Ryan Holyk



Rob Curley



Ryan Holyk

Although the pay for this Investigative Reporting gig hasn’t increased, and despite attempts to silence me, my circulation has increased not only at the local level but also the national level. That increase has resulted in my story file having been filled to the point that I have to pick and choose what I’m going to deal with.

The importance of the Ryan Holyk story, even though it has been in the news for a long time, should be obvious to all because it points out the complete lack of accountability in the Internal Investigative Process of the Spokane Police Department, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, and the WSP. Much like the Otto Zehm case attempts to hide the truth were overcome primarily by private citizens seeking the truth, and those private citizens were marginalized, subjected to intimidation, and were targeted with the maintenance of intelligence files by Sheriff Ozzie which he has publicly disseminated to a select few. As for me…bring it on…I love that kind of stuff!!!


As many know my criticism of the SIRR Team predates the Use of Force Commission Report and the COPS/DOJ Review of SPD. Both reports documented my criticisms, and the Ryan Holyk case is just another example not only of the complete lack of accountability, but also the lengths local law enforcement leadership will go to cover-up the truth in order to cover their own rear ends.


One of the new interesting aspects of the Ryan Holyk case is that once again, as he attempted to do in the Otto Zehm case, Jim McDevitt is attempting to take credit for reopening the case by making this statement:

The investigation in this matter has been reopened, in large part at my request.  I have the utmost trust in the parties involved, including WSP, SPD and SCSO.  My last day in this position is June 30th, so this matter will continue under new leadership.”


Nothing of course could be further from the truth.


Rob Curley


The possibility that Stacy Cowles will be hiring Rob Curley to replace Gary Graham at the Spokesman Review could be a big story because it will have a direct effect on way “news” is reported here in Spokane. As I have mentioned in the past the fact that Graham was retiring has been well known for some time and much like a police department, and cops, when a new Chief is coming in so there was a lot of bucking for position going on within the SR. My criticism of the SR is somewhat legendary, but Journalists are much like Cops and will seek somewhat odd alliances when things they don’t like happen so this could get real interesting.


It seems kind of dumb to state it again but Stacy and Betsy long ago flushed the SR down the toilet, so the question would be; Is the possible hiring of Curley another move in that direction? We have to keep in mind that any decision they make is entirely business related, unlike their father’s always were. Say what you want about Bill he always had the newspaper in first or second place. Should Curley be hired there will definitely be a change at the SR, and according to sources in the know from more than one place he has been there will be staff changes.


Keep in mind that Rob Curley has worked in a number of places besides his most recent stop and when Journalists feel someone has ruined their profession… amazingly they are even less reluctant to talk about it than Cops are, so this could get real interesting if not down and dirty.

Stay Tuned!





  1. Down and dirty, eh? Sounds good to me.

    Actually…the SledShelia~Review has been going downhill for a while now. Maybe a shakeup in leadership/positions is needed? Or maybe nothing can stop the slow, painful decline. At any rate, keep after ’em Buff!


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