More About SPD Staffing


I thought I would add just a bit more to Rachael’s story as it relates to “The Big Picture” and something most folks aren’t aware of. Labor contracts can be amended, and often are after the original contract is signed. Raising the SPD staffing level is a very good thing but sometimes the actual costs beyond salary for the new folks are overlooked.

This is but one example of added costs and how the increased staffing has worked to the benefit of Spokane Police Guild Members. As you can see from the media above Frank Straub and Mayor Condon were able to convince the City Council in March of 2015 that the anticipated increased staffing at SPD would require providing an incentive for Guild members to remain, or become Field Training Officers.The incentive of course was more money. The original Guild contract provided for an additional 3% of base salary for specialty classifications, the new MOU now provides many SPD Officers to increase their base salary to anywhere from 3% to 6% and perhaps more depending on whether or not they are allowed more than two specialties.

Pretty darn good deal if you ask me especially when you consider that back in the day to be a “Coach” didn’t carry with it any financial incentives only the satisfaction that Supervisors were confident enough in you to train “Rookies”.

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