Standow Ozzie Wright Shea Chase

It sure appears that elected Spokane County Republican State Committeeman Brian Standow thinks it was.

After I published the story linked above I received this message from Brian Standow requesting I add the information he supplied to my previous story, so I will.

Standow setup by Ozzie

I’m not the only one to whom Standow has made the claim that Ozzie was behind it.

Standow Ozzie Behind it.

What is interesting about the Knezovich, Standow relationship is that it becomes hard to tell what it actually is. In one breath Standow states that Ozzie is his enemy whom he keeps close to him.

Standow he is my enemy

Yet in the next breath Standow says Ozzie is his friend.

Standow I became friends with Ozzie

In politics it is hard to tell which people friends and which people are actually are just using each other to accomplish some political end.

Standow running


Ozzie didn’t always hate the Northwest Grassroots folks there was a time he actually touted and thanked them.

Ozzie Thank you for the Forum NWGR

Ozzie thanks NWGR


The timelines suggest that Ozzie’s battle with the Northwest Grassroots organization and some of its members began near the time his battle with Matt Shea and Rob Chase started. I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that Ozzie has utter disdain for Shea and Chase, something he has publicly and privately expressed over and over again.

Ozzie NWGR Shea

Ozzie NWGR main leader citizen

Grassroots supported the D


Ozzie has even publicly accused some of the people he doesn’t like along with former President Obama of being responsible for assassinating Cops.

Sheriffs Report 1

Sheriffs Report 2

Ozzie re John Charleston and Cecily Wright


If Ozzie was behind all this drama he certainly is open for criticism for some of the relationships he himself has and had, including his close relationship with Mark Fuhrman, whom many believe to be a racist.

Ozzie Fuhrman Post

It seems inevitable with Ozzie Knezovich that when the truth is exposed there ends up being some kind of threat.

Ozzie Town Hall Meeting


Another questionable relationship Ozzie had was with somewhat infamous and since passed Militia Leader Ed LaStage.

Ozzie Ed Lastage

I know… kind of weird right given all of Ozzie’s recent rants about Constitutionalist and Militia Members? Ozzie’s explanation to me regarding his friendship with LaStage was that LaStage was Ozzie’s informant to the Joint Terrorism Task Force on the Militia movement, however he had no proof that was true, and it certainly doesn’t make sense he would post something that would draw attention to the relationship.

If as Standow alleges Ozzie was behind all this and it was a set up did Ozzie accomplish anything?

It would seem he did as a result of the large amount of press coverage, and that press coverage may have helped to draw even more people into the net, including another individual Ozzie has nothing but distain for. That individual is Rod Higgins the Mayor of the Spokane City of The Valley and a Progressive Group is in the process of organizing a Protest against Higgins asking for him to resign his position.


If this was all an Ozzie plot… it looks like it worked?