The City of Spokane doesn’t think so!




I finally received a PRR response for the City Employees whose private cell phone bills we pay for. We supposedly pay for the potion of those bills used for City of Spokane Business.


The question is; Because we pay for the City Business usage should we the Citizens, and the City Council be able to review exactly what City Business is being conducted on private cell phones without having to obtain subpoenas, or go to court over a PRR?


You might be surprised at how much we pay, and there is NO EVIDENCE that there is any accountability for the claimed usage.


We of course don’t know whether any of these individuals utilize their own set servers at their home guarded by SPD and utilize several different communications devices. 🙂 🙂


Here is a list of some of the more notable City Employees we pay/paid for:


Jan Quintrall

Leroy Eadie

Julie Happy

Erin Jacobson

Heather Lowe

Ed Lukas

Judy Knight

Scott Simmons

Kyle Twohig

Kara Heatherly

Tim Burns


Here is a portion of the contract language that spells out the public record issue:

Contract language



Based upon my review of the documents I have received from my PRRs, many individuals utilize their private cell phones to conduct City Business, and to be clear it makes NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever if we pay for the cell phone usage or not.

Below you will find links to a portion of the City Response to my PRR:



You might wonder who decided that when a government employee uses their private communications devices for government business those communications are Public Record, well as the City of Spokane knows full well it was the Washington State Supreme Court.



Nissen Case:



I’m still making an effort to look into the uninvestigated Lynden Smithson case, so folks can draw a comparison between that case and “Furniture-gate” …but you know how that goes.



Below is just a sampling of …well you know what it is!




TP BB Three

TP BB Four

TP BB Five






  1. FYI there are no exemptions for phone records I’m dealing with the same issue as we speak! The best way & often times only way to deal with these games that Public Records Officers play is to sue the shit out of them If you would like Brian you are welcome to join Ms. Block and I in our PRR suit we are filing in Stevens County within the next few weeks it’s a shame that it comes down to this but if these Public Records Officers want to play games with us citizens then the best approach is to make them pay to play!⚖


  2. Brian, a correction. You continue to refer to everyday run-of-the-mill liberals, like Vestal, as “extremely” liberal. There are very very few liberals of the “extreme” variety in a place like Spokane. I’ve met exactly 2, in all of my years here — and one was raised on the Isle of Mann — a Socialist Labor Scot. 😉

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    1. I thought you got out of the library? You need to get out a little more. Granted there aren’t as many extremely Liberal folks here as there are in Virginia for example but there are one hell of a lot more than “2”! 🙂


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