The answer to that question can be found in the Ozzie/Buff Feature Video, and it is quite simple. If you watch the Ozzie/Buff video you will see Ozzie objecting to the FACT that when bad things happen with cops it always looks bad for the leaders like the Holyk and McMurtrey cases do so if you can cover it up and the Public never finds out…you are in the clear… unless of course good cops on SPD and the SCSO get sick and tired with the situation and the leadership and talk, well needless to say, they do talk. As a matter of FACT, as you will see in future OZZIE/BUFF Episodes Ozzie asks we why I don’t like Craig Meidl…my answer was simple… He is NOT a good Chief of Police. City Council Person Karen Stratton was the only one that got it right.

It is easy for law enforcement leaders to fool the Public, the Media, and the Politicians for that matter with “Bunk” Power Point Presentations, a line of BS, and an angelic look on your face. It isn’t so easy to fool someone that has been there done that and knows the game.

Yes, as reported, the SPD release and Press Conference regarding the “atrocious” Body Camera Video of McMurtrey was only done because I found out about the case and submitted a Public Records Request forcing the City to either continue the cover-up and not release it as well as all the documents or end-up in Court again eventually paying out more money to me. It remains to be seen if in fact I will get everything.



The TRUTH IS, unless someone has legitimate oversight power over SPD and the SCSO, if they can get away with it they will try. The TRUTH IS, the OPO has no authority, no budget, no staffing, and our City Leaders seem to care less.

Did Mayor Condon know about the McMurtrey case back in January 2016? If he didn’t he sure as hell should have! Did Chief Craig Meidl know about the “the most atrocious demeanor by an officer I’ve seen in my 23 years here,” in January 2016? He sure as hell did!



Do you believe this Public Statement by Meidl?

“An internal affairs investigation was launched but had to be suspended because there was no policy in place to govern how and when body cameras could be used in disciplinary procedures, Meidl said.”


If you believe that BS, you have never done an IA Case. Was the independent ASU researcher not a credible witness? Was a formal statement ever even taken from the ASU Researcher? Round and Round it goes!

Did the City Council know? They sure as hell did… I told them, and copied them on all my emails regarding the case. Did they pay any attention? Not much it would appear…I got one phone call from a Council Member who was obviously in a hurry, and said they would consider it. I got an email last week from a Council Member who said they would call me early this week about it… maybe they will call now.

What is also sad about this is that the SPD Brass seem to be a lot more concerned about finding out which Cops are talking to me. I got news for you SPD Brass, I’ll go to jail first!

Even though I am a member of the Media, and on the Media Dissemination List no one bothered to call me and let me know there was a Press Conference… do you think it could be because my questions would be pointed, tough, and persistent, as Ozzie learned quickly? Could it be that when would ask a question, I would know the truthful answer?

After this series of stories, I wrote about the interview Mitch Ryals, Rachel Alexander, and I had with Craig Meidl, and Justin Lundgren they have no time for me or want to come anywhere near me, let alone have me ask questions at a press conference.




Damn rights I understood!


The McMurtrey cover-up is simply the tip of the iceberg as this OPO letter indicates, but there is even more.



Whose plate does this fall on? The same plate that Frank Straub did, right in the lap of Mayor David Condon, and the Spokane City Council. They received, as did the local MSM, the facts, the truth, and the warning…they did nothing until the stuff hit the fan, and it was way too late!

Is there more? It sure as hell looks that way!

People that follow me closely know that another one of my PRR battles with the City and SPD is trying to get documents like an Organization Chart, etcetera that show exactly where SPD’s 311 Cops are assigned. If you were following you would know that there were no documents, so SPD had to create some.



It would appear the answer is “Organized Disorganization!”

On Monday February 6th, 2017, at 4:29 PM Terri Pfister sent me an email containing several Documents.



Believe it or not there is always some methodology to what I do, as was the case here.

Among the documents SPD created was this one:



The important thing to notice is that in this Organization Chart Officer McMurtrey is listed as being assigned to the “Patrol and Precincts” Division under Major Kevin King. What is also important to note, and something I always do, and recommend all Investigative Reporters do is CHECK DOCUMENT PROPERTIES (There are advanced ways to check BTW)!



As you can see the Document Properties seem to demonstrate that the Organization Chart was created by “Loucks, Michelle” 1/31/2017 at 09:45:28 AM.


Now here is the kicker, I also received this Document from Terri Pfister in the same email.



If you review the Document carefully you will note that there are only two Officers listed as LD, meaning Light Duty Officer Dave Daddato and Officer Christopher McMurtrey. Notice the difference in how Daddato’s LD is listed and how McMurtrey’s is listed… it could mean something…or maybe not.

Now lets take a look at the Properties for the above Document I received from Pfister.


The properties seem to demonstrate that the Document was created on 2/6/2017 at 1:55:59 PM. The question of course is who created the Documents and when were they created.


Since Craig Meidl and Justin Lundgren are afraid of me and what I know, someone, has to ask Meidl where McMurtrey has been and is assigned, whether it is the Mayor, City Council, or the MSM.

That question HAS TO BE ASKED for a number of reasons, one of which is as Meidl knew full well prior to February 8th, 2016 that during the IA Investigation the concern was expressed that McMurtrey might be suffering from PTSD resulting from his two previous Officer Involved Shootings.


What say you Mayor Condon???


Okay…back to the Ozzie/Buff Feature Video Episode Two.

Darn Boss won’t give me overtime pay…oh well!




  1. Great catch on the Doc Props; lots of people don’t know what a wealth of information those can provide, or that they can be removed from a Doc so others can’t access that info. SPD/City Hell obviously don’t know about them. Obviously.

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  2. What gets me about the “cover up” is that the lame main stream media is merely reading Meidl’s claim/talking points, that the BC video was released because the new chief promised “transparency”. However, those of us that follow The Buff, know that the chief was attempting to hide that case; Mr. Logue suspects the same, hence his expanded review.

    The press is sugar coating this story instead of getting to the bottom of why the brass attempted to hide the information. And it makes me mad; you wouldn’t like me when I’m mad!

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      1. Not going to count on it. The SledShelia~Review finally picked up the Logue IA/Ombudsman story, almost a week after The Inlander did a great article, that you linked on your blog.

        A week. The only daily newspaper in town let a little alternative weekly out report them (just like they let the CDA Press scoop them on the Dolezal story). Curly uses the USAToday template; stale news condensed, empty spaces filled with large color photos and sports stories, copy and paste onto Fakebook. Voila! Surface reporting, no delving, little to no depth.

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          1. May work on the revenue side, for awhile. They were giving them away at the grocery store the other day, some free Sunday deal with a gift card that covered the cost of the paper. Hell, Sundays are the day most people want a dead tree version of a newspaper…so give away the product most in demand? Not sure how long that can be sustained?

            When the guy offered me a “free” paper, I told him “no thanks, I can’t read”. Stops ’em cold every time!

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