But he states he never read it???





At 12:16 PM Yesterday I received a voice message on my phone from Sherriff Ozzie Knezovich requesting I call him. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a call from him to ask me to turn myself in because they had a warrant for me and was more likely about my Ryan Holyk story so given the circumstances and background including some of the things I documented in Holyk story I didn’t call him back and chose to interact via email so there was a precise record of what transpired something that is important to do with any Public Official because “spin” seems to be a prerequisite for holding public office.


The images below document the email exchange between the Sheriff and myself. You may be tempted to laugh once you get to the end of the email string, but keep in mind that this is a serious matter and again points out the need in Spokane County for some form of Officer Involved Death Inquests and Legitimate Independent Oversight.


Oz 1

Oz 2

Oz 3

Oz 4

Oz 5

Oz 6

Oz 8

Oz 8

Oz 9



You can decide for yourself whether or not Ozzie actually read my Holyk story or not but here are some things to consider when doing so.


The lead Investigative Agency in the Holyk case was the Spokane Police Department, so according to the Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team it was supposed to be entirely their baby with WSP as Assist. The Spokane County Sherriff’s Office is supposedly only along for the ride as observers in order to maintain investigative independence so the public will have trust in the investigation.





Media Relations



One of big pet peeves when I was investigating OIS cases was the damn brass shooting their mouth off to the media when they shouldn’t, it doesn’t help the investigators nor does it help the “actor” cop, but they always want to inject themselves into the process, perhaps out of fear they might end up looking bad. If you go back and look, Sheriff Knezovich has his face infront of the camera one hell of a lot more than any of the SIRRT members or lead agency Brass in all of the cases where a Deputy Sheriff is the “Actor”. The Holyk cases is another prime example, as was the Creach case.


We shall see if Sheriff Knezovich ever does try to refute anything in my Holyk story, if he does, I sure as heck will publish it.



****NEWS FLASH!!! More Nepotism???? Tracie Meidl wife of Interim Chief Craig Meidl has been promoted to Captain and given the position of Captain of Investigations while  Eric Olson got Selby Smith’s old job. The question is…were there far more qualified candidates…lots of folks think so. We will see what we can find out!







      1. Well, often the truth doesn’t get out and I am certain that the sheriff was counting on the same same here – in the Holyk wrongful death case. The cop that hit that little boy admitted that he’d hit something, the night of the accident. And shortly thereafter, that fact was dropped from news reports and commentary regarding the case.

        Lots of readers, however, never forgot that initial statement by the officer that hit him. That is why many of us suspected that the “fix” was in; cops were going to circle the wagons to protect the officer that hit and killed that boy, and by extension protect themselves should they be suspects in future homicide by cop of citizens.

        No wonder some in our community don’t trust a single thing that police have to say. The sheriff often does more harm than good, in these types of cases. Too bad he’s never learned how to keep his pie hole shut, choosing instead to mug for the nightly news camera.

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        1. I always find it amazing when police administrators come out day one, before any investigation has been started and tell the public…”All is well!” Without the civil litigation the truth would have never come out, which says one hell of a lot about the system. Many LE Top Brass could care less about the troops and only how they might look. Ozzie is bucking for the US Marshal Job if Trump is elected so you will likely see a lot more of that “pie hole” being open over the next few months.


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