For folks that don’t recall Lynden Smithson, a Prosecutor in Nancy Isserlis’s office, was placed on five weeks paid administrative leave around the same time that Captain Brad Arleth the target of the Furniture-gate intimidation by the Condon Administration was placed on paid administrative leave.

Isserlis 1

Isserlis 2



The difference between the Smithson case and the Arleth case is that a considerable about of time and money was spent investigating Captain Arleth, however there was NO, ZERO, NADA investigation of Lynden Smithson by Isserlis and the City of Spokane. The only evidence that anything was done as far as Smithson is concerned was a copy of the City’s Drug Testing Policy was disseminated to a few folks involved in the case. Of course whether or not a lack of investigation had to do with Smithson’s wife’s employment with Lawyer Rob Cossey, we don’t know. But there are many things about the Smithson case we don’t know, and obviously Mayor Condon doesn’t want us to know.

Here is some background:

Pfister Nissen Union 1

Pfister Nissen Union 2





As I have mentioned in the past I generally have to wait long periods of time for responses to my PRRs and in most cases Ms. Pfister responds late on a Friday. When I opened my email Sunday evening I found this, and responded this AM. To me it is very telling and should be a cause of concern for not only Citizens but also the Spokane City Council.

Pfister to me 6 24 2016

Me to Pfister 6 27 2016 1








Kip Hill of the SR submitted this story on June 26, 2016:


Hill, who now covers City Hall with the moving on of Nick Deshais, for the first time mentioned what I reported here first.


The story by Hill does show that Karen Stratton and perhaps most of the City Council have finally grasped the obvious, which is that the fears of cronyism, nepotism, and corruption which were expressed during the Charter change vote to the Strong Mayor form of government have come to fruition.

Good job Councilwoman Stratton…but there is a long way to go.


From the deletions in the comments section of Hill’s story it would appear that once again I was the brunt of negative comments from my apparently paranoid friends Andrew Scheldt and Sheila Chase, something I will deal with as time permits, but it will have to take a back-burner to some other stories I am working on, including some issues inside the SCSO, so stay tuned.







  1. Also, the WSBA what a joke!! This is a huge problem in our state this is the most corrupt racketeering agency there is! Ms. Block and many others are suing the WSBA some of who’s corrupt ODC are low life attorneys stealing from our most vulnerable members of our community the elderly and disabled!

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  2. Good Morning ☀️
    The name you mention I recognize that case Fuentes a large drug case I know other individuals who run in the same crowd tied to the up coming case where an offender was mistakenly released and killed someone. Ring any bells 🛎 ? I only know about this sort of info due to it relates to my abusive-ex and his co-conspirators

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      1. I just have done some investigating on Mr. Fuentes myself only due to the fact that he appeared in a few police reports I had requested regarding the adults my ex had living in his home at the time Mr. Fuentes is certainly no stranger to the law. 🚔 Another problem case that is up coming surrounds a huge lawsuit & a murder that happened I investigated some on this case check it out if you like


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