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For those of you that think you want to get involved in the Public Records Request Game, the first thing to understand is that it is exactly that in the City of Spokane A BIG GAME, so you have to be prepared to play. The first rule of the GAME is that government folks including City of Spokane Government folks don’t want to give you anything even though the Washington State Public Records Act requires that they do. The second rule is that as a requester you have to know the PRA Law and Case Law, be persistent, maintain complete records, and utilize every option available to you. Those options will often include making it known what your intentions are, as was the case you will find in the email string below. For people who might conclude that demonstrating my intention to file a Washington State Bar Association Complaint was some kind of a threat, you are mistaken, I don’t make threats if I say I’m going to do something I do it.





EM 1

EM 2

EM 3

EM 4

EM 5

EM 6

EM 7

EM 8

EM 9

EM 10

EM 11

EM 12

EM 13

EM 15

EM 15

EM 16


You know you are hitting home when they throw a lawyer in the mix, don’t let that intimidate you…just keep on keeping on.

Dalton 1

Dalton 2


Of course you can draw your own conclusions but the fact is PRRs are not a walk in the park.

As far as the Nissen Affidavits are concerned, I have no way of telling if any of the individuals falsified their Affidavits, because I don’t have subpoena power to obtain transcripts and records like the City Council has, and the Affidavits are worded in a way that allows for a defense if someone finds something…that is the way it works.










But he states he never read it???



At 12:16 PM Yesterday I received a voice message on my phone from Sherriff Ozzie Knezovich requesting I call him. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a call from him to ask me to turn myself in because they had a warrant for me and was more likely about my Ryan Holyk story so given the circumstances and background including some of the things I documented in Holyk story I didn’t call him back and chose to interact via email so there was a precise record of what transpired something that is important to do with any Public Official because “spin” seems to be a prerequisite for holding public office.


The images below document the email exchange between the Sheriff and myself. You may be tempted to laugh once you get to the end of the email string, but keep in mind that this is a serious matter and again points out the need in Spokane County for some form of Officer Involved Death Inquests and Legitimate Independent Oversight.


Oz 1

Oz 2

Oz 3

Oz 4

Oz 5

Oz 6

Oz 8

Oz 8

Oz 9



You can decide for yourself whether or not Ozzie actually read my Holyk story or not but here are some things to consider when doing so.


The lead Investigative Agency in the Holyk case was the Spokane Police Department, so according to the Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team it was supposed to be entirely their baby with WSP as Assist. The Spokane County Sherriff’s Office is supposedly only along for the ride as observers in order to maintain investigative independence so the public will have trust in the investigation.



Media Relations



One of big pet peeves when I was investigating OIS cases was the damn brass shooting their mouth off to the media when they shouldn’t, it doesn’t help the investigators nor does it help the “actor” cop, but they always want to inject themselves into the process, perhaps out of fear they might end up looking bad. If you go back and look, Sheriff Knezovich has his face infront of the camera one hell of a lot more than any of the SIRRT members or lead agency Brass in all of the cases where a Deputy Sheriff is the “Actor”. The Holyk cases is another prime example, as was the Creach case.


We shall see if Sheriff Knezovich ever does try to refute anything in my Holyk story, if he does, I sure as heck will publish it.



****NEWS FLASH!!! More Nepotism???? Tracie Meidl wife of Interim Chief Craig Meidl has been promoted to Captain and given the position of Captain of Investigations while  Eric Olson got Selby Smith’s old job. The question is…were there far more qualified candidates…lots of folks think so. We will see what we can find out!








The City of Spokane doesn’t think so!




I finally received a PRR response for the City Employees whose private cell phone bills we pay for. We supposedly pay for the potion of those bills used for City of Spokane Business.


The question is; Because we pay for the City Business usage should we the Citizens, and the City Council be able to review exactly what City Business is being conducted on private cell phones without having to obtain subpoenas, or go to court over a PRR?


You might be surprised at how much we pay, and there is NO EVIDENCE that there is any accountability for the claimed usage.


We of course don’t know whether any of these individuals utilize their own set servers at their home guarded by SPD and utilize several different communications devices. 🙂 🙂


Here is a list of some of the more notable City Employees we pay/paid for:


Jan Quintrall

Leroy Eadie

Julie Happy

Erin Jacobson

Heather Lowe

Ed Lukas

Judy Knight

Scott Simmons

Kyle Twohig

Kara Heatherly

Tim Burns


Here is a portion of the contract language that spells out the public record issue:

Contract language



Based upon my review of the documents I have received from my PRRs, many individuals utilize their private cell phones to conduct City Business, and to be clear it makes NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever if we pay for the cell phone usage or not.

Below you will find links to a portion of the City Response to my PRR:



You might wonder who decided that when a government employee uses their private communications devices for government business those communications are Public Record, well as the City of Spokane knows full well it was the Washington State Supreme Court.



Nissen Case:



I’m still making an effort to look into the uninvestigated Lynden Smithson case, so folks can draw a comparison between that case and “Furniture-gate” …but you know how that goes.



Below is just a sampling of …well you know what it is!




TP BB Three

TP BB Four

TP BB Five







I’m a White Uniform Cop with three years of experience assigned to keep the peace at a Black Lives Matter Rally in Spokane, WA. I have a lot of responsibilities including keeping people safe. The assignment is one hell of a lot different than when I’m out on patrol where the law allows me, depending upon the circumstances, my background and experience, and knowledge of the individual, to take steps to protect myself even to the point of putting someone on the ground at gun point.

The dilemma facing me is that I have run across these two jerks who are armed at the Rally, and I have to determine if they are Dangerous Bad Guys or just idiots.


Is this White Dude a Dangerous Bad Guy?

Oregon 1




Is this Black Dude a Dangerous Bad Guy?




Suspect 2



I don’t know either one of them, or their backgrounds, but I know damn good and well I have three choices.

I spot the White Dude with his weapon drawn and his finger indexed. Washington is an Open Carry State so the White Dude has a right to OPENLY CARRY a firearm but he doesn’t have the right to use the weapon to intimidate anyone, or take a shot at anyone unless he is in fear of his life or the life of others and he has the burden to prove it was. My choices are limited to just three, I can ignore him and hide some place hoping nothing happens, which would be the safest thing for me personally to do, I can CONFRONT him with my weapon drawn and hope to hell a firefight doesn’t ensue that might end up with me, him, and a bunch of bystanders’ dead, or I can CONTACT him and try and figure out what the hell the idiot is doing.

It ain’t a great day for me because after I take care of the situation with the White Dude, I run across this Black Dude OPENLY CARRYING a long weapon at the Rally. Same choices different color.

Well…when all is said and done my life experience has taught me that the aftermath of firefights and shootings isn’t pretty and really has a stink like no other stink, but what the hell the pay is good, the benefits are great, and my wife and kids are taken care of, so as dangerous as it is I opt for CONTACT like this, and besides I have the power so it is up to me how I use it.


It was a long day, lots of damn reports, lots of BS Cop talk like we do, and of course when I get home I got to read the Comic Section of the Spokesman Review where left never meets right and right never meets left…just mostly White folks pretending to know what they are talking about. A place no one in their right mind would want to pick a Jury from!

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