Glenda Nissen and Ozzie

I honestly haven’t been sitting idly by and not been working on stories. I’ve been in the typical public records battle with Ozzie, over his well-documented lack of high standards and accountability when it comes to transparency. Even though the battle is ongoing and has to be causing Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell heart-burn, but I felt it important to write this story to provide background which I can refer to as the story plays out because the next stories regarding this issue could get lengthy.

Glenda Nissen’s case against Pierce County was a landmark Washington State Supreme Court decision which allowed me to expose the various aspects of the infamous Cotton/Straub Affair because when I submitted my PRRs in that case I did so consistent with the Washington Supreme Court Decision in Nissen, other media did not.

Frank Straub



The Nissen vs Pierce County Case, actually is still ongoing, but only from standpoint of how much money Glenda Nissen is entitled to. As you can see from the media stories linked below Pierce County is still into it for a bunch of money.



Media throughout the State of Washington heralded the Washington Supreme Court’s decision in Nissen as a victory for open government and accountability. Even the Spokesman Review piped in.



Even the Washington State Attorney General who had filed a Friend of the Court Brief (Amicus Curiae) applauded the Court’s decision. So yes, Ozzie it would only make sense that I would contact the AG to get a PRA question answered.



With all of the PRRs, City, County, and State, that I have done since the Nissen case this is the first time I have had a government official refuse to provide a Nissen Affidavit. Ozzie Knezovich is refusing to provide one in response to my PRR to the County regarding his allegation that John Christina was cheating taxpayers out of money, and Ozzie’s allegation resulted in a heated confrontation between Christina and Knezovich which was witnessed by Mike Volz. The truth is each and every individual involved has provided me with a Nissen Affidavit EXCEPT OZZIE.

Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Haskell and the Board of County Commissioners, in the interest of transparency and open government provided me with one…but not Ozzie so go figure?

Haskell Christina PRR Nissen A

Haskell Christina PRR Nissen B

I of course have considerable evidence that Ozzie uses private electronic devices and email accounts to conduct public business and have only made just a very small portion of that evidence public, perhaps Ozzie’s problem.



And then again I did write these! 😊




I will continue to keep my readers informed how “HIGH STANDARDS + ACCOUNTABILITY = PROFESSIONALISM”