The question in my mind is whether or not there are different standards applied by the Condon Administration when it comes to the investigation of, and placing on paid administrative leave, of City Employees. In the case of Lynden Smithson, a City Prosecutor and Brad Arleth a City Cop, at this point it appears there is. As we all know Arleth is and has been the subject an SPD Internal Investigation involving Furniture Gate, Smithson was placed on paid administrative leave for some type of involvement in a large scale widely publicized Federal Drug Case. Both are employees in the City of Spokane Criminal Justice System.

Many people including SPD Cops believe that the investigation of Arleth was a political hit job because he spoke up with the truth to Teresa Sanders about Mayor Condon’s failed and expensive Precinct Model, the brainchild of his crony and stupid hire Frank Straub. When the Internal Investigation of Arleth is released to the public we should get a better feel for whether that is true or not. Keep in mind that Interim Chief Rick Dobrow bailed out even though he many times expressed an interest in being the permanent Chief of Police, which I find quite interesting as it relates to Furniture Gate.



As Laurie Farnsworth promised I did get an email from her yesterday with records regarding the Smithson paid administrative leave. As anticipated every effort was made not to be transparent which is the cornerstone of the Condon Administration.


Farnsworth email 1


My response to Farnsworth



This link provides you with some heavily redacted emails Farnsworth provided. Transparency…???


You won’t see any of this information in the Spokesman Review…the question is why? Perhaps they don’t think it is newsworthy…or there is some other reason. 🙂

I would update you on my Cotton/Straub PRR from back in September of 2015, but of course there is nothing to update you on…Oh Heck…maybe we will all forget…right? 🙂

I have developed more information from sources on the James McDevitt fiasco which I will report on later today…so stay tuned…it ain’t over folks!!




  1. What’s left after the redactions is what the NSA calls “metadata”. I’m a bit surprised they even left such telling stuff as “Thanks so much”. I wonder how much they’re spending on black felt-tip pens…

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    1. Transparency at it’s best! All part of the game…which is push the jerk asking the questions into the courtroom so he has to pay some money upfront…besides if the jerk wins and we have to pay it doesn’t come out of our pocket, it comes out of the taxpayers pocket.

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