the 2017 Budget.


Although some folks might not understand the importance of knowing where all your troops are, their rank, seniority, and all that good stuff as it relates to things like “Unity of Command,” “Span of Control”, and all the stuff you learn as a Rookie maybe there is help on the way if she doesn’t allow herself to get caught in the trap!


On Another Subject???

I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of the infamous detailed “Jim McDevitt Report Card” but I can’t find one so if anyone happens to have a copy please pass it on so I don’t have to bother Ms. Pfister and Ms. Farnsworth.


“But he also said there are areas that need improvement.


“Once I am a private citizen again, I’m going to take the opportunity to do a report card and in that report card I’m going to talk about leadership, I’m going to talk about where I see, what I see the need in leadership should be based upon my experience not only here, but in other venues,” McDevitt said.


McDevitt said he feels like he owes it to the community to help make the department better.


“I’m going to talk about personnel, going to talk about facilities and it may not be the most popular report card to some, but then again I think I owe the public who’s been paying my salary for the last four months, the public and city hall an honest assessment of what I see and what I think the department needs,” McDevitt said.”





  1. Disorganization makes it easier to deceive. Just as chaos makes it easier to steal.

    Too bad we don’t have a professional, well compensated, full-time, fully benefited, city council that could get at the heart of our problems with SPD and then resolve them. A. Damn. Shame.

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      1. No time? Yeah, that is why past councils were able to do the work of the people that they represented; without being “full-time” and without full-time benefited “assistants” to help them comprehend complex issues, as is the case with Bendy and his Bendettes.

        Stuckart has jacked up the council’s pay, benefits, and perks with zero corresponding out put of work on behalf of citizens. Instead, he flits around looking for the next political office that he can run for; on our dime and our time. Disgusting!

        The council should be holding SPD’s collective feet to the fire, should be analyzing their budget, the organization, and other aspects of the department to ensure that money allocated and other city resources are being used effectively.

        Hey! Bendy!
        Fraud, waste, and abuse. Remember those? How about Due Diligence? Know anything about that? Instead of flitting around the county looking for your next political office, how about you do the f’in job you were elected and compensated very nicely to do?

        Novel concept, I know.

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