Good News…Well Maybe!!


The Spokane City Council to their credit appear to have finally come to the conclusion that they have made huge mistakes in when it comes to fixing the Spokane Police Department. This City Council July 20th, 2016 Agenda Item MAY be evidence of the realization perhaps they have come to that among many other big mistakes they made, dividing the SPD into several different Divisions at the request of Mayor Condon and Frank Straub only assisted in the SPD downfall.


The crony exempt hiring of people like new SPD Patrolman Tim Schwering, Selby Smith, Monique Cotton, Jim McDevitt, and many others was destined to result in what we have today. I won’t bother to mention the exempt hire of Kyle Twohig, but it is all the same really, and an out of control corrupt Strong Mayor more concerned about themselves and their cronies will bring down any Police Department or City for that matter.


For those that don’t know there was testimony given by other retired SPD Cops regarding this issue at a Public Safety Committee Meeting where actual facts were present to the committee members. The change in City Ordinance is a necessary move to get rid of very high paid and completely inexperienced Condon Hires.


The Ordnance of course doesn’t go far enough because it doesn’t require that crony exempt hires have any of the background and experience necessary to do those high paying jobs.


There is much more to do, as far as undo is concerned…but at least this is a START!!!!




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