I’m a White Uniform Cop with three years of experience assigned to keep the peace at a Black Lives Matter Rally in Spokane, WA. I have a lot of responsibilities including keeping people safe. The assignment is one hell of a lot different than when I’m out on patrol where the law allows me, depending upon the circumstances, my background and experience, and knowledge of the individual, to take steps to protect myself even to the point of putting someone on the ground at gun point.

The dilemma facing me is that I have run across these two jerks who are armed at the Rally, and I have to determine if they are Dangerous Bad Guys or just idiots.


Is this White Dude a Dangerous Bad Guy?

Oregon 1




Is this Black Dude a Dangerous Bad Guy?




Suspect 2



I don’t know either one of them, or their backgrounds, but I know damn good and well I have three choices.

I spot the White Dude with his weapon drawn and his finger indexed. Washington is an Open Carry State so the White Dude has a right to OPENLY CARRY a firearm but he doesn’t have the right to use the weapon to intimidate anyone, or take a shot at anyone unless he is in fear of his life or the life of others and he has the burden to prove it was. My choices are limited to just three, I can ignore him and hide some place hoping nothing happens, which would be the safest thing for me personally to do, I can CONFRONT him with my weapon drawn and hope to hell a firefight doesn’t ensue that might end up with me, him, and a bunch of bystanders’ dead, or I can CONTACT him and try and figure out what the hell the idiot is doing.

It ain’t a great day for me because after I take care of the situation with the White Dude, I run across this Black Dude OPENLY CARRYING a long weapon at the Rally. Same choices different color.

Well…when all is said and done my life experience has taught me that the aftermath of firefights and shootings isn’t pretty and really has a stink like no other stink, but what the hell the pay is good, the benefits are great, and my wife and kids are taken care of, so as dangerous as it is I opt for CONTACT like this, and besides I have the power so it is up to me how I use it.




It was a long day, lots of damn reports, lots of BS Cop talk like we do, and of course when I get home I got to read the Comic Section of the Spokesman Review where left never meets right and right never meets left…just mostly White folks pretending to know what they are talking about. A place no one in their right mind would want to pick a Jury from!

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