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Even the most naïve political junkies know that during an election cycle if you open the door even just slightly, whether you are one or not, political adversaries will walk right through that door and tag you as a Bigot, even members of the same party will jump on bandwagon to save face.

Such was the case with Cecily Wright former GOP Chair.

I doubt anyone given the press coverage of the Allsup debacle would dispute the fact that it was a BIG MISTAKE…but the question of course is whether or not Cecily Wright is a Bigot. Damned if I can tell, I’ve never sat down and spoken with her to get her views, on any issue. I haven’t the slightest idea whether or not Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase, Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins, state Rep. Matt Shea and Spokane Valley City Council members Arne Woodard, Ed Pace, John Charleston, John Christina and others that have met the wrath of Knezovich are Bigots either, I have never sat down and spoken with any of them either. But what I do know is that it is well documented that Ozzie Knezovich has utter distain for them and has expressed it publicly over and over including blaming them, along with former President Obama for cop and school shootings, so when I read the “I told you so” comments he makes I have to take it with a big grain of salt and wonder if it isn’t a case of him walking through that open door.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has every right to publicly denounce anyone or anything he wants to, just like we all do, but if you really look at his denouncements you have to wonder whether or not there is some politically motivated hypocrisy involved. As an example, Sheriff Knezovich has never denounced the Joey Gibson Rally put together by his political ally’s wife Lesley Haskell. As a matter of fact, Knezovich has never denounced anything Mrs. Haskell has said, so you can’t help but wonder exactly what is motivating Knezovich regarding Wright, Northwest Grass Roots, and all these other folks.

“I’m not going to talk to any media about this event,” says Lesley Haskell, one of the event’s organizers and wife of Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell. “It’s too controversial and politically dangerous. I’m sure you can understand.”

One thing is for sure, Lesley Haskell made the right move in not talking to the press about the Joey Gibson debacle, and of course Ozzie didn’t comment either.

The Joey Gibson Debacle, as one would anticipate, drew a lot of attention from the Progressives and the far left.

Joey Gibson US Senate

Solidarity in Spokane

Petition 1

Petition 2

Lesley Joey Gibson

One has to wonder why Ozzie didn’t express any outrage with that Debacle or warn us all about any of that stuff?


When it comes to friends Ozzie has no problem tagging folks as Bigots as was the case in his Phil Tyler vs Spokane County Deposition, even to the point of tagging his own staff as Bigots.

Ozzie Tyler Dep 1

Ozzie Tyler Dep 2

Ozzie Tyler Dep 3

The problem with tagging folks as Bigots, when they aren’t, will almost always end up with long term distrust, especially if the tagger is in a leadership role.

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So, who are the winners and who are the losers in this mess?

This woman is without a doubt the winner!

Lisa Brown

This woman is without a doubt the loser!


The moral of this story is pretty simple, whether it is Cecily Wright or Lesley Haskell you really don’t know what is in someone’s heart by the dumb statements they make or the speakers they set up for political events!


I bet I’m a Bigot now?