Old concept from the standpoint that the Neighborhood Resources Officer position was created by Cops during the Chief Terry Mangan era and the concept was copied through-out the Nation.

Frank Straub of course made a feeble attempt to take credit for the concept by simply changing the name to Neighborhood Condition Officer, so we are now apparently back to NROs instead of NCOs.

Compare the study in this link to what is going on at SPD today.


“An evaluation by Washington State University of the NRO program in 1992 and 1993 determined that the program implementation had been successful with officers reporting higher job satisfaction, and neighbors reporting high satisfaction with the officers.”


There was no question the concept was a good one and the whole idea was that Cops would take “ownership” of “their” Beat and pride in working with Neighborhood to make the Beat a better place for them to live. The SR article about Officer Ponto, which isn’t the first, shows that she has a good understanding of our original idea and is carrying it out so much Kudos Officer Ponto…you got it girl!

Don’t mistake the term “ownership” for heavy-handedness the analogy I used back in the day was like a carpenter who owns his own tools, and takes pride in them by keeping them sharp and clean.


“While Mangan was pleased with the results of the program he realized that the department was providing too little supervision for the NROS. “We had one NRO who was a very good community guy, but he kind of went sideways on us. He was overwhelmed, he had so much that he couldn’t manage it and he didn’t go for help because he figured he was independent,” Mangan said. “So he was getting reports that he never turned in… issuing citations that he never turned in. Spending way more time than he should have doing things that became increasingly less productive… He wound up being terminated for some very specific things he did wrong, but I also felt that we shared that responsibility because we didn’t provide him with the kind of support he needed.”



This reference in the Harvard study is referring to this situation:,6003499&hl=en


It was a mess and took a long time to clean up, reports never turned in, lying about so many things I can’t remember the all, and a race element that got in the way. The City Council recently approved a budget which included four new “NROs.”

They did so of course without any facts, data, or understanding of the dynamics and acted only on what they were fed.


The reality is you can’t just hire four new people to be NROs it must be an experienced Cop, like Ponto willing to take ownership, work with the Neighborhood and solve problems who can be trusted to work under limited supervision. In essence you need the right people for the job.

I recently read a very troubling IA report regarding a Detective with a long, long, IA history being moved by Craig Meidl to the Hillyard Precinct and away from watchful eyes, real dumb move Craig.





More later this subject!



Not really a flash many of us have known for some time…SPD decided to listen for once!




14 thoughts on “NICE STORY OLD CONCEPT!

    1. From your link Coward!

      “These studies further catalyzed interest in community policing and problem solving, and from 1988 to 1990 the National Institute of Justice sponsored the Perspectives on Policing Seminars at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.”

      I know this guy that was a presenter at those.

      You might notice these dates:

      “The beginnings of a coherent community policing approach (1980s).”

      “Community policing as a national reform movement (1990s and beyond).”

      Ever walk a Beat?

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          1. You couldn’t just sit back and give Ponto respect for her hard work, you had to make the BS claim that Yall started community policing and that the rest of the country followed. Clearly that wasn’t the case as the link I provided illustrates the origins of foot patrols and community policing. Ponto is an extension of that just as you were. Instead of focusing on the great work she has done you gotta plug yourself. Because……your EGO. Btw, nice spin you are putting on you now BS ego inspired rants on Ozzies Twitter page. You are the master a twisting “facts” and he’s doing a good job of making you look like the fraud that you really are. Good stuff Ozzie! 🙂

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            1. Hey Sled,

              Can you just take a minute and stfu and collect yourself? Thanks, you did everyone a great service turning the SR into a cemetery where everyone needs a facebook to comment. It’s even better when we see your stupidly generic comments that add nothing to any story that is posted. Sucks that you Breen have such a beef but at the end of the day, he’s now here doing his own blog and you are the obsessed one who can’t let it go and must come here to comment out of spite. Don’t bother denying, everyone knows it’s you. Too bad you both could not have worked things out like men, but then again your immature and childish comments here prove my point. Worry about your own and stop obsessing.

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              1. Well said Thomas!

                Sleddy and his constant crybaby whining to the mods got the SR threads shuttered. Now? He has no where to play the constant victim. So he comes on here to try his crap.

                It’s obvious whom has the problem; very obvious!

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    1. The adage back then was Fess-up, and Face-up. The new theory is Fluff-up, and Fade. The Harvard study isn’t completely accurate of course, the actual concepts were developed by street cops who knew and understood the problems and not the Brass even though some took credit for them. I still have copies of Memos which Cops and Detectives submitted with their ideas on how to best serve the community. I along with a lot of other retired cops who were around then just shake our heads when we read stories that Fluff-up, and Fade!

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      1. Fluff-up and Fade?
        All filler, no thriller…

        From the Case Study link: ““I try to get all of the Council Members to the Citizens Academy and most all have attended. I credit the Council when I give speeches about community policing; that they gave us the support and the backing to do these kind of things. So I’ve tried to co-opt the Council, so to speak, to make them part of the community policing effort,” Mangan said. ”

        Is this still a “thing”, do you know ? Council going to the Citizens Academy?

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