A common strategy employed by law enforcement agencies is the F & F Strategy, which basically amounts to agencies relying on adverse press fading away and being forgotten by Reporters and the Public. It works, so despite being what one former Spokesman Review Reporter somewhat accurately described me as being, “a vintage Muckraker,” with emphasis on the “vintage”, I’m doing my best not to fall for the good ole F & F Strategy and here are updates to some old stories.

Readers may remember that the COPS/DOJ Review of SPD recommended a Patrol Staffing Analysis be done to see whether SPD was using our Cops efficiently, and getting the best bang for our buck. Well as is usually the case getting to the facts and detail was a struggle.

Of course, as I pointed out below it would have been nice for the Mayor and City Council to have the infamous Staffing Analysis prior to making SPD Budget Decisions.

On December 1st, 2016 prior to writing the above story I reached out to the City Council, to get more information. One Councilmember responded by stating; “My understanding is that the final product has not been delivered yet”, another graciously provided me a copy of the original contract signed by Craig Meidl on March 30th, 2016 and explained that they were not briefed on the analysis.

When I learned that the Staffing Analysis wasn’t going to be completed on or about December 31st ,2016 as the original contract called for I tried to figure out where the heck all OUR 311 Cops are assigned. What I found out was SPD doesn’t keep any records documenting where Officers are assigned, and they even had to update and old out of date Seniority List to give to me.



As it stands now it looks like we must wait until at least June 30th, 2017 before we have any idea where our Officers are assigned and what they do.

I can’t help but wonder whether the contract extension was necessary because no one knew where all the Troops were assigned and what they were doing.



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